Britney Spears dating her drug counselor

June 7th, 2007 // 63 Comments

In another of many great decisions, Britney Spears is reportedly dating her drug counselor, John Sundahl. He was recommended to Spears by somebody at the Promises rehab facility, but when she visited his house in Beverly Hills to discuss how she’d stay sober, they ended up sticking their tongues into each other’s mouths. A source says: “Britney and John ended up making out beside the pool — and Britney acted like she didn’t care who saw her. She’s got no shame.”

Nothing says class like making out with your drug counselor in public. And what the hell kind of drug counselor is this? I know counselors who meet with patients in an open robe and leopard print thong and they seem more professional than this guy.

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  1. Aerialgreen


  2. wedgeone

    And I had such respect for Promises as a rehab facility.

  3. bungoone

    wait, so she admits to doing drugs? probably while pregnant too. what a dipshit.

  4. ph7

    Sure sure loves the paparazzi following her around.

    That’s the REAL drug she is addicted to.

  5. she badly needs a facial. never heard of dr hauschka, girl?

  6. bungoone

    good to know she got her roots bleached too. geez, you’d think she learned the first time. stop beating the crap out of your hair brit or you’ll be bald & back to those wigs in no time.

  7. dr phil

    Yeah I know we’re here to rag on celebs, but that “counselor” is an unprofessional sleaze. There’s nothing lower than using your position as a counselor or therapist to get some vulnerable skank to suck on your hangdown.

    And now let’s start a fight: this happens all the time in drug rehab because drug rehab “counselors” usually are no more than former addicts who have miminal professional training and no real insight or emotional self-control. When they talk you always wonder who, exactly, is the focus of the counseling session. Addicts need real help, not these jokers.

  8. Britt

    OMG, what a hoe, but whatever maybe he was hot so it was worth it, i really want her to look like she used to, i know most of you haters will talk shit and bla bla bla, but u cant erase that fact that she was a succesful artist since 1998 until she married that faggot ass, but maybe shes white trash, but just wait becuase she will came back and stronger than ever

  9. woodhorse

    “He was recommended to Spears by somebody at the Promises rehab facility”- recommended for what? A steady drug client? An easy lay? Fashion tips? Where to put your unwanted children??

  10. sunkist75

    Hey, at least she’s wearing clothes in these pics

  11. Kamiki

    What a dipshit – him not her (OK both) I am a counsellor and its totally unethical to get involved with a client. What an asshole.

  12. Ooba Gooba

    Twitney had to do something to keep her name in the news, since Paris Hilton is stealing all her headlines lately.

  13. woodhorse

    She actually has some nice clothing on. Did she switch drugs? Is she actually sober? Please give us some more info, Fish.

  14. Probably works in the same office as Anna Nicole Smith’s shrink.
    btw, did I ever mention that Wally fucks me in the ass…and I like it?

  15. hollyj

    HIS 12-step program:

    1. Admit she is powerless over his penis
    2. His penis is greater than herself
    3. She should turn her money over to his penis
    4. She should make an inventory of his genitals
    5. She should admit the exact nature of her vulva
    6. She should allow him access to all that hooha
    7. She should ask him to remove her shorts
    8. She should make amends to his penis
    9. The penile amends should be hard, but not hard enough so as to injure it
    10. She should continue to take inventory of her treatment of his genitals.
    11. Through meditation and focus, she should improve her conscious contact with his ballsac and prostate.
    12. Finally, she should carry the message of his genitals to others.

  16. woodhorse

    14. yeah, you’re here. kiss kiss.

  17. Why be surprised when a Pig rolls in the mud? And if there is one thing Brittney is….it’s a Pig.

  18. Clare

    She actually looks pretty good there.At least compared to how she usually looks.

  19. bungoone

    8, i hope you’re kidding. i would hardly call her and “artist” & the only reason she was sucessful is because of twits like you.

    please take your pro-Britney stance elsewhere.

  20. whitegold

    Does BS have no shame? Is there anyone she won’t date? Is she really that desperate for a man that she’ll “date” whoever happens to be around her at the moment. I mean, seriously, this girl was once one of the richest and most famous celebrities in the world. And despite still being hugely famous in the tabloid and gossip world, she now dates her drug counselor? After meeting him once? That’s pretty pathetic!

  21. whitegold

    When writing my earlier comment, I was trying to think back on how this all started, how she went from being so hugely wealth and famous and having such a loyal fan base, to being a joke who dates her drug counselor. And reflecting back, it seems to me that this all came about when her relationship to JT ended, and she then turned to K-Fed as her rebound guy. Isn’t that amazing, to think that one second she was part of one of the most famous and desirable celebrity couples when she was with JT, and whatever it was that caused them to split, she has now plummetted to her current level, while JT has only become a bigger and bigger celebrity. Amazing how such a decision can have such a huge impact.

