Britney Spears committed

January 31st, 2008 // 94 Comments

Britney Spears was taken from her home early this morning in an ambulance. She’s currently checked into UCLA for mental evaluation, according to People:

“She went willingly. It was like something in her heart was telling her she should go. She knew something was wrong,” confidant Sam Lutfi tells PEOPLE.

However Sam Lufti may no longer be speaking for Britney. TMZ is reporting that Britney’s parents are taking control of the situation and are working with a judge to get control of Britney:

We’re told Britney’s mother, father and brother have been “working closely with the LAPD for weeks” to get her back in for psychiatric care. There is now a dogfight between Britney’s family and Sam Lutfi over who will make medical decisions, however, that fight is now put on hold because the judge now makes the call.

Apparently it was Britney Spears’ new psychiatrist who called the ambulance last night to get the ball rolling. There was no suicide attempt which had previously been rumored. Britney is back on 5150 hold and this time her parents are looking to it extend it for 14 days. As of this post, there has been no sign of Dr. Phil. He’s probably still firing up the Phil-jet.

Photos: Flynet

  1. shweaty balls

    About fucking time.

  2. missy


  3. MoronicShitney

    Thank fuck for that, I was actually beginning to feel sorry for her, now she might get well enough so that I can start to hate her again.

  4. Greedo the Dead

    Instead of taking her to the hospital, they should have shot her in the face with a bazooka.

  5. Anonymous

    The Britards shoud be along any time now, blaming it all on Lufti, Adnan, K-Fed, the paps, and whoever the hell else they can think of. Let me just say FUCK OFF in advance to all you fucking 13-year old fucksticks.

  6. required

    It’s about time.

  7. shweaty balls

    Superfish I see you have woken up at the crack of noon for a change. A morning post? This must be a first for you.

    So brit brit was put on crazy lockdown before but this time it was all planned. TMZ has the whole time and shit they were reporting all night. Those celb trashing bastards must never sleep. God bless them. They are becoming an actual authority in reporting and they actually cut the celebs down to size and treat them with the disrespect they deserve.

  8. Willingly? Pfffffffft. Putting a bag of Cheetos on a fishing line and reeling it toward the ambulance is hardly willing… I’m sure to Brit it was more opportunistic, like the gleam one gets in their eye when they see a shiney new nickel on the street.

  9. MoronicShitney

    @5 – got outta bed the wrong side this morning did you?

  10. missywissy

    That’s a tough one. Turn her rights over to the people that pimped her out to the industry (aka her parents) or give them to a guy that may have her best interest, who knows, but she doesn’t seem to be getting any better around. I wonder if this is really hard for Lynn to keep her mouth shut, or maybe she’s just saving the juicy details for a million dollar story to Us Weekly. Good luck, Brit. And hospital staff, please wash the girl’s hair, even if it means strapping her down to do it. One more thing, Alli Sims is one of the problems. Brit needs to get away from her as far as possible.

  11. LeonIncognito

    I don’t understand how Sam Lufti is having a “dogfight” with Spears’ parents. How does he have any legal or medical authority over Britney? What, are they BFFs?

  12. Anexio

    I have always knowen that brit is commited. she is the most commited onne of tham all and she awlways gives all of her efforts. if you go to see her conserts you will she that she gieves all of her to her fans and leves nothing for her selfs.

    I for one am look forward to her next album of pop because it will be from the heart which is what she does anyways.

    I am so behind you brit not like the paps witch just want to teers you down and dont care wather you get better or dont get better. LOL, it wold be impossibe for you get beetter because you are already the best, but that is obveous.

  13. i got a life, do you?

    Well its about time brittany was finally put in the hospital for her insanity. about time her parents decided to be parents.

  14. shweaty balls

    *you haven’t woken up

    *time line


  15. MassGrrl

    I expected to be amused by this news, but it really is a sad situation. I don’t give a shit if she ever gets “back on top” or regains her fame and dignity, but I do hope she gets well for herself and her children.

  16. where is larry rudolph ( manager of her career when she started till she met k-fed )

    her life seemed to be more in order when her parents were in control. this is prob best,if you wantrher to live and get better, start to use mirrors, and practice good hygiene again.
    If only she would let larry rudolph control her again, then maybe she would remember how to behave.

  17. "the" industry

    What will stop her from bailing out like she did last time?
    Wasn’t she on a 5150 hold then too?

    btw…as I understand it, oSAMa was asked by Britney to make decisions for her in an advance directive…which is why oSAMa’s voice trumps her parent’s.
    I’ve also read that a Judge has nullifed that directive and will be appointing an independent guardian ad litem (sp?). It would seem that Twitney wasn’t of sound mind when she signed the directive. Whoda thunk it? :)

    I hope they fit all her personalities in that ambulance. They’re all fucking nuts, but BloodyBrit is in extra despreate need.

    TalibanAdnan is a douche, pass it on.
    Could he look any fucking dumber in his new lame duds and 5 inch crunchy mohawk? hahahaha I laugh my ass off everytime I see his picture.

  18. What exactly is 5150? Is that the unit she is in at the hospital? For how long? And extending it 14 days? BIG DEAL? She obviously needs to be there for a long time! A very long time. I don’t see how just holding her for 14 days will cure her mess of life. Please explain……

  19. im on her parents side.

