Britney Spears’ dad conservatates like a champ

Jamie Spears must be some kind of miracle worker because his presence has already scored Britney two visits with her kids. Just yesterday Britney had her second visit and the children once again left unscathed. Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan was even impressed, according to OK! Magazine:

“These visitations with the boys will help to normalize the family environment,” Kaplan told OK!. “Kevin has always been rooting for Britney to regain visitation… and if these visits go well, they will ramp up over time.”
In fact, says the Britney insider, the rumor around the Spears house is that Sean Preston, 2, and 1-year-old Jayden James could soon be visiting up to three times a week.

Seriously, Jamie Spears should negotiate peace in the Middle East. The guy turned Britney Batshit Spears into Susie Homemaker. Jesus Christ is reading all this and going, “Why is that chump making me look like a fool?” But sadly for Jesus, Jamie Spears heard that and ascended into heaven to open a can of holy whoop ass. Whick-a-POW!

Photos: Flynet