Britney Spears gets overnight visits with the kids

June 24th, 2008 // 39 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were in court today for a custody hearing that actually had a happy ending. Both were seen leaving the courthouse in high spirits. Especially Britney who now has overnight visits with her sons. Unfortunately, she destroyed both their beds using them to slide down the stairs when her dad wasn’t home. What? She doesn’t know how to work the TV. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us Brit Brit, who has been slowly gaining visitation back inch by inch, has made such progress the Commish agreed in court today she’s ready to have sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with her overnight. We hear Britney’s parenting coach Lisa Hacker was at the hearing today, and answered several questions from the Commish.

It should be noted that, in an unprecedented legal decision, Kevin was granted permission to arm Jayden with a gun during the overnights. At first everyone gasped, then slowly started nodding their heads when they realized it was actually the greatest idea in the history of law. As for Britney, she just sat quietly and ate paper from a legal pad. “Why doesn’t this taste like bananas?” she thought.


  1. rebecc


  2. titsXD

    meh your a SAD CUNT !

  3. She should’ve been denied visitation based on those God-awful shoes she is wearing. I’d bet money she is hiding a bologna sandwich in one of them.

    Oh, #1 – you really should douche

  4. SUN set

    Why can’t people leave Brit alone, i think people who are insecure are minding her business,,,I think our society has done this to her, anyways i am happy
    for her!!! cheers!!!

  5. havoc

    She looks like Nanook of Malibu.


  6. Blah

    Anyone notice that someone spunked on her Nanook boots? Or is that gravy from her last snack?

  7. tight lipped smiler

    Looks like Bit-Bit has been shitting the carpet again. Brit better get a minion to clean up the trailer before Child Welfare brings over the kids.

  8. Lipper

    Could she at LEAST wash her hair? I don’t get it! And those dirty, nasty, stained boots? In SUMMER? With that hideous dress? She is obviously still mental, hello? Watch for some great coverage at her house soon with the boys soon. Sigh.

  9. Anexio

    OMGF brit look so goofd here and wowo look at har face is so happy and overtops and stuff. that guy in red shirt that hold her hand is not somone Ive ssen before or since the other times. brit the only that cna where a foil dress and get way withit becuasue she fashon meca and leads us to tell all of us what to weahre and when. LOL, thnak god.

  10. Deacon Jones


    Dude, where’d you get the Ludes’ cause I want some?

    I guarantee that shit on those rotten, synthetic wool boots is leftover fudge topping from a binge last night

  11. snarkymalarky

    maybe the kids can spit shine them boots for her!

  12. She She

    What does she have on those awful galoshes she’s wearing? Seriously looks like poop………………

  13. Auntie Kryst

    “foil dress” OMGF that was funny, thnak yuo!!

  14. Grunion

    Pretty sad when your biggest acomplishment in the last year is getting YOUR OWN children for overnight visits. Hopefully the little buggers will send her right over the edge this time.

  15. FCS

    Those glasses do nothing for her tenhead.

  16. Noman

    Grandma? Is that you?
    I recognize that flaccid skin on the chest and arms, the patchy skin tones.
    This can’t be the same girl who was so hot and toned 5+ years ago!
    Somebody should study what this bitch did to destroy such a naturally hot physique.
    (shudders in disgust)

  17. I Spel and Gramer Good

    mamma alwaays siad that boots r likke a boxt of chocolutes.

  18. Dumdidum

    Some people don’t age very well. Even at age 26.

  19. Britneys Feet

    BOOTS !!!!
    I LOVE EM !!!
    Short boots-tall boots-in between boots – It’s my personal statement to the world … “Get Fucked”!!!
    I wear them because nobody else has the stones to. It’s one of the things I do
    (and I do MANY-MANY things ….*wink*) that sets me apart from the rest of Hollywood.

  20. Sandra


    Before our own dear Randal makes one of his brilliant observations, let me commend you on that cheery outfit. Only you could carry off such kicky colors with that infectious smile and that glowing , healthy skin..


  21. Amazing what a properly delivered handjob can buy you nowadays

  22. Trover

    Same stupid pics from yesterday FISH?? You suck balls. At least give us some news photos to make fun of with a new Brit post. You lazy assmunch.

  23. d

    Bad idea, this whore is evil, those kids are not safe in her care. She will end up killing them. Poor kids.

  24. britney's weave

    i’m getting really tired of being stretched back like this. dammit woman, let me breathe.

  25. Zukyia

    Does she have really ugly feet because she wears boots all year long. I thought that stupid fashion thing when out of style when Tims stopped being so popular.

  26. Thegrayway

    Okay, we’re back at the ubiquitous fucking stain. Can’t she wear anything that’s not stained with some sort of spooge. WTF!!!!!!!!

  27. My Grandma wears it well

    My 80 year old grandma has the same dress.

  28. CV

    wtf is she WEARING!

  29. AliCat

    With a pair of black heels she could have looked practically normal here! Sheesh.

  30. missywissy

    Riding down the stairs on a mattress?? That was funny! I remembering doing that as a kid.

  31. mental cripple

    “fashon meca” oh for fuxake Brit, we know you write here as anexio, come out of the coma already would you …

    (btw: Is there already snow in LOUISIANA?
    but I though there never was?
    DEEP SOUTH, isn’t it?)

  33. Leslie

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned those ridiculous shoes Brit’s been wearing? She’s lives in LA and it’s fuckin hot. Where is her stylist?

  34. Boots

    I guess since the pop star era is basically over, she’s into construction now??

    Seriously, she probably got tired of taking flak for going everywhere barefoot, so she decided to go to the opposite extreme. Undoubtedly it seems to her a reasonable response…

    If someone decides to make a movie of her life (art imitating life imitating art, etc. etc. ad nauseam), the Genesis album, ‘Duke’ would be the perfect soundtrack. Especially the songs, ‘Duchess’ and ‘Cul de Sac’.

  35. Dear Brit Brit,

    Blood on the boots? Try a heavier pad next time, mmmkay??

  36. Tori

    I don’t know why I’m even bothering to comment. I mean, great if she gets to see her kids more but would you want to be seen with Mommy in public wearing this outfit? All this woman does is shop, so obviously there’s money in her bank for hiring a stylist. I get that she wears boots to hide chubby legs and with all her money, I’ve seen her a million times in her old tired brown ones, and now these with a stain on them? C’mon Brit, can you not at least style your hair, pull it into a neat ponytail, wear a hat other than a KFed Fedora, loose the boots in Summer and for Godssake learn to use make up? Bare Minerals would do wonders for her, and lay off the bright lipstick, we aren’t in the 80′s. Yeah I’m being bitchy, maybe I need another coffee…

  37. douchebag Mcgee

    Beer blasts with mommy, Horray!

  38. I’ve seen homeless people better dressed and groomed than Britney.

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