Britney Spears’ conservatorship extended

February 15th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Britney Spears’ father and attorney Andrew Wallet will continue their conservatorship over Britney until March 10. Yesterday’s hearing also placed Britney’s brother Bryan into the ongoing legal clusterfuck. People reports:

Britney’s father and Wallet were also granted the power to handle the singer’s taxes, and Britney’s brother Bryan, 30, was named as a trustee of her trust. According to court papers, trust funds are used “to pay for Britney’s continued security, and to pay for her medicine, food, other day-to-day expenses and for psychiatric and other medical services.”

Sam Lutfi is still hiding and has yet to be served the now two-week old restraining order. He’s rumored to be behind a New York lawyer’s attempt to make Britney’s legal troubles a federal case, according to an insider for OK! Magazine:

“He’s upset because he can’t see Britney and have her pay him money,” explains the insider. “If Sam gets paid, then he can pay the lawyer and Sands. It’s all ludicrous.”
As for whether there is any merit to this motion, the insider tells OK!, “I’d be willing to bet that aside from Sam and Sands grandstanding on the courthouse steps, this is the last we hear about it.”

I think the federal government has more dire and pressing issues on their plate than worrying about Britney Spears. I’m talking about matters of grave national security. Like determining exactly what Roger Clemens injected into his ass. Okay, in hindsight, these dudes have time on their hands. Let’s get America’s braless sweetheart in front of Congress and pray those old bastards don’t have a heart attack. Most of them haven’t seen a nipple since World War II. And it was Bob Hope’s.


  1. Dave

    go away britney! first

  2. 1STor

    She is really stunning.. I am expecting her new music video. She looks so hot in that pictures. BTW, Have u guys heard that she ever appeared on a millionaire&celebs dating site MEETRICH.COM when she was single? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  3. Dave

    But seriously who isn’t tired of constantly seeing britney?
    Shes crazy we all get it.

  4. Tiffany

    Britney needs to move away far far far away from LA and the lights.

    I’m glad someone is finally doing something to save this GIRL life.

    Help is finally here

  5. Chief Justice John Roberts

    I hope that little douchebag with the diarrhea-drip beard DOES bring it into the federal court system where me and my posse can take jurisdiction of his sorry ass. I will be waiting. Bring that weak shit, Lufti.


    John G. Roberts, Jr.
    Chief Justice
    United States Supreme Court

    We concur, kick his ass.
    Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  6. havoc

    No one cares anymore.

    More nipple slips please……..


  7. Auntie Kryst

    Fish, good story. I like the mention for my candidate for De Fuhrer UberDouchebag Maximus, fucking Roger Clemens! You juiced you sumbitch!

    We need to get Jamie Spears on a plane to DC to sort all this bullshit out. He should be put in conservatorship over the MLB. Selig, he’s coming for you!

  8. D. Richards (Saint.)

    People magazine is reporting that there is a hyper-sized trust fund designated soley for Britney’s day-to day toilet paper expenses.

  9. fiona mango

    why is she starting to look like a tranny? i’m really starting to wonder if she was ever really as pretty as all the old photos showed. but then again, i heard from several commercial photographers that everything is retouched in the industry so i guess it was all bullshit.

  10. Judd

    She is one nasty looking whore!!

  11. D. Richards (Handsome.)

    #6. I care; I’m following this one in to the dirt.

    I’m praying for murder-suicide!

  12. Which are we more sick of : Britney Spears, or the shithead who keeps spamming meetrich on these comment boards?

  13. Only she could find a guy named Wallet to take care of her money.

  14. Steve

    “Like determining exactly what Roger Clemens injected into his ass.”

    As a prototypical male Superfish commenter (gay/flaming subtype), I appreciate the use of sodomy imagery to attempt to camouflage the sports reference. Yet, it remains a sports reference. Cut it out.

  15. Captain Walleye

    Since there are only 12 comments previous to this one, I’m voting that we are all sick of hearing about Britney.

  16. Danielle

    The only thing interesting about this article is dat der word “clusterfuck”.

    Clever Fish, Clever I say.

    Yee Haw!

  17. The Office Whore

    I drank WAAAAAY too much beer and wild turkey last night….. I’ve lost my voice. Didn’t have enough time to shower this morning- and I STILL look better than that.

    aaaaaaand, I have my own hair. I soooo win!!

  18. Mr. French

    “I am expecting her new music video”

    Not going to happen.

    “She looks so hot in that pictures.”

    Not only are you illiterate, you’re fucking blind.

    Why don’t you fuck straight off, spambot???

  19. Lea

    Her brother is called Bryan.

  20. Anonymous

    “Which are we more sick of : Britney Spears, or the shithead who keeps spamming meetrich on these comment boards?”

    You forgot to include that lame attention whore D. Richards.

  21. The Office whore is always hot the morning after a drunkfest!!

  22. Britney's purse

    Anyone else think it’s funny that Britney’s dad is sharing the power with Britney’s Wallet? No? Just me?…okay then.

