Britney Spears’ dad slaps Adnan Ghalib, Sam Lutfi with restraining orders

Jamie Spears has obtained a temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib and John Eardley, an attorney who, a year ago, attempted to challenge Britney Spears’ conservatorship without having any legal grounds to do so. The three have been conspiring together to make a new run at the conservatorship, so Sam and Adnan can get their collective douchebeards on her money and toned sober ass. TMZ reports:

Sam allegedly was calling lawyers saying that Britney wanted to hire her own lawyer, presumably to fight the conservatorship. Sources tell TMZ that is definitely not what Britney wanted.
Under the TRO, Lutfi, Ghalib and Eardley must stay 250 yards away from Britney, her parents and her kids. The TRO also prohibits the trio from “acting on Ms. Spears’ behalf…inducing or assisting another person to file legal pleadings” on her behalf.
Interesting fun fact: In the petition for the TRO, it says Brit has been communicating with Adnan and that “Ms. Spears innocently informs Mr. Ghalib of her destinations and that he then arranges for paparazzi to meet and film her to his financial benefit.”

If there’s anyone out there who thinks Britney should be left to her own devices, just scope out the pics I’ve included which are surprisingly not from Predator 3: Give Me Chalupas or Give Me Death. I’m not saying she was completely crazy back then, but I’ve seen crackheads at the bus station I’d leave a child alone with first.

Photos: WENN