Britney Spears debuts ’3′

October 30th, 2009 // 100 Comments

Britney Spears debuted the video for “3″ on her official blog today, and if you had any concerns about her not being able to hack it as a stripper once she drowns her career in Frappucinos and crazy, this thing should put those fears to rest. Britney’s clearly mastered the key skills of wearing a revealing swimsuit, hanging from objects and rocking the thighs of a field hockey player. Granted, she may refuse crumpled up bills if they don’t smell like bacon, I’m confident she’ll adapt over time/enough trips to Wendy’s dollar menu. (She responds to repetition.)


  1. Dane

    Looks like she saw bacon at the end of the video.

  2. gotmilk

    wow, her videos keep getting worse.

    50, thanks for the clarification. i really thought she was repeating the same thing. good to know she’s so versed in the art of songwriting.

  3. gotmilk

    44, blame whoever you want, but when it comes down to it, the bitch doesn’t have talent, not a shred. she needs to fire herself.

  4. huh

    total electronically contrived monotony. tired pop- rated high on the BORE-O-METER. It doesn’t even sound like her voice.

  5. agentgirl

    Horrible video and song, but that’s the prettiest she’s looked in a long time

  6. Boner

    Unless you are a fag or a fat chick, you gotta admit she is sexier than hell! Amazingly so!
    Other than that, she is useless. Corporate feces. I wonder how much $$$$ Bach made in his day?

  7. mmmm

    her ass and her face look awesome in this!

  8. Sheena

    @ #50: Uhm…Thanks? I had to stop the video about a minute in or my ears were gonna bleed so I didn’t catch the lyrics. What crap.

    Otherwise, agree with everything said about her nasty hair & baby girl voice.

  9. jonny

    How can anyone think she looks good here. She has fat stubby legs, and back fat, check her in that white bathing suit, she looks gross.

  10. fatney rears

    18, since when did Barbie have stocky, stumpy man legs? Barbie has long lean legs. Britney has always had short tree trunk legs.

  11. Britney, stop talking and singing about getting in between a couple and just do it already.

  12. eviscerated

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the cameltoe in half of her white outfit shots? She spends too much of the video playing with her hair, and and she’s been shopping in the bargain bin with those tacky extensions. Britney could have done a WAY better video for this song, reminds me of the terrible vid for “Gimme More.” The video edit also replaces “Living in sin” with “Living in bliss” which is pretty retarded if you ask me. Bible thumpers ain’t got shit on Brit-Brit.

  13. h

    I laughed through the whole thing. What an utter joke she has become.
    She looks fat in the white leotard, has a masculine wide back. And she is ugly, with the face of a 40 y/o woman. What happened to her?

  14. I love britney but she needs 2 step it up a bit lady gaga will soon mop the floor with her if she does not start dancing…

  15. Juan Mayor

    I miss Bloody Tampoon Crazy Britney–she was far more entertaining.

  16. misty


  17. um

    Boring video. She’s beautiful, but she I still think she should lose some weight so that she looks more like she did at 19…well maybe that’s impossible now, but I honestly think she was a perfect-looking girl back then.

  18. Turd herder

    Geez, she either needs to grow 5 inches taller, or lay off the ‘roids. She reminds me a bit of mini Brooke Hogan. She is the epitome of “Built like a brick shithouse.”
    However, she’s sure not flabby. She’s not being lazy in the workout department, but maybe weightlifting wasn’t the wisest choice.

  19. 58-60 sound like the same girl

    her face is drop dead gorgeous, perfect nose – and someone doesn’t understand what shape is (60). she has amazing knees – and her legs are SHAPED like barbies – someone said something about olive oil before – she would have long legs too but they are not shaped like anything. to call her fat in this video is beyond obsurd – but to say she could lose 10 pounds and look better is not.

  20. K

    Wow, that was a snoozefest. And why the hell is “living in sin” edited out?

  21. spicy

    i cant wait until she makes a single about getting cummed in the face.

  22. lindsay

    her backup dancers are far more talented than she is. i hope she dies.

  23. um



  24. me

    ugh.. what is it with that weird thing she does with her tongue? Is that supposed to be sexy? She’s so over.

  25. No Retun

    #67 you’re an idiot…she is not a teenager anymore, she’s also had two kids, that changes your body. You shouldn’t be so unrealistic.

  26. Nina

    So many insecure, jealous low-lifes here…her music videos are boring as heck but she is not fat, manly or stubby. Far out. And we wonder why girls have body image issues.

  27. storm

    people are so retarded… if you hate her so much and you have so much shit to say why even post it!!! i love britney spears…. who cares how crazy she is she is still making more money then all of you!!!

  28. nnn

    75, Heidi Klum has 4 kids, Gwen Stefani is 40 has 2 kids. Neither of them are fat like Shitney. You stupid moron. She is only 27 and looks 47. having kids is NO excuse. Yes she is fat. deal with it.

  29. Lydia

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  30. suga

    i’m a huge britney fan…. and i think this video is horrible. : \

  31. Reb

    All I saw was a bunch of air humping and air flipping.. no dancing. Am I the only one that hears, “One, two, three… meeeep, beeeep, neeeee, reeeeeer, rer, rer, meeee, meee” You can’t understand anything that she says!

  32. lol

    That was about as boring as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Music Video……..I mean…*watches out for kanye* < .< >.>

  33. AMY

    lol @ 81. Yes…exactly what it sounds like.

    I agree #28. She is first and foremost, an entertainer. It’s her job…goodness knows she’s not out clubbing or promoting products…she should have all the time in the world to dance. I know she’s got some signature moves (the hair flip and all), but she used to actually DANCE. Not writh around like a stripper. Like the video “Slave for you”…that was the sexiest video I have ever seen (still) and she actually danced.

  34. Darth

    3 is just good.300 would have been just too much.

  35. Galtacticus

    Looks like we’ve underestimated her.She can count.

  36. Rhialto

    Is that pink ring in the picture her logo?!

  37. april

    I dont like it as much as Radar and Womanizer, but it’s not bad.

  38. Princesspink

    Why are you peope so mean? She is fabulous! She looks great, she’ back on track and she’s making more money in one day than you people will ever see. It’s just jealousy because she’s so pretty and skinny.

  39. Neener

    She USED to be able to dance, now all she does is grind on everybody and everything and she calls it dancing. Now she can’t sing OR dance. She SUCKS.

  40. abbey

    um, why do they edit the word “sin”? it comes out like “living in nis is the new thing” wtf? the song is VERY sexual…but yet they edit “sin”? hmm…

  41. Steven Clark

    I agree with abbey. Why change the lyrics to “living in ‘nis’”? Was it because of US socio-conservatism, or was it to prevent people from bashing the video because the phrase “living in sin” somehow challenges socio-economic norms? Whatever the case leaving out the word “sin” is a bunch of gobbledygook. When did half-naked woman groping each other become so welcoming while the word “sin” become part of the social stigma???

  42. Ok..I`M DID IT OOPS..

  43. Rich

    In case the haters missed it , this song is on rotation on all the pop stations and the visdeo has been on top 100 for months. I still am a faithful fan. She brought something to music that changed it. Everybody wanted to be her and see her. Last tour $1,500 tickets at Foxwoods-sold out.

  44. It’s too bad she went so nuts, she’ll never break that stigma now

  45. So insecure, jealous low lifes here … Her music videos are boring as heck but she is not fat, manly or stubby. Far out. And we wonder why girls have body image issues.

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