  23. Secret Admirer

    She looks just exactly like the crack whore that lives down the street from me
    *N*A*S*T*Y* !!! Pock-Faced … greasy skin … NO HAIR (hehehehe….) dry mouth (always with a drink in her hand) and her drug dealer on speed dial. Why else would she need her BBerry 24/7 — It’s not like she’s got any friends outside of the “poop-stained chin club”
    At least her daddy dresses her better than Anadananada (whatever) or Sam the Sham does.
    To me, she looks totally disgusted that her daddy hired a REAL body guard who doesn’t let the paparazzi within 5 feet of her. How else is she going to get free photo shoots now ? How is her “adoring-public” going to get their daily dose of The Britney now?
    I don’t know …. to me, she STILL looks like she would fuck a buffalo ….what M8 ? No Anadanandanad (whatever) doesn’t count. …. although with his good looks, he DOES qualify.

  24. D. Richards (Attention whore.)

    #20? Ha!

  25. gits

    Maybe Bryan can authorize more money for Clearasil.

  26. Jeezy

    Why is there a picture of that man attached to this story?

    Also, is the worst site I’ve ever seen. Get rid of that dirty spam!

  27. mamadough

    britney should turn to scientology….that will really turn the crazy up a notch.

  28. Heroiny

    #7 Auntie…….I am in complete agreement.

    My life will be complete when Roger “I only injected B-12 (and some guys spooge) in my ass” Clemens goes to jail and Big Black Bubba chooses him for a wife. Faggoty, smelly douchebag.

  29. boodlelicious

    Seriously, does she have that shirt in every color or what?

  30. Mathew

    I hope they rule againest sam Swengali lufti because he is the one who ruined britney and her dad should hire her fomer manger back

  31. The Shine

    Maybe Britney could go to With her taste in men, that would be the end of both her and the spammers. Wait, what am I saying? I like Britney. Who knew that a service station could fullfill the roll (sic) of social contact for the Interaction Challenged?

  32. Sapphire Eyes

    OK, call me crazy, but she actually doesn’t look like a total skank in this picture. Sure, not the epitome of sanity and a well-lived life, but she’s not wearing her underwear on her head or anything like that.

    That’s a huge improvement…as is getting Samabana and Adnanarama out of her life. She may be sad, but it’ll pass, Brit-Brit. It’ll pass.

  33. Tinfoil Raccoon

    “Most of them haven’t seen a nipple since World War II. ”

    Except all men have nipples.


    Men seem to forget that when they’re flipping out over women’s nip slips or see through shirts.

  34. IKE

    BOB HOPE’S NIPPLE!! That was funny!!
    You guys can say what you want about the writing, but I enjoy the commentary.
    What? Like you saw THAT coming. Bob Hope’s nipple. :)

  35. Mr. French

    Uh, Mathew……..

    How do I put this nicely………….oh yeah…..


    Whew. I feel better.

  36. Igottabemeeee

    I want to comment, but I care so little I have nothing to say.

  37. tc

    #36. Just say something mean and upsetting. Check out the Natalie Portman posts.

    ROTFASM (Rolled on the floor and Shat Myself).

  38. oldmail

    Has anyone noticed that young girls have started dressing like Britney?

    Bug sunglasses, totally shit hair, wrong coloured lipstick, cheap nasty clothes.

    Even after a day wandering around the town centres looking , I find myself at a loss for a memory to masturbate to these days.

  39. KBB

    She still looks nasty, but her skin looks a bit better. Maybe that’s because she is eating better, sleeping more and getting a bit of exercise. Her fashion sense is still very bizarre — top backwards and inside out and pulled down over her shoulders, and with no bra. Why doesn’t she just wear a straight-jacket if she wants to wear her clothes backwards?

  40. WHY, WHY, WHY is she always wearing her clothes on inside-out, and backwards? If that doesn’t convince her fan that she’s loony, what will?

  41. msfab

    i wish more celebs would speak up for her and help her out, like kim kardashian or something, some other female who has gone thru some public scorn and made it out alive! speaking off!! is anyone else excited for the new season of kims show coming march 9th on E!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  42. yoohoo

    she’s got a HUGE neck.

  43. heidi

    let’s all just skip to the final scene in the britney saga: britney, fresh out of the mental ward and hopped up on coke and methamphetamines, jacks a busload of screaming kindergarteners and smashes into the side of the white house screaming “I KNOW THE PRESIDENT TOOK MY BABIES”, thus ending her own life. ta da!

  44. rpc

    She looks like a female version of Jack Bauer…

  45. Abi

    Holy SHIT. If you know you’re going to be photographed, at least try to NOT look like a hag for once. Jesus.

  46. LIli

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  47. sweetpea

    I am so glad Britney is starting to get some help. Fingers crossed this lasts and works out for her. On another note, didn’t even know she had a brother!

    can you please vote for my picture! please!

  48. Missystar

    She looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter. Only with saggier boobs.

  49. Missystar

    Also, I love the fact that her Jew lawyer is named Wallet. Way to go.

  50. omg11

    Leave Britney alone. She is my favorite. Britney needs support and help now. I saw her profile on millionaire&cleb dating site R i c h C u p i d last week. It is said she is dating online now.

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