Britney Spears’ dad in control, Sam Lutfi out of the picture

February 1st, 2008 // 96 Comments

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears is granted temporary conservatorship over Britney Spears’ estate, according to TMZ:

That means her financial assets and other holdings will be managed by a conservator — the conservators are Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet.
The judge did not appoint a conservator to make medical decisions on behalf of Brit because the necessary paperwork was not filed.

In a surprise twist, TMZ reports Sam Lutfucki is now being handed his fourth restraining order – to stay away from Britney:

Although the judge didn’t say specifically who that someone was — it’s clear that person is Sam Lutfi.
The judge found, in effect, that Lutfi has been harassing Britney. Thus the civil harassment restraining order.

Finally some sanity in this ordeal. At least her dad’s in control for now. He seems to be the only one not after Britney’s money. Although I was looking forward to an extra special chapter in Lynne’s parenting book entitled “My Night with Adnan on Top a Pile of Cash in Britney’s Mansion.” No doubt it would’ve been rife with lust and boner pills.


  1. awesome111person

    Sorry I hate to cop-out but I really do have a terrible keyboard…….

  2. beyonce

    Believe or not, BRITNEY will still rock the year 2008. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site W e a l t h last week. It seems Britney is seeking true love now.

  3. Sapphire Eyes...The Emergency Room Nurse

    I, for one, offer a vote of support for Britney. I hope she gets the help she desperately needs so she can overcome her deepset problems and become a mommy to her two precious children. I have 4 year old twins, and they can be such a challenge at times. I feel for her … I feel that I understand her problems.

    I don’t really think her problem is the fashionable (LA style) bi-polar disorder. I think these problems have a much deeper root.

    I can’t poke fun at her either. I’ve seen too many mentally ill patients in the ER who either tried to commit suidicide or came damned to close to succeded. After the Dr. Phil debacle and pseudo-apology, Britney deserves to have people close to her that have her best interests at heart.

    I hope her reptile of a mother stays far, far away from her. Obviously Lynn Spears is a piraha taking giant mouthful of her daughters millions.

    I just hope Wallet the Lawyer doesn’t line his pockets with Britney’s cash and her father does right by her, the way a good father should.

  4. Fresilia

    If I was looking after Britney’s money, I’d eat filet mignon pizza with a caviar-stuffed crust for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I’d also pay Paris Hilton a million dollars to let me kick her in the mouth. That bitch would do anything for money and publicity, and it would make me feel sooo good about myself.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that Paparazzi is an anagram of “a pizza rap”?

  5. lisa

    she is dating a young multi-millionaire on millionaire dating site CelebMingle .com now. I saw her profile on that site last week.

  6. twzzlrgirl

    Beyonce and Lisa — you are losers. Get a life.

    I would be so embarrassed to have any job that made complete strangers want to rip my head off and flush it down the toilet.

  7. curves

    i bet she’ll lose a lot of weight in the looney bin. she is just a little fattie now.

  8. gert

    good get rid of him forever … fucking con

  9. Cap'n Pickles

    I wonder if Daddy is going to take over “nailin’ Britney” duties. Just like he did when she was a little girl.

  10. p0nk

    i think the proper spelling is Loofah, because he is, y’know, a sponge.

  11. I loved this bitch in meet the spartans…………

  12. Dudes…. I totally made pizza last night for supper…..

  13. Dudes

    Ok, I’m confused…is that an expression referring to when you suddenly get your period while a guy is licking your pussy?

  14. Rat

    Below is the link to the elected Officials for the City of Berkeley CA where they have welcomed code pink to lead protests against our military and are trying to run recruiters out of town.
    These fucking Marxist assholes hate America and the western way of life so JOIN ME in sending them hate mail!!
    Lots and lots of hate mail.

  15. Kelly

    Andrew WALLET??? Sounds promising.

  16. Kelly

    Andrew WALLET??? Sounds promising.

  17. Rat


    There are so such thing as Persians the persian empire fell and now is iran/iraq and the vicinity. They are fucking arabs.
    But you are correct is is wierd especially since she claimed to study Kaballah (for a short while anyway when madonna was kissing her).
    arabs cannot be trusted! especially with money

  18. herjeans?

    Anyone know who makes the jeans she’s wearing in this pic?

    Dying to know…think they’re pretty cute…

  19. Crap. We were trying to go to her to get involved in our new horror film. How long does someone stay in a mental hospital? Ugh!

    Now we need ideas…someone just as “known” and crazy enough to take a risk on something risky…anyone? help? anyone at all? Let us know:

  20. awesome111person

    Do you guys think Britney is hoarding animals? She changes dogs like she changes socks, and I remember pics from not long ago where she bought a goldfish, and now there’s a dude behind her carrying a bird cage and one of those carboard boxes they put pet birds in when you buy them (I worked at petco when i was in college LOL)

    animal hoarding. wouldn’t surprise me one bit just another thing wrong with britney’s poor sick brain.

  21. Holy cow. I never noticed this before, but Britney has five-head.

  22. mook
    this sit “celebhotness” is a rip off of the superficial site. exact same postings, word for word!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. rudy

    luv ya Brit Brit
    Also,I want to warn all Democrats and our OBAMA supporters…The Republican Right is out to get us again…They have found one of OBAMA”s college room mates (now a Republican) and as soon as OBAMA wins the Democatic nomination- they are going to pull “another Lewinski” on the American public…apperently OBAMA’s old roomie will admit to the PRESS that he witnessed OBAMA snorting & even dealing Cocaine to more than a few of his close friends in their shared dorm room!!!…The Republican’s hope to sway the independent vote and the undecidedes with this shocker… They are betting that the fallout will put John Mc Cain over the top and will win him election for President.
    I think this may be a false rumour but Obama did admit his Cocaine Use and I think we have to take this admission by Obama very seriously…if it is true I don’t think the Republican’s are going to leave this Drug issue alone!!!

