Britney Spears’ conservatorship extended to July

March 6th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Britney Spears’ conservatorship will continue for five more months which keeps her dad in control of her estate until July. The court is gay for Jamie Spears who’s surprisingly getting Britney’s life back in order. The AP reports:

Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz extended Jamie Spears’ control until July 31, said court spokesman Alan Parachini. Parachini wasn’t immediately able to provide more information.

It’s been a really, and I mean really, long time since I’ve said this but, after looking at these pics, I’d hit that. Maybe it’s the shrooms I ate in the janitor’s closet. Or all the bourbon in my coffee, but I’d have sexual relations with Britney Spears. Go ahead and call me a hero, if you like. I won’t mind. But, no, seriously, call me a hero. Otherwise I feel like an idiot wearing this Wonder Woman costume. Though I’m totally working these high-heeled boots.


  1. KANAN

    i miss bat shit crazy, off the chain,stinky vag flashing brit.

  2. BigHead33

    I’d bang her





  5. mimi


    SUPER-FISH-GUTZ… what would YOU do without Britney?

    You would STILL SUK!

  6. Mimi


    What a loser YOU are!

    Go back to bed!

  7. Jennifer

    She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club m. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  8. she looks semi-cute here. SEMI. long way to go though.

  9. maria vega


    quit your bitching and stop double posting.

  10. jrz

    yeah, i’d hit it too……with a bat.

  11. Jackster

    Well, that’s nice that you’d hit it, but imagine the smell. I mean, really.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    @3 & 4
    Nice douchefucker trifecta you got going there.
    1) Posting just for the sake of trying to be first, and not even being first
    2) Typing all in caps
    3) Double posting

    Well played dumbass, well played.

  13. #3 & 4 – When even mimi calls you a loser, things aren’t looking that promising for the rest of your day.

    I’d too would hit that… with a lawsuit chargng her with pubic indecency!

    #11 – I agree… she puts the coot in cooter…

  14. Shellibelli

    You notice ever since Sami has been out of her life – she is actually starting to make sense and do less stuppid shit.

    Maybe he really was drugging her…

  15. zuzuspetals

    Hurray for Jamie Spears and for praying to Jesus in your pajamas.

  16. Shep

    She’s looking a little better but still has a bit of the crazy aunt with big tits thing going on. I think she’s still got a long way to go to reclaim the whole “i’m a slave 4 u” look.

  17. Grunion

    Seeing Brit in a berret reminds of how much I hate the French. And her.

  18. Well, good to see that she’s gone back to going braless with see-thru shirts. One thing the judge can’t deny is Britney’s classiness. I’m sure the only reason the conservatorship has been extended is pure jealousy…

  19. least she matched today…and we know she isnt color blind…that is one disability we can check off the list…

  20. least she matched today…and we know she isnt color blind…that is one disability we can check off the list…

  21. mimi

    #13 RichPort… I didn’t know you cared! LOL

  22. Elmer the Fudd

    I have hit it and hit it often. Smells like gaspergou, tastes like chicken

  23. No no no!!!! She is still wearing shit kickers!!

    And that flamin red pursey whatever, yeah…that eyesore looks GREAT with the retard ensemble…

  24. Anonymous

    As usual, and as always, she looks like shit. Can she please go away now? Contrary to popular belief, the world will continue to go ’round once she dies.

  25. #21 – Did you really laugh out loud, or was it more like a STM (snicker to myself)? Or are you just one of those dweebs that end every sentence with an innernet acronym? OMFGLMFAOIDKBEEOTCH!!!!


  26. Dewmi More Kutcher

    Kudos to “The Britney Show”
    She’s gone from stardumb to a trainwreck to a batshit crazy biatch back to a trainwreck and onward and upward back to “stardumb?”
    She’s teaching a kids dance class ……………

    I’ll give her daddy credit for one thing – At least he hired a “REAL” bodyguard instead of her “Want-ta-be’s” that resembled recycled shitstains instead of bodyguards – Not like my beautiful faced Nancyass looking husband who’s ready to “pounce” at the first sign of trouble …. Gawd He’s Hawt !!

  27. Ted from LA

    How old is Fish? Judging from this post, I’m “totally” guessing like 17 years-old. LOL. Wait, cancel that. I haven’t laughed out loud reading anything on the internet in my life. I have STM on rare occasion.

  28. IWONKY

    I sure hope Jaime makes sure she washes her ass – nobody wants to smell that!

  29. #25 LMAO!!!!!111

    (that was a joke)

    But seriously, (not too serious, it’s early) maybe the reason Britney’s cleaning up her act, not drinking and drugging, is that she is in fact pregnant with Ad-Man’s baby??

    Scary thought..

  30. IWONKY

    Brit-to get a family like Brangelina’s you’re supposed to adopt children, not slimy paps.

  31. mimi

    #25. RichPort

    Since you know me so well…
    … you know I do not normally use inTernet acronyms.

    But here is one just for you, sweetie!


    What an a-hole!

  32. Pat

    *sniff sniff*

    (what the hell is that smell????)

    Oh…hi Britney!

  33. nana

    is it just me or do her implants appear to have shifted up so that now her nipples are actually on the bottom side of her breasts?

  34. IWONKY

    Since Brit omits her slit covers..there are putrid bar seats all over Hollywood with that smell….

  35. IWONKY

    Her milkchugs point downward from that cheap-ass too-tight hillbilly undershirt. It’s not even a real T-shirt. They come in like packs of 4…old nursing home guys wear them too.

  36. Lyssou

    It’s good to know that she is pulling herself together at last.
    Still I loved to see her do crazy banana stuff!

    Does that make me a bad person? I guess =)

  37. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Why’s Uncle Phil hanging-out with Britney?

    Must be that sloppy cunt. You go boy!

  38. Emmyem

    #17…that was a FUNNY comment. No, I didn’t LOL, but it was REALLY close. I’m serious here!
    Clever, funny, and true! Madre de Dios! Wait…that’s Spanish…….. Gott in Himmell! Oh, that’s German. Just as well. Beret+French_Britney= GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  39. Matthew

    her dad should fire lufti all together

  40. Kat!!!

    I’d do her… but only because she’s so crazy!!
    And she’s got that crazy sex room~

  41. This world are full of Britney, lindsay,and paris or something!! So tired of this~~~People should let them poor celebrities alone. They also go to and dating just like us~~~


    SHE’S A HUMAN!!!



  43. She and Hohan should place bets on whose tits reach their waist first. Wear a bra, fool.

  44. jstunnah

    i bet it drives her insane that papa spears is in charge of all her millions, or whatevers left of them.

  45. jimmy

    she is a loser, wish she go away, unless she wants to be a decent woman and dress proper and have self respect and not trashy, no one likes trashy, her parents dont care if she is skanky, more momey for them i say

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