Britney Spears always just one step away from complete doability

October 15th, 2008 // 95 Comments

These are shots of Britney Spears going to the dance studio today, and if you’re like me, your first reaction will be “Shazam! She’s getting that body back.” Then you’ll notice something’s not quite right. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself, but, in the grand scheme of things, I’ve been with chicks who’ve had way worse problems/testicles. This is nothin’.


  1. CaptainMorgan

    Do all chicks with hairy armpits walk around holding their bags like this!?

  2. Rob

    I guess they won’t let her near sharp objects yet.

  3. papashango

    Going for the sexual arm pit hair look huh. Strong

  4. papashango

    Going for the sexual arm pit hair look huh. Strong

  5. Oh Come On!

    So she’s got a little pit hair! thats nothin’ a Mach 3 can’t handle!
    I’d even be wiling to lather her up and do a full body trim if she needs.

  6. CaptainMorgan

    Maybe there is something wrong with her forehead? Bruise from the headboard maybe??

  7. Choco_Taco

    That’s not hairy armpits. Shes holding a bag filled with fairy dust and a little got sprinkled onto her pits and magical fairy sprouts grew!!! You guy’s have no idea what you are talking about!!!!

  8. hsif

    maybe she’s getting the body back, but the face … hm? gone

  9. Do it

    Raise you arm..if you’re su…oh wait a minute, Nvermind.

  10. Do it

    Raise you arm..if you’re su…oh wait a minute, Nevermind.

  11. Do it

    Raise you arm..if you’re su…oh wait a minute, Nevermind.

  12. Do it

    Raise your arm, If you’re su…oh wait a minute, Nevermind

  13. nancy

    the armpit hair?

  14. yup

    It’s either the purse growing out of her forehead or the hairy armpits.

  15. Fernando Narcos

    Kinda makes me think you could probably braid her pubes

  16. Chris


  17. Britney's Hairy Pits

    Fuck You, Superfish.

    Worry about your own thatch.

  18. kevTHA

    check out the midsection and shut the fuck up!

  19. malicious

    at least she’s got a matching bra, lets look at the big picture

  20. NY Ted

    I think Fish dropped a hit of acid this morning…he seems to be hallucinating!

  21. real man

    I love horny unshaven chicks. I’m entirely unafraid of female bodies. Wait, does that mean I can’t post comments here?

  22. Scolomb

    It is definitely the hairy pits, sick. Oh Come On, exactly it is nothing that a mach 3 can’t take care of, so why doesn’t she just take care of it.

  23. Smunch

    I’d do her with Madonna’s penis. Then I’d do myself. And then you. But not Superfish. You just can’t get rid of that stank no matter how hot the water is and how hard you scrub.

  24. Vince Lombardi

    If by “not quite right” you mean “Britney accidentally super-glued her bowling ball bag to her forehead,” then, yeah, I got it.

  25. OMG!!

    OMG!!! She mounted a bag on her forehead!! Totally crazy!!

  26. EAB

    Sure, the bod may be back … but clearly, the head is a few laps behind. (Will it EVER catch up???)

  27. HaHa. None of you got it. She lost her keys and someone told her to look through her bag for them first. She was wondering around like that for an hour before she understood it wasn’t meant literally.

  28. Christopher

    Maybe she thinks she’s a sackicorn…

  29. WTF?

    Um, the pit hair probably just means she’s due for a wax job. You’ve got to grow it out a bit before it can be waxed…..which brings me to say that men should be forced to get waxed, too, you hairy beasts!

  30. Sarah Boomhauer-Palin

    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol’ Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An’ lotsa nekkid hairy chicks on there, man. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It’s real easy, man. But I tell ya what man dang ol’ BritBrit aint nothin next to Alaska chicks…dang ol’ grizzlies, I tell ya what…real scary man.

  31. Phil

    I love chicks with armpit hair. When they sweat, at the end of the day it smells like a first-cousin to pussy. Yummy.

  32. Jamie Lynn

    You stay classy sis!

  33. mamadough

    well, i for one, am not surprised. i’m pretty sure in her state of mind that she’s probably not even aware of her own smell. she can only focus on one thing at a time people!
    day-old makeup: nope
    oily, pimply skin: nope
    body hair: nope
    walking: yes!

  34. male superficial commenter

    ZOMG I hate when a girl has hair! And anything beyond a breast bud. And NO HIPS, PLEASE! ZOMG!

    p.s. This cock tastes delish!

  35. kottak

    @8 Yeah :(

  36. Flat belly, hairy arm pit, I like it,,,this reminds me of her hairy dirtbox…

  37. Tricky Dick

    She’s going Frenchy on us

  38. linceleopardo

    She’s to busy shaving her snatch to worry about her arm pits…or maybe its a marketing study to discover which BUSH sells more tabloid magazines.

  39. lulu

    It would’ve been much better if she went with a hat to cover over the enormous pimple on her forehead. i mean, if she’s trying to block her face from getting pics, she’s not doing a very good job…

  40. shave daily folks, ok?

    I work hard and get up early and earn squat and yet I am find the energy to shave every fucking day.
    Some of you here I guess don’t bathe daily I take it?
    Fuck you dirty bastard sons. And daughters.

  41. lulu

    P.S. britney, let me give you a tip: use a Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar and your face will clear up, i promise. its a little drying at first but your skin gets used to it. keep on dancin’! love ya!

  42. Slingblade Billy Bob

    Harry armpits, hairy bush. MMhmmm

  43. Racer X

    Too THIN.


  44. hinesfish

    ….. she’s probably growing her armpit hair out so she can wax is off…. gotta hate the in between stage but it’s way better than shaving.

  45. mimi



    Love ya~!

  46. Eagood

    She probably gets her armpits waxed. In order to do that you have to let the hair grow long enough to wax. That way the hair doesn’t grow back as fast. So I really can’t talk crap about her this time..

  47. Britzook


    you really must have been pushed for gossip today

    woman has hairy pits. jesus wept

  48. Stinky McPutz

    God, I think I need a Bresh of Freath Air…..

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