  24. patsanjo

    Good for you Britney. I hope your parents keep those blood suckers away from you so you can get well and rock the house again..

  25. awesome111person

    Stop posting political diatribes where they don’t belong, you faggots.

    I’m going to vote for Ron Paul just to spite you idiots….

  26. #73 Hey Rudy, when I look at this vid of the building 5 fires – I’m wondering what happened to Building 7? It, like, dropped in 6.2 seconds.
    It’s almost as if… 9/11 was an inside job.
    Who really cares what you and Obama are smoking and selling.
    We ain’t buying it.

  27. D. Richards

    I feel like:

    Standing up and throwing myself head first in to the trash like the the piece-of waste that I know I am; grabbing the pistol and putting a hole in my head; killing a bunch of minorities; abducting a woman, torturing her mentally, then burying her alive in a shallow pit that I dug under a moonless lense with my shirt off while praying to Satan; skinning my penis;

    Filling the bathtub with warm water, playing the song ‘Why Hide’ by The Swans, lying in the tub with my underwear on and the lights off — because my nakedness disgusts me — slitting my goddamn wrists and bleeding out. No note. No calls.

    I’m kidding. Who wants a date?

  28. Cliff Notes : Hey Binky – # 73 isn’t really Rudy, you idiot. It’s the Hillary campaign.
    Binky : Oh. Right. I was a bit tired last night.

  29. jessica, UK

    i’m so glad he’s out of the picture and brit is finally getting the help she so desperately needs. there’s hope for her yet.
    i’m confident we’ll see the old brit again very soon.

    mmmmm, pizza.

  30. spamornot

    someone still says she is on this site? I doubt it
    she is poor and needs a good doctor. anyhow her album is the most popular one at the celebrity and millionaire dating site named”Searching Millionaire. dot com”

  31. Andy

    So why did Britney’s parents have the money forms all ready to go, but not the medical ones? Sounds like they’re trying to help themselves to her Wallet, (love the attorney’s name) not her better mental health. These Spear’s people are disgusting, they use their children for financial gain. NO wonder she’s in the booby hatch.

  32. woodhorse

    @78 The bar has just been set a little higher.


  34. CougarTexas

    Oh come on now, who gives a bat shit? Even if you gave control to SNOOPY this cow would be suicidal, homicidal, maniacal, diabolical and every ofter olical you can dig out of the dictionary.


  35. FCS

    The Patriouts are Britney. the G-men are Adnan. Prepare to get fucked Patriots.

  36. Binky

    I agree – Pats could be in trouble.
    Romo had Jess Simpson at the big game and screwed up – but my sources are saying, before the Bowl, Tom Brady decided to get a total Brazilian. Like WTF ?
    I figure this is likely to lead to a few ‘hair-raising’ questions in the showers and send team confidence down the drain.

  37. herbiefrog

    while you’re watching…

    MARY-KATE OLSEN nearly lost her battle with anorexia – insisting there were times when she felt like giving up the fight. The former child star, now 21, entered rehab just after her 18th birthday in a bid to cure the condition and after a long struggle, the actress is back to full health again. But Olsen points out her recovery wasn’t easy, and there were occasions when she felt she couldn’t go on. She says, “There have definitely been times in my life when I just turned to people and said, ‘I’m done – this is too much for me. This is too over-whelming.’”

    …we never said it would be easy

  38. I am so sick of hearing about Britney. She’s not crazy, she’s just an attention whore. Next!

  39. srsly?

    britney+obama=forever together IN LOOOVE!!

  40. D. Richards (Chef.)

    I hate the fucking Superbowl. As a matter of fact, I hate sports in general.

    The game’s on in the other room and I can hear the girl singing the National Anthem; what happened to class? Why can’t those singers just, I don’t know, sing the goddamn song? Why do they have to drag on for fifteen minutes butchering a song that nobody really cares about in the first place? Oh, I know what it is, ‘urban’ sells.

    Screaming: Ohuaugheeagh




    BombsBurstingaghBurstingaughBurst Iungaughna-na-na-na


    Just fucking die!

  41. You think that singing was bad ‘D.Richards (chef)’ – it was Jordan Sparkes from American Idol ! LOL. It’s her first gig since the show ! (She paid for her flight and her mom bought her ticket)
    (No commercialism there – although the show is on Fox – at least they didn’t bring out Bill O’Reilly to sing.)
    Good to see herb here again.. It’s getting to be like old home week at this barn.
    As always herb – couldn’t have put it better. Of course the world has been going so crappy lately – Touchdown Pats – it’s hard to define ‘better.’
    Kinda like the guy who invented cottage cheese. It’s still pretty crappy. How did you know when you were finished ? Type thing.
    But I digress. Hang in there Brit.

  42. Well. I didn’t didn’t mean to dizz the entertainment. It’s gr8 to see ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’ can still get work.
    Cliff Notes : It’s ‘Tom and his Pacemakers’ I think Bink.
    Public at LARGE : It’s ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ you morons. Welcome to 1978. Nostalgia. 9/11 was an inside job. They way we were. That’s why they read the fucking Declaration of Independence at the beginning of the football game. You two are so depressing. Fox never fumbles ! Get with the program ! We’re talking Jordan Sparkes here.
    Binky : Well. Ok.
    GenerationWTF : Any tits this year ?


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