Britney Spears’ dad declares a war on nipples

April 23rd, 2010 // 114 Comments

And there goes the site. Via The Sun:

“Jamie’s control over Britney’s life is incredible. He hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra.
“He wants her to put across the right impression.
“One security guard was told he is close to getting fired because he lets her go out without her bra.

Well, that explains how this happened, but Jamie has to know he’s playing with fire. Making Britney Spears wear a bra is exactly like those people who try to keep a chimp in their apartment. Sure it plays nice to begin with, but next thing you know, BAM! It’s biting your nose off pressing its vagina against your car window until you take it to Starbucks.

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  1. grobpilot


  2. neorules2112

    She is such a slob, but I would love to fuck this crazy pig ..

  3. grobpilot

    Even if it is Britney, almost any nipples is good nipples (except when they’re attached to sock puppets)

  4. Oh Yeah!

    There’s those batshit nipples I love.

    Thanks! More, more, more.

  5. Aaron

    Heaven forbid anything should interrupt the flow of CASH from that COW to Jamie Spears’ BANK ACCOUNT.

    Poor Britney. That song “I’m a slave for you” or whatever was about her dad.

  6. pimp

    she’s a disgusting slob, so am i…i’d eat her ass

  7. Lila

    Wow! I am 5th cool! Anyway, what the hell happened to this chick? She was looking good about a year ago, but now??? She goes out in public like a trailer trash couch potato all the time. Okay, fine, she had 2 kids…Hey, J-Lo had 2 kids, Jennifer Gardner had 2 kids…Pamela Anderson had 2 kids…plus they are all older than her, their tits aren’t hanging down to their waists. GET A FUKKING BREAST LIFT AND GET SOME SENSE!!!

  8. Nipples backwards R Us

    Clearly, her dad is a monster.

  9. The lint that is caught between Britney’s ass cheeks is 10x more qualified to be President than the bafoon we have now.

  10. The Dude

    Interesting that he’s so worried about it, considering his family got wealthy precisely by pimping out this girl as a jailbait sex symbol to anyone who would take a picture.

  11. MR. T

    Has anyone else noticed that on the front page right next to the Brittany Nipplegate story, there is a link to PETA video with Pam Hepatitis bashing meat eaters and KFC…and right below that ad is another ad….for KFC!?!?!?!

  12. JD

    Those glorious nips are paying the bills, dumbass. Back off.

  13. Anonymous

    Jamie Spears is the one out of control. First, he took away psycho Brit and not he wants to take away wonky nips.


  14. He let’s her go out of the house without talent, so I think a bra should be the least of his concerns…

  15. Pregnant Kickboxer

    As a straight dude who loves boobs, I’d be forever grateful to whoever puts a stop to the tick tack smuggler. Those boobs are a disgrace to boobs. She should lose some weight and get the Heidi Montag surgery platter too.

  16. gs

    i love u britney! shes awasome! stop haiting.

  17. There will be 'a nightmare on Rough street'

    Eh, anyone who can construct a killer robot that’s able to travel in time; please contact me via the superficial. Mr spear has got to be stop with his diabolical plans…

  18. small asian penis

    If she doesn’t want to wear a bra, then so be it. I think she can decide that for herself.

  19. She could use a lift but banning her from leaving the house is a bit juvenile when she is an adult.

  20. hateyoufornoreason

    Ha- nipples all over the place is right; one up, one down, sideways….

  21. kay kay

    WOW! She has some fierce legs!

  22. sussquahanna hatty

    she’s such a pig the less we see of her the better.
    no self-respecting MOTHER OF TWO CHILDREN should want to go outside looking like a jail bait mall rat. its a good thing she has her father looking after her best interests. She’ll never be responsible enough to be emancipated from that arrangement. she should not be allowed to drive a car EVER again.

    she’s so selfish just imagine her plowing through a crowd of people in her mercedes or maserati because she dropped her cell phone. she’d have NO remorse. its like giving a loaded gun to a CHIMP.

  23. frankw


    Clearly the first thing we should know before calling someone a ‘buffoon’ is how to spell the word. DOLT.

  24. The latter 3 photo sets look miraculously better than the 1st photo set with the denim shorts. Was that a makeup disaster or what?

  25. bay?l?yorum bu k?za yaa

  26. missywissy

    Anytime I see the first pic, the first thing that come to mind is wanna fanta, don’t ya wanna? wanna fanta, don’t ya wanna? And then looking at Britney, I think she probably has the same damn song in her head. We’re sisters like that. huh huh huh huh

  27. havoc

    Is it just me, or does all this chick do is go to stores and buy shit to drink?


  28. soraya

    Does anyone else notice her boob sweat in the first pic? Another pro of putting on a bra; hides boob sweat (and she wont be tuckin’ in her boobies into her waistband when she’s 40, granted she lives that long)

  29. WhatExitYouFrom?

    She must be on the Snookie diet….

  30. Zach Swan

    I’ve been reading a lot about Spanish bullfighting lately. Before the Matador is sent out, a skillful Banderillero enters the ring and can often correct any unfortunate hooking tendencies in the bull’s horns by inserting the Banderillo in the correct place. From all these photos, I wonder if BritBrit doesn’t need a Banderillero’s help to correct the way those nipples seem to be hooking all over the place. One seems to always point to the ground, and there is no telling which direction the other one will head at any given time. Sure, she’d have to live with a colorful little flag stuck in her back, but if it straightens those things out, maybe it’s worth it.


  31. me again

    she’s got loppy boobs and wicked jowls

  32. bar room hero

    She has always looked like trailor trash. There are many girls walking around anywhere, USA that look better than this slag…

  33. Butt Pirate

    You can take the Weesyana girl out of white trash heaven, but you can’t take the white trash outta her. Ewwwww. The only thing I’d poke her with is a stick, like a dead possum ‘side the road.

  34. Erica

    Her body looks good in those pictures with the yellow turtleneck..but damn her face is rough. Also, get a boob job, Britney,

  35. Rachel

    poor girl…maybe she should run away from the media they will ruin her life…just like other ppl’s lives…

  36. yowillie

    God…love her.

  37. KB

    Actually, this is a wise idea by Papa Spears. You just know that Britney is the type who would go bra-less and in daisy dukes for YEARS if someone didnt stop her – and is just too classless to know that there becomes a time where it is not age appropriate and it does not look good.

  38. IKE

    Piss off Jamie!! I love Brit’s nipples!!! :) Stop trying to take those away from me!

  39. Christina

    I just have to say that, as a woman with breasts about the same size as Britney’s, I’m extremely uncomfortable without a bra. I can’t fathom how she is fine walking around without one in public. I like my chest being supported…

  40. It look so nice .Her presence on screen make us very exciting.I am happy about this one.

  41. michelle

    sic her dad talks about her nipples. trailer trash

  42. diggler

    She looks great. I would love to lick her special parts all day long! And put my schlong between those lucious breasts!!

  43. Her left one always looks like it’s heading south, trying to escape the madness.

  44. Rogue Cuckold

    I would love to watch Britney with her black lovers! Then perform any tongue duties required!

  45. Rogue Cuckold

    I would love to watch Britney with her black lovers! Then perform any tongue duties required!

  46. Darth

    Her nipples are still visible even with bra.Or maybe that’s because the image of her erect nipples are burnt into my retina by now.

  47. captain america

    be honest:

  48. She is very beautiful that is model and it takes its style style charmed all of them is a different matter. So i like this model.

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