Britney Spears’ dad gives himself a raise

December 23rd, 2008 // 48 Comments

When a father sees his little girl overcoming adversity to become a superstar, his heart fills with unimaginable pride and joy. Except for Jamie Spears who did that shit the first time and would prefer his joy in the form of greenbacks. The AP reports:

Jamie Spears had been receiving $10,000 a month for his work, but Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz increased that amount to approximately $16,000 per month and agreed to give him backpay.
He was also granted an additional $1,200 monthly payment so he can maintain an office, which Goetz said was justified by his work getting his daughter’s personal life — and music career — back on track.

So, by my math, Jamie Spears is now pulling in an annual salary of $894,000 $206,400 (It’s early!) for making sure his 26-year-old daughter wears underwear. I gotta get me a special kid. Any ladies out there have a uterus I can borrow for eight to nine months? Here are the terms:

1. Greatest minute or less of your life!
2. No child support.
3. Guarantee that if child doesn’t grow up to be a superstar, we’ll tell her she’s adopted then send her on a quest to find her birth parents. And by we I mean you. I’ll be in Reno explaining to bookies how my baby mama couldn’t even land a record deal, so please don’t break my fingers.

Sound awesome? Hell yeah it does! American Dream, here we come!


  1. Uncle Eccoli

    This is despicable. These people truly have no shame.

  2. tak


    He deserves a lot more.

  3. Sararararah

    she has no foot!!

  4. Phil Theo

    We must be missing some numbers… by my math ($16,000 + $1,200 = $17,200/mo. x 12 = $206,400) he’s making significantly less… and it must be a full time job to keep her headed in the right direction… ($894,000/12=$74,500/mos.)… but who’s counting…

  5. Andrea

    Its more like $206,000, but still thats a hell of a lot of money. Most public conservators in California make more like 100,000

  6. Christian O

    pretty spot on math superficial writer… maybe you should consult the geekologie writer???

  7. cookereh

    if it was weekly, it’s be $894,400……

  8. cookereh

    if it was weekly, it’s be $894,400……

  9. Some Guy

    Uncle Eccoli, despicable is the fact that Shitney still sells crappy records to idiots.

  10. fonzeyfu

    Superficial man – change those figures before everyone else points out your mathematical oversight.

  11. teej

    Someone should tell Dad it only costs about $7 to hem a pair of jeans.

  12. Joe Simpson makes more than that AND gets to be a human dildo for his girls.

  13. Sixteenbit

    Is it just me or is the transformation to beast taking place and one of Britney’s feet has become a hoof?

  14. Heather

    That’s not funny (this column is kinda horrible), this must be a new writer – where’s the other one gone? He was actually funny…

  15. F-Obama

    the whole family just needs to do a mass murder-suicide and we can all have a great New Year.

  16. linda

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  17. Kate

    Its pretty horrible, but I’m willing to laugh in a sad way. This guy is a dirtbag. Let’s not forget, he gets free room and board as well as a $200,000 + salary. He lives in her mansion, remember? Yea, he got her on meds and shoved her back out onstage.

    I still say this girl is going to crack again. She has been pushed too far again too soon. Less than a year ago she was strapped to a gurney.

  18. woman

    I don’t get the hate. If I were rich I would want to give money to my parents. I love my parents. If I were having issues and my dad would quit his job and life to move in with me and help me stay on track both mentally and with work I would be more than happy to pay him. Especially if I made as much as Miss Spears. I don’t think her dad is a mooch by any means at all. I think he is being an amazing father.

  19. #16 – Really? So you wouldn’t mind if I rub a habeñero on my cocaine numbed cock and pump your poop chute like a baloon at the Macys Thanksgiving Parade, wouldja?

  20. Sport

    What a fucked up hillbilly family.

  21. supersex

    i still want to fuck her!

  22. He deserves more. Do you really think he enjoys babysitting his 26 year old daughter when he has his own life and own business back home?

  23. Kia

    I dunno… it’s one thing if she’s voluntarily paying him to be her manager. But the court is making him be her manager and giving him the money and she has no say. When your kids are in trouble, you help them out. You don’t take them for all they are worth like everyone else seems to be doing with her and her money. Pretty sad.

  24. dork

    If he was such a great father, he would have raised her properly in the first place and he wouldn’t have to be a 20something babysitter…

    Yeah, give him more money for being a failure… hahahahahaha what a circus!

  25. Hmmm

    LMAO @ #13!!! I was just beginning to think peg leg…

  26. Bill

    sorry but he deserves it. if it wasn’t for him she’d probably be dead or doing back alley porn by now.

