Britney Spears converting to Judaism?

July 10th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Britney Spears might be converting to Judaism for her boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick, according to The Sun:

The singer has been spotted wearing a necklace with the Star of David symbol on during her world tour.
She has even recruited a rabbi to help her study the faith.
A source said: “Britney wants to try the religion Jason was brought up with.”

Jesus. — Whoops, bad choice of words. But seriously, haven’t these people suffered enough? Adolf Hitler’s probably laughing in his grave right now wishing he came up with it first. “Ha, the holocaust. What was I thinking? Hitler, you so crazy.”

Thanks to Jon Smith who knows how to poke a hot ass.


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  14. My guess is that she had no idea it was the Star of David. She probably thought it was a purdy star necklass (yes I meant to misspell purdy and necklass)

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  19. no idea it was the Star of David. She probably thought it was a purdy star necklass (yes I meant

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  21. Britney Spears was the Star of David?

  22. If Britney keeps coverts find Judaism to Hitlers and I blow it
    That, mentally stable enough to care for a child to read the manual alone is not to sit still in a synagogue. The ‘sensible person who oxyontin to change the level before a few more’ choices not to be used as Red Bull and diet pills can be trusted needs

  23. Did’nt even notice what she was wearing around her neck.Was busy looking at those big beautiful BOOBS and great nipples she has.

  24. I thought she was a Kabbalahian

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