Britney Spears suddenly capable of word play

Ever since Britney Spears announced her new single would be “If U Seek Amy,” radio stations have panicked because of the title’s double entendre that I spent way too much time I’ll never get back trying to figure out. NY Daily News reports:

As for “Amy,” it’s hardly an accident that if you say the title fast – and enunciate it a little more clearly than Spears does – you get a crude sexual phrase.
Happily for Jive Records and Brit, the Parents Television Council (PTC) decided to hyperventilate anyway, creating a tidal wave of free promotion.
That’s one reason why, in case you hadn’t noticed, Jive was in no hurry to provide a “clean” edit for radio play.
As for Z100, America’s defining top-40 station, the clean edit is essential. The PTC may be windbags, but since Z100’s parent Clear Channel just fired 9% of its work force, it doesn’t need to spend money defending itself at the FCC. Also, Clear Channel CEO John Hogan promised Congress a couple of years ago that the company would have a “zero tolerance” policy on indecency.

Before everyone pats Britney on the back for her producers having a grasp of the English language, she originally wanted to name the track “Taco Bell Wrapper on My Face” because “just think of the video, y’all. Just think of the video.”

Other track titles included “Hey, Are Cactus Edible? Ouch!”; “Jayden James is like a Prince I Don’t Want to Accidentally Leave at the Gas Station”; and “My Burgina is Too an Instrument!”

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