Britney Spears could face jail-time

Britney Spears could face jail-time if she skips her scheduled court hearing next week. Britney will be deposed by Kevin Federline’s attorneys who were not thrilled when Britney claimed to be too ill to appear at a deposition hearing a few weeks ago. OK Magazine reports:

But considering the potentially dire consequences for Brit, she might want to think twice before oversleeping or calling in sick next week.
“She could go to jail for contempt of court if she refuses to show,” one legal eagle confirms to OK!.

Whatever happened to firing squads? I always thought those were an effective legal practice. If there’s anybody we should bring it back for, it’s Britney Spears. I took the liberty of drawing up a diagram of the awesome results my proposal would bring. It’s more or less a picture of Britney’s kids miraculously living to age ten, still possessing all their limbs and speaking a recognizable form of English. Oh, and if you look in the background, there’s the cure for AIDS.