Britney Spears’ dad granted permanent conservatorship

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears was granted a permanent conservatorship over her personal and financial affairs yesterday. The temporary conservatorship was set to expire Dec. 31, but everyone including Britney, agreed she can’t be left to her own devices. Us Magazine reports:

But after a lengthy closed-chambers meeting Tuesday and evaluation of her mental health records, Spears’ court-appointed attorney told the court commissioner that the singer had no objections with her father remaining in control.
“The court finds the proposed permanent conservatorship is necessary and appropriate [because of the] complexities of her financial and business entities and also potential for her being susceptible to influences,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, who has been presiding over the case.

So, basically Britney Spears is still fucking crazy and always just one bad influence away from flashing her vagina and snorting coke off Jayden’s Power Wheels. – But buy her new album Circus on Dec 2nd. Your kids’ll love it!

SUSIE: Britney’s new album!! EEEE! Santa did get my letter!
MOM: He sure did. Merry Christmas, honey.
SUSIE: I’m gonna rob a KFC, y’all!
MOM: Ha ha, oh, Susie… No, wait, she’s serious. Get out of the gun cabinet!

Photo: WENN