  27. joe m

    Without her dad’s help ( and other people ),
    Britney probably wouldn’t be alive today.
    More than anyone else,he has helped save her life.
    Britney has suffered some really bad hardships.
    The whole Spears family deserves our prayers.

  28. Lalala

    Sooo….this fucktard basically wants to get paid for actually being a father??? WOW! and they wonder why she’s messed up…. “daddy, I need some advice” “no problem hon, but that’ll cost ya $100 for the hour”???? What a loser!

  29. Well there must be a good reason for the courts to let a dad fleece his own daughter…

  30. Anne

    The Dad deserves the raise. It is a miracle that Britney’s latest comeback was not a joke like her last one was and her music videos are actually a little on par with her old, pre K-Fed, pre-crazy days (unlike the mess that was “Gimme More”).

  31. Homeless Person

    $206,000 to straighten up that trainwreck everyday for a fucking year??? no thanks! Not worth it even at 206k

  32. PunkA

    Considering that she is now making way more $$$ and her career is on track again and she paying her father to be her agent less money than that dirtbag Sam, I would consider this a win-win all the way around. Money well spent.

  33. Sasha

    She’s 27 now. Late 20′s. Damn pathetic.

  34. Kate

    #28 – AMEN!! What’s with you fucktards saying “He deserves it, she sucks”? You parent because you love your kid, you don’t ask your own troubled child to pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their own pocket. Its not like the state is paying him, she’s being forced to and he’s accepting. What kind of a man is that? I hope he’s saying “thanks” and then putting it back into her account. But that’s a stupid hope. Not happening.

    Its clear he stepped in because he saw an opportunity to get the inside track on his meal ticket.

  35. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  36. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  37. Blah

    I hate to admit that I even know this, but that has-been Britney is actually 27 years old now, not 26. But she’s still doing the same lame, trampy lolita stuff she did at 17. So much for evolving. Anyways, I do think her dad deserves to be compensated; he’s using up all his time to take care of her and help manage her “career” (ha) and time is money. He could be making money making his special sandwiches or whatever he does instead of helping her out. But personally I think he should be helping her OUT of the business…not back in. She’ll never be sane this way.

  38. Fernanado Narcos

    The fact that anybody with the last name Spears uses atmosphere that actual human beings could be using pisses me off,but really!?!
    This woman is surrounded by pimps,and most of them are related to her.

  39. j

    It’s not like he’s just giving her friendly advice; this guy gave up his entire life to care for his *adult* daughter. This is not some 3-year-old to whom he still has a major obligation as a parent. Yeah, I think parents retain an obligation to help their kids out *to some extent* even after the kids hit adulthood, but what Jamie Spears has done goes WAY beyond what should reasonably be expected of any parent. She can afford to compensate him like this, so why the hell not? If he’s 100% selfish and just in it for the bucks, it must just be a coincidence that Britney suddenly has her shit together.

  40. OFCOURSE, which american dad wouldn’t?
    This is their way of showing concern, folks!!

  41. friendlyfires

    Jamie Spears should branch out: Amy Winehouse money isn’t nothing to sneeze at.

  42. MB

    so by “gave himself a raise” you mean that the court looked at all his great work and said “you’re being underpaid” and gave him 1/4 or less of what your standard entertainment industry manager would be taking.

    thats like saying the guy flipping burgers at mcdonalds “gave himself” minimum wage.

  43. In L.A.

    It’s amazing that a near 30 year old woman cannot take care of herself – doesn’t anyone see how wrong this is? Britney Spears is going through what most people go through – she is not that special!

  44. IWONKY

    Sounds more like Britney Spears’ dad gave himself a blowjob made of her money. Oh well, if the damn bitch can’t keep her panties on, so be it.

  45. The Ropes

    #18, First of all, the name of this site would be a dead giveaway to even the deaf dumb and blind that no one here cares about the Shitney. Yet you used your working facilities to actually type out your confusion about why people hate on the Shitney. You must be a fan of that nasty little anal sac dragging hillbilly. Only Britney fans wonder why people hate on her. You should be more concerned that your brain does not fully function. Please, just continue to wonder yourself into oblivion, cuz you’re nearly there.

  46. The Ropes

    Some of Dad’s salary will come from that song she put out about how everybody wants to F-U-C-K her, ‘cept no one really wants to do that with the Shitney anymore, unless they’re nuts like her.

  47. he doesnt deserve it

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