Britney Spears continues to mold young minds

Britney Spears taught another children’s dance class at Millenium Studio last night. According to the kids, she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then again, what do they know? Half of them think Santa Claus is real. I mean, duh! Of course he is, dummies. People reports:

“I like Britney,” 5-year-old Elissa Bouganim, who has taken three classes with the pop star, tells PEOPLE. “Today, first we were dancing slow, and then faster and faster … Then we did the fish-move and lots of other fun things.”

And not only do kids love Britney. Moms like her too! Hurray!:

“It’s just amazing to watch Britney with the kids,” says Elissa’s mom, Pam. “Elissa won’t stop dancing now, that’s all she wants to do. Britney has really inspired her.”
These days, Elissa would be happy if Spears taught all her classes. “Britney is nice,” she says. “I want to dance with Britney all the time because it’s so much fun.”

I asked a friend of mine, who’s a teacher, what she thought about Britney instructing kids. She jumped out a window screaming which left me alone with her class. I like to believe I imparted some wisdom. Until I blacked out from eating all that paste. Not only did those kids steal my wallet and cell phone, one of them keeps calling my girlfriend. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but this morning, she came home with marker all over her face. And brought me pizza from Chuck E. Cheese. Don’t try to bribe me, woman! Ooh, pepperoni.

Photos: Splash News