Britney Spears’ dad remains in control until New Year’s

July 31st, 2008 // 44 Comments

Jamie Spears will continue his conservatorship of Britney until the end of the year. The commissioner extended Jamie’s control of Britney’s estate during a hearing this afternoon, but left it open to early termination. (Read: Once Britney can put on her clothes like a big girl, she gets her bank account back.) E! Online reports:

“Regarding the conservatorship of the person, I understand that Ms. Spears is reluctantly agreeing to extend those letters,” Goetz said. “We are extending them until Dec. 31, 2008.”
A status hearing for the extended order has been set for Oct. 28.

My sources tell me Britney’s reluctance was easily won over when her dad promised her a pony. Except after the hearing he said “Just kidding” and took her to the dentist.


  1. Gary Larson

    As the Far Side would put it…

    Britney: “Hey, guess what! My dad is taking me out for an ice cream and afterwards I’m going to the vet to get tutored!”

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  4. Blute

    I’m surprised it’s taking her dad this long to divert all her money into his off-shores accounts. He must be doing it very slowly and carefully (like the “She’s spending $25k per month on fitness!” bs). First he bones her when she was 14, and now he takes her money. Father of the Year.

  5. nipolian

    “My sources tell me Britney’s reluctance was easily won over when her dad promised her pony.”

    Pony what? Pony dick?

  6. Liz

    You know what’s more pathetic than believing everything you read?

    Still screaming “FIRST!”

  7. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Mental Illness: 1000
    Britney: 3
    Keep smiling

  8. Leave Britney alone for once. The girl is just trying to live her life and make improvements to it. She’s been throught a hell of a lot. I can only guess that it’s not an easy job being a mother even if you don’t have full custody of your children. I like Britney, she’s cool peeps.

  9. Her personal trainer is doing a good job. Her body is looking hot again.

  10. #8– Chris Crocker?

    She looks really good in that picture.

  11. she is looking good again.

  12. jesse

    White girl in a white bikini. Almost makes me forget the dung pictures on that last story.

  13. icky

    dear god, look at the stove-pipes she has for legs. short, fat and stumpy!

    she’s like oil covered GROSS.

  14. Randal

    Britney, it’s great to see you out and about again but when isn’t it? You’ve always captured the imagination of the world with your amazing voice, deadly dance steps and healthy form.

    Even after a few attempted to bring you down, you’re still staying on top of things. That shows a clear mind and a good set of brains.

    Love ya!


  15. #10 Im sorry dawg, but can you please explain that one to me. I guess Im just a little slow.

  16. Idiot

    #15 – how about you just Google Chris Crocker?


  17. Come-Honor-Face

    Haven’t we killed her yet for havest?

  18. has anyone ever noticed how britneys arms are waaaaay too short? they’re like little midget arms.

  19. Jamie (man) + Lynne (woman) = strange beast that can only be controlled with high doses of lithium pills. Biology is so tricky!!

  20. Anexio

    Its caleare here thatj brit is in all the top shapes posible. Jest look her and you can see the she iis yat again the king of the pop and all the pople love her. see that guy that wakl by her that is someone that is in fatuations with her and all that the brit repsent.

    yes my frends, brit is going to topple world withher latist come back and it will shack the foundatshin of the pop.

  21. Yawn

    Does anyone else think she looks remarkably like a blow-up doll in that pic?

  22. scooby


  23. She looks like a jelly bean. Ew.

  24. saka

    lol. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at **:::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m:::** that is a celebrity da ting sit e for wealt hy or sexy singles. She is really hot with bikini in that video. You will know how passionate it is after seening it!

  25. This is your “JOB” nowadays?

  26. EuroNeckPain

    Her legs are too short.

  27. T

    Sorry I fail to see, what is so great about this pic. While she looks a lot better than she has done in a while, she still has short fat, stubby tree trunk legs and a fat linebackers neck. And nothing will change the fact that she is a horrible selfish whore of a mother.

  28. @ 16. Oh Im late as H-E-double hockey sticks on this, but that Chris Crocker is that gay wannabe Britney guy. Now I see. Saw the strange video on the soup.

  29. LeiLei

    She doesnt look any better than she did at the 2007 VMAs. All these liars saying she has back her ops I did it again body. She has not lost any weight look at her damn arms. Britney makes me sick, 41 year old Hallie berry is damn near totally back in shape and this douche-Britney pretends to go to the gym everyday and has nothing to show for it. What a lazy F@#k, she doesn’t have anything to do all day but work out. She does not have kids taking up her time or photoshoots, she should be working out.

  30. Good!! Maybe he can set her straight. Better him than all these gold diggers and hangers on trying to run her life!

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