Britney Spears suddenly capable of word play

January 26th, 2009 // 87 Comments

Ever since Britney Spears announced her new single would be “If U Seek Amy,” radio stations have panicked because of the title’s double entendre that I spent way too much time I’ll never get back trying to figure out. NY Daily News reports:

As for “Amy,” it’s hardly an accident that if you say the title fast – and enunciate it a little more clearly than Spears does – you get a crude sexual phrase.
Happily for Jive Records and Brit, the Parents Television Council (PTC) decided to hyperventilate anyway, creating a tidal wave of free promotion.
That’s one reason why, in case you hadn’t noticed, Jive was in no hurry to provide a “clean” edit for radio play.
As for Z100, America’s defining top-40 station, the clean edit is essential. The PTC may be windbags, but since Z100′s parent Clear Channel just fired 9% of its work force, it doesn’t need to spend money defending itself at the FCC. Also, Clear Channel CEO John Hogan promised Congress a couple of years ago that the company would have a “zero tolerance” policy on indecency.

Before everyone pats Britney on the back for her producers having a grasp of the English language, she originally wanted to name the track “Taco Bell Wrapper on My Face” because “just think of the video, y’all. Just think of the video.”

Other track titles included “Hey, Are Cactus Edible? Ouch!”; “Jayden James is like a Prince I Don’t Want to Accidentally Leave at the Gas Station”; and “My Burgina is Too an Instrument!”

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  1. Racer X


    /I see what they did there

  2. pete

    #47- I think “Brother May I C-U-P” is the first single on Kim Kardashian’s album.

  3. Jim Jones

    Hmm, I needed to check the comments to understand what it was supposed to be. Methinks Clear Channel is overreacting, but what does one expect from CC? Hopefully their eventual demise can be one of the high points of this economic downturn.

  4. Aja

    LOL @ # 52

  5. andrew

    If You See Kaye (tell her i love her)

    better entendre and better song

  6. Leila

    I think she looks great now….I’m sick of everyone putting her down considering she has worked hard to get herself back in shape (mentally & physically)…She’s a human being too and to say those types of things are just so horrible.

  7. Adam

    Wouldn’t a double entendre imply that the sentence had a first meaning?

    It’s just nonsense that sounds like swearing.

  8. mathemagician

    This song would have caused far more controversy if it was titled “If U Seek A YOUNG PANDA, IN THE REAR, WITH A TABLE-LEG, MULTIPLE TIMES”

  9. Splooge

    Uh, Leila, if you’re sick of everyone putting her down, you may want to switch to a different web site. That’s what we do here.

  10. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Yeah, she steals song ideas from April Wine. They did this is ’82. Big deal. Her clothes looks like she was inspired by the 80′s too with the stupid tit high shorts.

  11. authorego

    Got Dandruff! And Some Of It Itches! — say it fast and vehemenently

  12. qwerty

    wow what a class act…when will this dumb bitch fall off a cliff

  13. Lio

    I haven’t heard the song, but anybody who pronounces “If” like “Eff”
    is a fucking total moron…

  14. Ohla

    Regardless of the shitty double entendre, I just googled the song and it blows. Who cares, next.

  15. Seriously, congratulations to people who figured out what the hell that was supposed to mean.

    It’s not clever if it’s retarded, though.

  16. Ummm...yeah...

    *Sigh* Why oh Why won’t this skanky bitch die already?? WTF is the big deal?
    Nobody I know wants to fuck that skanky hillbilly…she’s a legend in her own fucked up mind.
    Here’s a thought for you Skankney…Go Fuck Yourself! How about that?
    @#56 STFU fucking dumbass cunt…that’s what we come here for…go suck skankney’s rotten pussy….it’s obvious that you want to…

  17. America gathers more trouble every day, folks!!

  18. green noise

    Looking forward to her follow up called ‘Far-Canal Beach!’

  19. Aerialgreen

    #63 – THANK YOU ~ finally, I thought I was alone *gives cookie*

  20. ummm…birtney’s totally hot. I’d totally if you seek her.

  21. Jezper

    Bah, all a bunch of whining. Bloodhound Gang were able to give out Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo without any problems.

  22. Narcissist

    I’m torn over her abs. I still think some kind of sheer covering would look better.

  23. Arrrland

    That is so last year… Irish band ‘The Script’ already released a single this year called ‘If you See Kay’. Clearly someones been doing too much music ‘sampling’…

  24. Arrrland

    That is so last year… Irish band ‘The Script’ already released a single this year called ‘If you See Kay’. Clearly someones been doing too much music ‘sampling’…

  25. sarah

    I’ve been listening to the song for ages, and I never worked that one out lol. I’m sure a child wouldn’t have even guessed that one. This world has gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Pathetic Worm

    Sooo… do I to want to fuck Britney or Amy?

    Someone hand me that edible cactus, I’ll see where it fits the best.

  27. Me 2

    These pictures are a couple months old now but I just want to point out – in case there are any doubters out there who are still dubious of Britney’s return to sexy – compare these with the above pictures of Jessica Simpson. Britney looks like the hottest fucking thing ever.

    I know Jessica can technically sing better than Britney but she is damn irritating. I prefer a hot blonde mess who is straight crazy, Jessica is just annoying.

  28. Balls McCoy

    I had heard the song a few times and never really got it, pop lyrics are usually so disposable I didn’t pay it much attention, I thought it was a little lesbian type anthem ala that loser Katy Perry. Go figure.

  29. texash

    ha ha.. maria- how jealous could you be? show a little bit more immature rage there… wow

    i say rock on britney- success is hard earned- and she earns it- with dirty lyrics or clean

  30. bob

    someone shoudl mention Brit or her songwriters are just ripping off the awesome Canadian group April Wine who had a minor radio hit with If You See Kay in 1980…get it iF yoU Cee Kay

  31. bob

    someone should mention Brit or her songwriters are just ripping off the awesome Canadian group April Wine who had a minor radio hit with If You See Kay in 1980…get it iF yoU Cee Kay

  32. LPB

    Could you bring Jessica to the gym with you?

  33. SIN

    She is looking good again but she still has a terrible voice. Stop trying to sing, you can’t. We just like to see you. Go into Porno. Make everyone happy.

  34. Jerks

    what is wrong with 15, 33, 34, 35… Maria ? are you on crack? can’t you say something productive. i guess you know BS personally to call her all those names.

  35. itsmeagain

    Why hate on Britney? She is trying. Nice song. and a good video to go with it.

  36. I refuse to believe Britney is liable for any set of words. She is barely able to words. Whoever wrote this, do not boast. Search for intelligent ways to say or write.

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