Britney Spears’ conservatorship to end in November

July 21st, 2009 // 30 Comments

Jamie Spears is ready to let Britney Spears make her own decisions in November which is conveniently when her gravy train tour ends. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us Jamie Spears will ask the court to review the terms of the conservatorship after her concert tour ends in November. Jamie can’t ask the judge to end it — just to review it. The judge then decides if Britney should regain control of her life.
We’re told Jamie thinks Britney is ready to roll on her own. He has made her life his full time job since February, 2008.
Fact is … if it weren’t for the tour, given Britney’s progress, the judge might already have made the decision to undo the conservatorship. The various vendors were promised under their contracts that the conservatorship would stay in tact throughout the tour.

Really? November? The same month as, oh I dunno, Thanksgiving. Jesus. I can almost read the headlines now:

Britney Spears Attacks Macy’s Turkey Float with Gravy Gun
Britney Spears Sues Barack Obama for Pardoning Turkey
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Die in Freak Eating Contest. Nation’s Pie Supply Dangerously Low.

Then again, nothing like job security during a recession. FREE BRITNEY!

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  1. Fergie's Penis

    Nice legs. I want to be between them.

  2. Chef

    I got to admit, she’s looking really quite HOT!

  3. The Jerk

    @3..If you think women with shitty extensions are “HOT” then I’m sure your tastes for women tend to be in the region of anything below a height of 3ft tall that uses a motorized wheelchair to get around with one eye hanging 2 inches lower than the other one while she screams “GAHHRHHHHHHHH” I right?

  4. I’m still working on my turkey drumstick costume… I plan on sitting at her front gate and calling her name this November, saying seductively “Eaaaaaaaat meeeeee”…

  5. The Jerk

    LOL, I meant that for @2.. ;D

  6. Anon

    Then in November roll on the crazy

  7. Wow!

    @3……LMAO! That was great. (I’ve really seen people like that! They’re friggin’ CREEPY!)

  8. HAha those are hilarious. But I’m rooting for her. Hope she’s well enough to lead her own life now.

  9. The Jerk

    @7..I need to know where you live that you see people like that WOW! Let’s just hope its not the same place that the Bearded Lady resides at, and Im not talking about Winchells.

  10. Wow!

    @9 Well there is one living right next door to me, in fact. She lives with my father-in-law! She’s hideous and extremely frightening. And if her looks weren’t scary enough….she makes this HORRIBLE screeching sound every time she opens her mouth. It’s traumatic. It really, really is.

  11. Kelley

    “In tact” ??? Don’t you mean intact ??? Phish needs to learn how to spell !!!

  12. Wow!

    In Michigan, btw.

  13. Wow!

    @ 9….Do you have a dog named Shithead?

  14. The Jerk

    @10..LOL Your father in law got exactly what he wanted in his craigslist ad then..a “screamer”. Oh Michigan? I’m guessing this must be near the UP due to the interbreeding of white trash up there, which of course is nothing new.

  15. Wow!

    @14…Yeah, yeah, yeah. The places a girl will go to be with her man; what can I say?

  16. Dumbass

    @11 That’s the text from TMZ, you dumbass. You should learn how to read.

  17. Maggie

    she looks good, she should stay off the hamburgers/starbucks

  18. The dude behind her looks like a gay Ronald McDonald in elevator shoes.

  19. leo

    She’s UGLY

  20. Katie

    She looks good in orange. Her hair and her outfit go nicely together.

  21. jarrod

    so hopefully there will be some kinda escape clause in case she goes apeshit again, so her dad can regain control if need be. jeez.. it’ll be fun watching, but what a trainwreck.

  22. tahnee

    she’s touring australia andnew zealand after she finishes in america in november

  23. K-Dizzle

    I want her to shave her head again!….. :’(

  24. uh


    You’re GAY

  25. This is a nice picture. How much of her hair is real now?

  26. veronica

    Hot cougars? Sensual milfs?
    “Cougar Central”? “San Carlos” ? or “San Francisco”?
    *** kisscougar. c o m *** is the real place that is packed with them

  27. Nero

    She just wasn’t adult or woman enough.

  28. Darth

    It’s rare in that world but it turns out that her father really wanted the best for her.

  29. Well there is a right to live next door to me, actually. He lives with my father-in-law! It’s disgusting and very frightening. And if it looks scary enough …. That this terrible screeching sound every time he opens his mouth was. It is painful. True, true.

  30. bencruase

    Its true that We can see those words on her mouth . But She is looking very gorgeous and also catchy in orange . She is looking like adult.
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