Britney Spears dating her drug counselor

June 7th, 2007 // 63 Comments

In another of many great decisions, Britney Spears is reportedly dating her drug counselor, John Sundahl. He was recommended to Spears by somebody at the Promises rehab facility, but when she visited his house in Beverly Hills to discuss how she’d stay sober, they ended up sticking their tongues into each other’s mouths. A source says: “Britney and John ended up making out beside the pool — and Britney acted like she didn’t care who saw her. She’s got no shame.”

Nothing says class like making out with your drug counselor in public. And what the hell kind of drug counselor is this? I know counselors who meet with patients in an open robe and leopard print thong and they seem more professional than this guy.

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  1. Marlene

    OMG Britney look uglier than ever and girl havent you heard of a facial.

  2. Marlene

    OMG Britney look uglier than ever and girl havent you heard of a facial.

  3. Claude Bauls

    I fucked her in the ass because her pussy tasted like shit.

  4. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  5. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  6. Brandy

    He was reccomended by someone…Wonder what she did with the person that reccomended her to him

  7. Rachel

    well, at least it’s not K-Fed. it’s seriously pathetic that we have a nickname for his pathetic white trash ass. it seems that brittney is just attracted to trash. maybe that explains her clothing choices!

  8. Jodi

    What I wouldn’t give to get a good look at all of you sitting at your puters calling britney fat and ugly!!..Something tells me more than half of you are overweight and less attractive than the average person..So, you come here and belittle someone who don’t give a crap what you think in the first place. And I’ll bet your less intelligent than the average person because more than half of you can’t spell and then theres probably 3/4′s of you who actually believe everything you read in a rag magazine. But the real tell all about what kind of people you really are is the old saying “If you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all” …That really tells what kind of people you are. Which is more jealous, more inadequate, probably do more drugs and drink more than the average person. So good night and have a good day!!

  9. Frank

    she need to buck up her act and to be responsible of her act..
    tennessee drug rehab

  10. Ya she might be need some drugs or addicted for it.
    Sounds goods to have date with drug counselor.

  11. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

  12. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

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