Britney Spears’ custody battle might actually end (Armageddon is nigh!)

After yesterday’s decision to allow Britney Spears overnight visits with her sons, the commissioner has ordered that Britney and Kevin meet today at a “neutral, non-court” location to reach a permanent settlement in their custody battle, according to OK! Magazine:

These talks would be very similar to the closed-door mediation sessions that took place during the former couple’s divorce — even more so now that Laura Wasser, Brit’s original attorney in her feud with Federline, has been brought back on the team.

Britney suggested the following locations: KFC, Starbucks or Space Mountain. But she’s willing to compromise, for the children, and meet at Chuck E. Cheese. Provided they take periodic breaks for Skee-ball and lifting up the feet of the animatronic band. Ha ha! Bears aren’t made of metal.