Britney Spears continues being allowed in public

June 16th, 2009 // 24 Comments

Britney Spears was allowed in public again today and took her kids to the London Zoo. Of course, there’s really no cause for concern considering England is an island and therefore easily quarantined. Back me up, Pentagon, and don’t act like you didn’t go to DEFCON-3 after seeing her panties yesterday. I have my sources who I’ll simply refer to as “Joe Biden, yes, the real one.”


  1. Womanizer

    I’d still hit it.

  2. bigbro

    yeeeeeeeeeeee id still bone

  3. Anon

    That top makes her look like she could have boobs.

    We know she doesn’t

  4. Topcat

    Her days have past.
    Not a stunning body anymore.

  5. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    She looks like every other girl here in Tennesee. Yep, just another muffin top. But we all know we would love to bone her at least once.

  6. LawnGnome

    When she’s not dressed like a skank, she’s a pretty decent milf you’d see at the mall or something.

    I’d hit.

  7. Natasha

    England is not an Island. Britain is an Island made up of three countries.

  8. Darth

    She was probably allowed in public because it’s the zoo.

  9. Nero

    Her hormones are working perfect! For most animals it’s mating season right now! Pheromones!?

  10. Randal

    Look at you girl, all smiles and glowing like a blooming spring flower! Britney, it’s so great to see you being the strong woman that you are and setting a great example to your beautiful children as well as moms all over the world.

    Luv ya! xoxo


  11. sarah

    I can see two reasons why I should continue supporting Britney Spears, and they begin with the letter B.

  12. eric

    Take a good look ladies. This is what children does to you.


  13. Ella

    Personally I think Britney looks gorgeous, and at her best in the casual clothes she has on in these photos. I think the issue people have with Britney is, she’s a NORMAL everyday person now, rather than the “pop superstar” we knew her as.

    She’s -28- years old. Of course she isn’t going to look like her 19 year old self anymore.

  14. oneelusivegal

    To all you blind morons who can’t see, she looks great, and if she wasn’t famous and you saw her walking down a street, you would look twice. She can’t win, she falls apart the press is all over her, she get’s it together and people are still criticizing her. Her body is great and alot of mothers of two kids would love to have her figure. Alot of women who have NEVER had children would love to look like her. I would like to see what these people (for example YOU #12) look like. So easy to be nasty when you are anonymous. Tell me folks, are you just pissed because you aren’t rich, don’t live in a mansion (or 2 or 3) and drive great cars or just stupid. Pick one.

  15. Funeral Guy

    She’s got just a few years of hitability left. After that she’ll be parking in the handicapped spot at Wal-Mart while her son gets out the power chair so she can go shopping.

  16. oranges

    @ #13 Ella – Being 28 is no excuse for ‘letting yourself go’ (which I would argue she actually has not entirely – she did for a while, but she is back on track and looks pretty good). Its that old. Still in your twenties? The only reason you can’t look like your 19 year old self is that you have a full time job and have less time for the gym than you did back in college. In fact, I know many women who look better in their late twenties than they did around 19. A lot of women look sort of puppy like at 19.

  17. Rob

    England is not an island, it borders Scotland and Wales.

  18. Rob

    England is not an island, it borders Scotland and Wales.

  19. how she fucking looks ? at least dress nice ,after all what you did.
    what a cute baby ..(:

  20. captain america


  21. If she really wanted to blend in with the locals, she could have worn some brown movie prop snaggle teeth instead of dressing like a Walmart mom. I wonder if she tried her British accent out there?

  22. RtSS

    To be honest, I’d hit that, and also let her suck my schlong while I dumped a load down her throat. She’s still got those Britney eyes that would be useful to stare into as I gave her my protein shake to guzzle. I bet she likes anal, and I’d pack that poopchute. She is a muffin top, and dresses pretty pathetically, but, I’d hit it. While she is 28, she has been rode hard and put away wet. She looks to be 35 to 39. In a few years she will be almost undoable, except she’ll still have those Britney eyes, I am ashamed to say, I’d still provide her with my protein shake even then.

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