Britney Spears’ dad stays in charge

Britney Spears’ father Jamie won a decisive court battle yesterday and will remain the conservatorship over Britney’s affairs until February 14. Attorney Adam Streisand (Barbara’s cousin. Seriously.) was hired by Britney to contest the conservatorship, but it was determined that Britney is essentially too crazy to know what’s going on, according to People:

A court-appointed lawyer for Britney Spears, Samuel Ingham, was also present, and testified that he met with her at the hospital Sunday for 15 minutes.
He added that in his opinion the pop star “does not understand the nature of these proceedings” or their impact on her future. He added, “I think she lacks the capacity” to hire a private lawyer.

Jamie Spears then revealed that Sam Flufluftfi (sp?) refused to open his door when the court tried to serve him papers:

By the hearing’s end, the court ordered Spears to have no contact, direct or indirect, by phone, email, text message or any other means with Lutfi, a court spokesman said, and an attempt to serve Lutfi with a revised restraining order would occur.

So it’s what? February 2008? And people are just now coming to the conclusion that Britney Spears has no freaking clue what she’s doing? Amazing. I could’ve told you years ago that Britney would sign any legal document in the world in exchange for a pony. Granted it was life-sized and made of chocolate. Throw in a soft nougaty center, and I’m pretty sure she’d give you a kidney. If not both.