Britney Spears’ dad granted permanent conservatorship

October 29th, 2008 // 36 Comments

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears was granted a permanent conservatorship over her personal and financial affairs yesterday. The temporary conservatorship was set to expire Dec. 31, but everyone including Britney, agreed she can’t be left to her own devices. Us Magazine reports:

But after a lengthy closed-chambers meeting Tuesday and evaluation of her mental health records, Spears’ court-appointed attorney told the court commissioner that the singer had no objections with her father remaining in control.
“The court finds the proposed permanent conservatorship is necessary and appropriate [because of the] complexities of her financial and business entities and also potential for her being susceptible to influences,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, who has been presiding over the case.

So, basically Britney Spears is still fucking crazy and always just one bad influence away from flashing her vagina and snorting coke off Jayden’s Power Wheels. – But buy her new album Circus on Dec 2nd. Your kids’ll love it!

SUSIE: Britney’s new album!! EEEE! Santa did get my letter!
MOM: He sure did. Merry Christmas, honey.
SUSIE: I’m gonna rob a KFC, y’all!
MOM: Ha ha, oh, Susie… No, wait, she’s serious. Get out of the gun cabinet!

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  9. LL

    So it’s official: Britney Spears is a retard. It’s not mean to say if it’s all official-like. I mean, I’d still say it, but I’d feel a little bad about it.

  10. Aldo Nova

    Does this mean that daddy gets gets first access to the goods?

  11. ParahSalin

    #7. I agree almost 100%

    but let us focus on britney
    never mind
    she isn’t that great

  12. Finally she is starting to look good again. Now I can go back to masterbating and think of Britney.

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  14. hedgehog

    I’ll make a prediction that 5 years from now we’ll find out that her father has embezzled all her money.
    I can foresee a great career as a call girl for Britney.
    But then I ask myself, “who would want 5 year older Britney poontang ?”

  15. Dan

    Well finally she is a great singer and a great mother, good enough…

  16. Captain-Insano

    #5: Are you retarded or something?

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  18. mimi

    8. Rough Daddy; FISH-ASS is NEVER funny!

    16. Captain-Insano; you call yourself INSANE and I’M retarded? IDIOT!

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  20. Fuzz Martin

    Your ads pretty much suck ass. All the underlines and shit. Ugh.

    Carry on.

  21. Katherine

    Why are people using threads on The Superficial, specially on stories that focus on, above all people, Britney Spears, to promote there political views. If you want people to listen to your crap, go con CNN or Fox News threads where they will be more appreciated. When I come to the Superficial I come to have a good laugh and talk smack about ridiculous celebrities and there frivolous antics. GET WITH IT!

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  23. Joe

    Images in RSS are *still* broken. The only person more stupid than Britney is whoever the fuck you have running your tech department. There, I said it.

  24. sarah

    is it just me or is jayden crying and reaching for someone else, say the nanny?

  25. This pretty much means she’s f*cked up more than anyone originally thought. Wow. It’s pretty hard to gain a “permanent” conservatorship over someone.

  26. goawayforeverbritney

    ha ha! yeah, her own kid doesn’t even want her to hold him! what a loser! she can’t take care of her own money or her own kids. ha ha. loser. i would be happy if i never had to see another pic of this chick or have to turn the radio another time because one of her lame ass songs came on.

  27. mike

    So, does the mean her daddy would have to watch while I pounded her in her more and more delicious looking ass? Just wondering…

  28. biteme

    Congratulations America. You have made an insane woman the #1 pop star in the country. Keep up the good work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  29. RaraAvis

    Jamie Spears should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Price. Seriously. He’s surrendered his own life to be a guard dog for his daughter, and I guarantee it wasn’t his idea for her to be in the business. ‘cough’ lynnspears ‘cough’

  30. RaraAvis

    Prize!! I meant Nobel Peace Prize!!

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  35. Amy, Austin Personal Trainers

    At least she knows her limits now. It shows some wisdom.

  36. Lemuel

    I don’t think Britney needed her father running her life forever i think that she just needed someone to help her get control of her life and back in focus…..

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