Britney Spears’ custody battle might actually end (Armageddon is nigh!)

June 25th, 2008 // 45 Comments

After yesterday’s decision to allow Britney Spears overnight visits with her sons, the commissioner has ordered that Britney and Kevin meet today at a “neutral, non-court” location to reach a permanent settlement in their custody battle, according to OK! Magazine:

These talks would be very similar to the closed-door mediation sessions that took place during the former couple’s divorce — even more so now that Laura Wasser, Brit’s original attorney in her feud with Federline, has been brought back on the team.

Britney suggested the following locations: KFC, Starbucks or Space Mountain. But she’s willing to compromise, for the children, and meet at Chuck E. Cheese. Provided they take periodic breaks for Skee-ball and lifting up the feet of the animatronic band. Ha ha! Bears aren’t made of metal.


  1. Lola

    I love her shoes…. Hope everything goes good for the sake of those 2 precious boys…. So sad their mother is sick and father is just a fucking idiot

  2. Yeah right

    K fed is an idiot for looking after his kids because there mother is to self centered and insane to do so? Thank good he was there for the kids or they would have become wards of the state. K fed may be douche but he seems to be an OK dad in this instance.

  3. Grunion

    Those kids are as good as dead.

  4. Anonymous

    Left with Twitney, those kids are in serious danger. Unless there’s five people watching her at all times. I have a bad feeling about this custody case…….I doubt this dumb skank even remembers what her kids names are.

  5. Que

    Que heartwarming!

  6. Tabby

    She’s looking pretty decent here, cute outfit :D

  7. tetedurouge

    I have to say this is the best I have seen Britney looking in a long time. Good to see her fair is growing back and she can lose the extensions.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Who’s the new whore sidekick that Ive been seeing around with Brit lately (pics 2 and 4)?

    She’s got a nice little body on her. Its probably her personal trainer, she’s paying her to hit her with a ruler whenever they roll up to Taco Bell

  9. mcbeef

    that whore sidekick is in pic 1 too… why is her leg that color? is it wood?

  10. andi

    @#1-Lola is it? In exactly which picture do you see her shoes in?

  11. jesus

    @#1-Lola is it? In exactly which picture do you see her shoes in?

  12. tequila

    @#1-Lola is it? In exactly which picture do you see her shoes in?

    that’s weird ya’ll said the same thing I was going to.

  13. Hey Jesus,
    Why dont you heal your vision with a miracle you ass wipe. The shoes are clearly visable to me and all of my imaginary friends.

  14. tetedurouge

    I am assuming Lola is referring to the shoes in the store in the background of the image?

  15. Auntie Kryst

    For the sake of the kids sell them off to the circus.. Even carny folk can be better parents than these two self absorbed fuckers.

  16. jesus

    Nope, still don’t see any shoes on her feet, perhaps Mary took them off to wash her feet.

    oh that’s my story… I will pray for you Jimbo…. to myself that is….

  17. stwvg

    sexy, I like her,make me feel hot!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. tanya

    You can tell this outfit is brand new. Someone is dressing her. Saying “Here wear this instead of the potato sack you picked out”

  19. @14 ass wipe troll. I bet you have a lot of imaginary friends??

  20. k-fed

    brit brit doesn’t look too bad in these pics. i would let her lick my coin-purse any time.

  21. She’s looking pretty decent here,

  22. Anexio

    This sicks!!! all brit childs are belong to her. she made them with all of her bodys and for the judg to take them is rwong and totaly ceptable. kFed should be assnamed of himslefes and should not be a kidnaper which is is and is in and out of touble for it all the times. brit shou;d need all of her childs back now and later like after dance parctice. brit is the best at whatver she does and should be lokked at as a exapmle of what a mom should be and that cant be argued becuse it s a fact.

  23. Anonymous

    Hey Anexio,

    Stop dude, everyone’s on to your intentional misspells and other bullshit. Just fuck off. You’re not funny.

  24. Anexio's Troll

    Hey 24, suck my anal drainage. I like her so therefore you should be the one to fuck off you less than superficial sack of pig taints.

  25. pam

    Why don’t they negotiate the custody arrangement during one of their phone sex sessions? Just print out a transcript, sign it, then have a judge look it over. After he vomits, he can make it official.

  26. Uncle Eccoli

    I like skeeball.

  27. She looks great – her parents have had a good effect on her. She wears sanity well….hope it lasts.

  28. Kim Lardassian

    Fuck what is with those trailer trash acrylic nails – disgusting and so trashy, only skanky whores wear fake nails, even worse when they look like mini shovels .

  29. I bet she coaxed the entire judicial team with gift bags full of Cheetos, Dr Pepper, and day old barbequed rib bones. Hey, it woulda worked on me…

  30. Kate2

    She looks like a total zombie. She has for weeks. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, she’s going to go nuts again once Daddy is out of the picture.

  31. boogie

    no one cares anymore

  32. Kate2

    I just don’t get why people keep saying she looks good. Ok, she looks like she’s hit the gym and taken a shower, great. Certainly improvement. But she doesn’t look like she knows where she is.

    This is a problem.

  33. Garegare

    Enough about her shoes, she need to wrangle her sister and teach her how to take care of kids. Perhaps she will recommend watching Baby Borrowers…its the kind of show that teen moms should watch. Like cops

  34. Silent Killer

    I know crazy, and she looks like a Psychopath to me.

  35. steph

    I wonder what shoes she’s wearing this time….

  36. Shelly Berg

    the baby borrowers premieres tonight on nbc. all you youngins, make sure you watch so you don’t end up having to deal with ish like this. 9pm. tivo it.

  37. Shelly Berg

    the baby borrowers premieres tonight on nbc. all you youngins, make sure you watch so you don’t end up having to deal with ish like this. 9pm. tivo it.

  38. dew

    Wow, she looks great compared to what she usually looks like. No nasty extensions sewed onto greasy short roots; her gnawed off nails have fake french glue-ons; her clothes actually fit, aren’t wrinkled or stained; and her face doesn’t look like it’s trying to compete with Amy Winehouse’s face.

    And now she’s supposedly sane enough to earn some time with her kids again. Keep up the good work Daddy Spears! Hopefully Daddy Spears will be able to influence his younger daughter as well, and hopefully undo all the crappy parenting the mother did to these girls.

  39. Narrow

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  40. FCS

    #40 I’d rather clean my ears with a broken beer bottle, thanks.

  41. Hmm…She looks kind of like Hayden Panettiere at 55 years old here.

  42. Mistik

    I really hate to say this, but how is it that this women no matter what she wears she still looks so cheap???
    ..I mean everyone else would look hot with those Tom Ford’s sunglasesses. Everyone-except her..blah

  43. Mistik


  44. douchebag Mcgee

    To my house!
    I had a bomb shelter built 40 miles underground for just such an occasion.

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