  22. My Penis

    I’d still do her… maybe?

  23. #15 – Good effort! Love it.

    You can take the whore out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the counselor out of the whore…


  24. bungoone

    21, you forgot about her 55 hr marriage in between there. that’s her best work yet!

  25. drug councelor or drug dealer?

    tomato = tomahto


    Is this even ethical? Isn’t her counselor taking advantage of her addiction to use her for sex? Not that I’m concerned so much about Britney, she’s a proven doofus, but it’s the principle of the thing, you know? Like serving all your time in jail and not getting out in 3 days cause you’re unhappy…you know, like that…

  27. Jan

    You know, she’s not wearing a bra and she looks pretty good doing it. That’s new.

  28. reg

    What kind of jeans are those? Cute.

  29. EMILIO

    FAKE STORY!!!!

  30. “I’ll help make sure you can’t drink booze or smoke dope by keeping your mouth filled with my cock at all times.”

  31. Donna

    I wonder if she takes her wig off when they’re having sex.

  32. stickykeys

    what’s up w/ her tits? they’re small, then big, then small again – saggy, perky, saggy.
    Does she have inflatable/deflatable implants?

  33. wedgeone

    #29 – PROVE IT!!

    Having a personal relationship with a client should be grounds to have your license revoked if you have one. If not, then he should be immediately terminated from his job. Then see how long Britney stays with him.

    Maybe she thought that he has quick access to methadone?

  34. so aye, who dressed her. because she actually looks a bit presentable.

    a WEE bit.

  35. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    I can’t really blame the guy. I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of this vision of loveliness. Her beaver smells of fried chciken, or so I’ve heard.

    She looks like this horrible girl a friend married. We used to say she had a run in with the ugly stick.Or she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. It eventually progressed to where we figured a team of highly trained ninjas had jumped her armed with special oriental ugly sticks and proceeded to go all Bruce Lee on her ass. Of course we were smoking alot of BC bud as well, but judging from these pics I’d say the Ninjas got to Brit brit.

  36. BaldAsBritney

    Of course they started making out. you can only talk about how cute puppies are and how good Freetos taste for so long.

  37. shanipie

    Y is she face so fat and gross all the time? I think she needs fat sucked outa her neck and a nose job.

  38. Sandi

    Britney – stop letting yourself down – the best revenge you can have is to show yourself in the best possible light.

  39. AJ

    I thought she was planning her comeback and trying to get her body back? By these and other recent pictures of her it seems like she has decided to take a break from dieting and possibly from working out too. Poor girl, she has 0 will power. With the money she has, she could have anything she wanted in this world, she could hire a whole team of psychologist and nutritionists and personal trainers to help her stop eating whenever she felt hungry and training her until she got her body back. But goddam, this girl is sad. 0 will power. What a pity, with the hot she used to be. I no longer believe in her comeback, sorry Britney, you have announced it too many times, long time ago, and you keep looking like shit. Britney needs less rehab and some will power lessons.

  40. jane doe

    she’s seriously desperate for cock and a man undying affection.

  41. kbcan

    For someone her age, she is awfully immature and continues to show bad judgement on a constant basis. She always seemed a bit slow when she was getting interviewed in the past when her handlers had control over her, so I guess they were really hiding us from the true Britney.

    Hopefully she is using birth control or she will soon end up with her third child. Or maybe it is best she get sterilized so that her “stupid” genes are not passed onto more children. Her two boys don’t stand a chance — dont think we are going to see either of them winding up being rocket scientists.

  42. anon

    Dating a client who you are treating is grounds for losing your license to practice, at least for social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists (all of which require at least a masters degree as well as passing a series of exams to prove your competency as a clinician) in the state that I live and practice in. So he is probably unlicensed with a questionable education background. This is just one reason why it is important to make sure that any therapist you see is licensed to practice in the state in which you live.

  43. dude…one of
    my dadz skank=e
    auntz did the
    zame thing after
    zhe got buzted for

    thatz one way to
    keep tootin coke
    and get away with

    muzt be nice to be
    a drug counzelor,,
    imagine the puzzy
    he getz..nice job.

  44. im ur number 1 fans…i love you. ..more power………mwaahh!!!!!

  45. She looks so much better with clothes on.

  46. David

    Britney….You are reading this now….Keep on the path you are on. EVerything happens as it is supposed to happen. Email me. Lets chat.

  47. bobot

    What a big sureprise, Britney being a PIG…

  48. hungmaster

    OINK OINK!!!

  49. Jami

    She SHOULD be dating a Hairdresser. And a dermotologist. And maybe a personal trainer. Oh, and a manicurist…okay, maybe not dating one, but at least REALLY best friends with one. Her nails are always chewed down to the nub, and oh so pretty with chipped polish. Very trailer-park-patty. BWTF. It IS Brit, right?

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