Britney Spears debuts ‘If U Seek Amy’ video

March 12th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Seen here terrorizing performing in Long Island last night, Britney Spears launched her latest video for “If U Seek Amy” on her website today. Like most of her videos with no discernible audience, if you enjoy prominent displays of Britney’s cleavage (And have a mute button), you’re in luck. If not, hopefully bleeding from the ears is your favorite.

NOTE: Next person who whines about not seeing an ass shot gets punched in the pancreas. Seriously, I’m afraid to close my eyes now. *blink* AHH! – - Get me the tape.

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  1. Jennyjenjen

    Her hair always looks greasy, so does her body. She looks like a greased piglet.

  2. Tom Cruise

    “Next person who whines about not seeing an ass shot gets punched in the pancreas.”

    Nonsense. You’re a gay man running a site for other gay men. They find it difficult to look at pictures of girls unless it’s from behind. Uh, I mean, so I hear from my gay friends in Hollywood…

  3. Kathy

    She has the butt of a 50 year old.

  4. Cash

    Christ she IS turning into Madonna.

    Sad… just sad.

  5. I would ride her like SeaBiscuit… fast and hard.

  6. Sassy

    She looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter from behind in pic 2 – LMFAO!

  7. Anonymous

    She can no longer pull off wearing these types of clothes. It’s become a sad, sad joke.

  8. Plobes

    this song is TERRIBLE

    her voice sounds more processed and chipmunky than ever and the oh-so-clever title is SO LAME and the other lyrics are so basic and throwaway
    what complete and utter GARBAGE

    my ears ARE bleeding.
    Thanks Fish

  9. Stupid

    So the girls are looking to “if you seek” her? Hooootttt.

  10. my eyes.. my ears.. they are bleeding

    She has the tits of a fat girl.

  11. riririr

    hhahah #7 thats the first thought that crossed my mind too

  12. Well, folks, you know I’d plow that until the cows come home. Yes sir.

  13. mai-tai

    The “if you seek amy” line doesn’t even match the chorus. If she is going to go there, why not just spell it out straight up? This song blows.

  14. pete

    If that’s how Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ass looks in your fantasies, well, good luck with all that and I hope sometime you get to meet Elton John.

  15. Zana

    Her ass looks like a pillowcase full of doorknobs.

  16. Karley

    What a horrible horrible song, she is just a baaad singer. Bleh.

  17. Courtyardpigeon

    She looks good. Oddly enough, exactly like Madonna did in her 20′s. The problem I have is with her voice. She sounds like one of the Chipmunks. I don’t get how people can listen to her and not stab out their ear drums.

  18. Dog

    What! how did they get my picture! I have a paintball gun look out

  19. Jellocee

    You ppl make me sick with ur whining about her and saying she looks bad. She looks fabulous and you all are too ugly and close minded to know what fabulous looks like. i hope you all die. Not one of you nasty f*cks look that good on your best day. Only jealous people say mean things about people who obviously are better than them…

    and um.. Mai-Tai… she CAN’T just sing ‘F – U – C – K – ME” because then it wouldn’t have ended up as a video… what are you? 12?

    Damn Republicans!

  20. Pokey McSlapp

    Ummm, can someone tell me what the point of videos is anymore? I mean they don’t still play these on MTV.

  21. MightyD

    Wow! so original…”If you see kay”, April Wine…anyone?…fuck’n retarded piece of trailer trash fuck…god she discuss me…I ache terribly seeing them two blond wannabe fuckbags that I don’t even remember the name of but, that everyone remembers not wanting Phish to talk about anymore but, her….i just wanna barf. I would not even fuck her with your dick!

  22. Jennyjenjen

    @20.. mimi??

  23. Randal

    A great song and a great video performed by a great person. Circus has become Britney’s biggest and best album to date and with each release, she out does the last.


  24. Zanna

    @ 20 – “Jello-see?” ist that what you say when you show people your thighs?

  25. Sassy


    Why are you so angry my friend. I think Dog’s a good looking man – LMAO! hahahaha

  26. MightyD

    JlowC – what are you? 11? I guess that makes me 10!

  27. Deacon Jones

    I always liked her legs …..(dick bursts into flames, flip backwards throwing coffee on crouch)

  28. Euroneckpain

    She has the voice of a cartoon character and there is a LOT of electronics involved. As for the video, there is a lot of blurring and processing. So I wonder, why do they use this person, who requires so much work to produce something that, despite all efforts, remains ennoying ? Why not start with a girl who is genuinely pretty and talented ?
    She does have the body of an average 50-year old (at least by southern Europe standards).

  29. Eric

    HA HA HE HE HA HA HO? those are lyrics? Pathetic.

  30. hetero

    Don’t care don’t care don’t care.

    I’d stick fuck her crazy, then I’d really fuck her. Then I’d escape out a window.

  31. GuyHolly

    #6 Rich, better have the penicillin shot ready for the “after glow”.

  32. Jrz

    If Brian Bosworth (circa 1989) and Greg Allman (circa when-the-fuck-ever) had a baby…’d be her in these pictures.

  33. question

    #20 oh go grab a doll or smth. This chick is clearly going down. Fat ass, fat legs, becoming jess simpson meets beyonce at the wrong place.

    Yes, I am saying this ’cause I am jealous that I have 30 pounds less than Britney. So jealous. Bu hu

  34. La Bella Vita


  35. Jrz

    OH MY FUCK! Hey you guys!!!! *waves frantically at Guy, Zanna and Rich*

  36. Savalas

    Howard Stern. MTV. Fartman

  37. hey grandma

    Brian Bosworth??? Greg Allman???

    To me, Britney is old.

  38. Mama Pinkus

    she looks ridiculous…….it is sad

  39. Jrz

    Sorry, #41–um….if that one skank from that stupid fucking show and that asshat from Twilight…..nevermind…..I just can’t keep up with all of this generations small potatoes.

  40. jay

    I can’t stand that nasty voice of hers.



    looks like some has. rode hard and put a way wet. yuck

  42. GuyHolly

    It’s nice to see Brit’s meds are working. I thought she would be dressing all wacked. Bipolar people do that you know.

  43. PieHole Steve and the Marble Factory

    Yeah, no fucking shit Natalie. Sheesh…you’re a regular fucking Windtalker there with your If You Seek Amy/F-U-C-K ME

  44. jrz

    HAHA, Guy. Seriously, imagine what she would wear if she weren’t on the meds? *begins Googleing “crazy outfits worn by ostriches*

  45. Am I getting old??


    What the hell is her demographic anyway? Do grown-ups actually buy this shit? If not, it’s totally inappropriate and if I had a 10-year-old daughter listening to this I would have to ship her off to nun school.

  46. Jrz

    HA! This is what came up when I googled crazy outfits worn by ostriches

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