    10 – are you serious?
    look at what she has become since being with Sam?
    Her mom wanted her to go to rehab and behave before, she didn’t want to hear it.
    Sam seems to only make her worse.

    when she was living with her parents, she behaved and seemed coherent.
    Her parents want her to get treatment, which is best.

    Her dad has never depended on her.

    Her mom cares about britney and her grandchildren, and still visits them reg. when they are with kfed.

    Sam just wants her V and her money, and allows her craziness, sleepless nights and sloppy appearance.

  20. great.not.just.good.advice

    I can’t believe the Spears don’t know someone with a big-ass, secluded ranch with a nice barbed-wire fence and a few shotgun-toting locals that know how to keep intruders away. Get Brit-Brit some meds and drag her crazy ass off to the farm for a month or two. This ain’t rocket science.

  21. shweaty balls

    Apparenlty Brit had lawyers draft up some shit up to give Lufti something simmilar to power of attorney and Sam organized this whole have britney committed thing with her psychiatrist. It’s all on They know how to cover a story.

    Anyfuck obviously Brit trusts Sam more than her parents. Is that wise? Who the fuck really knows. Zalls I know is ONE of the reasons she is so batshit crazy is her parents. Her Mom pimped out her own daughters and I get the distinct fucking impression (god knows what tipped me off) that her parents are the worst parents on earth. I think Brit has a lot of anger towards them so any help that came from them would never work. Plus Lufti has been around for a while and has put up with brit far longer than anyone else, her parents really don’t seem to have the patience for her.

    Now I am not defending Brit because she is a big girl (a big fat crazy girl and she made her bed) but, her parents are absentee, uneducated, unressourceful, unhelpful, unintelligent hicks at best. So maybe (???) I haesitate to say it, Sam is actually helping?

    I just fucking hope she this lockdown does some good, it’s not funny anymore.
    I want Brit to end up like Tom Cruise, sort of. Like we all know he’s crazy and it’s funny and pathetic but, he’s not really a danger to society, the road, Starbucks, small children, clothing or himself. That’s where I’d like to see Britneyin a few years; batshit crazy light, just like batshit crazy… just not as crazy.

  22. pro parents

    17 – oh yeah, a crazy person asks her drug dealer and enabler to make her decisions, he must be the best person to do that.

  23. pro parents

    17 – oh yeah, a crazy person asks her drug dealer and enabler to make her decisions, he must be the best person to do that.

  24. pro parents

    17 – oh yeah, a crazy person asks her drug dealer and enabler to make her decisions, he must be the best person to do that.

  25. HuckyDucky

    Why hasn’t Tom Cruise fixed this with his technology?

  26. Ronin

    Brit-brat is the perfect example of why it used to be legal for husbands to hit their wives with canes. That girl is so dumb you literaly need to beat sense into her. Nowadays they’ll just hit her with powerful psychotropic drugs. The vampiric paparazzi should be beat with canes though.

  27. her parents aren't the best, but not the worst either

    21- if you think they are the worst parents ever, you should check sometime.

    atleast they didn’t put her in a microwave or shoot her because she wasn’t a boy.

    Lynn just pushed Brit a little too hard and helped her become the highest selling under 18 female artist of all time.

  28. Spazz

    Damn, this changes the suicide office pool, for sure.

  29. Grobpilot

    #12: You’re either from fucking Mars or, you’re two years old. Learn how to spell and string a sentence together. Then, arrange those correctly spelled words in a manner that creates a coherent thought so we can all understand what the fuck you’re talking about.

    Unfortunately, Anexio may represent the future of this country. I’m moving to fucking Mars.

  30. Doomhammer

    As we speak, Dr. Phil is at the costume shop in Beverly Hills, buying the khaki trench coat and requisite fake glasses/big nose/bushy eyebrows. He will not be foiled again !

    He WILL save her, or at least be there with cameras to record her last breath !!!

  31. "the" industry

    hey 22.
    learn to read …or show us all where I said oSAMa is the best person to do anything?
    I just passed along what I read elsewhere.
    Twitney is an adult no matter how you fucking slice it. She can make ANYONE she fucking wants to be her decision maker. Thankfully a judge noticed that she’s a fucking CRAZY adult and that her decision making skills are FUBERed.

    Get Hooked on Phonics, genius

  32. Mr.Poon

    This is shocking, she seemed so normal…

  33. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Britney’s making a grave mistake because the only people that can possibly help, are the scientologists. Psychiatry kills; psychiatrists want to eat a person’s soul. And what do psychiatrists know, really? With their degrees and study, what could they honestly know? I mean, c’mon!

    I read that Britney requested helicopters so that the scientologist UFOs would be frightened off. Apparently, the spacemen are perturbed by the sound of the a helicopter’s rotors (Chop-Chop-Chop). The sound makes them absolutely batty for anal sex and we all know that sodomy is frowned upon by the intergalactic federation.

    One more thing: I can’t stand that prick Lufti. Britney’s spokesman? Right. Lufti wants that money.

  34. samantha mccabe

    Who fucking cares!

  35. damn

    if they really keep her locked up for 2 weeks, what the Hell are we gonna talk about!?

  36. the gutter ball

    #12 – You are the reason daddy smothers mommy with a pillow and then beats little junior in the head with a hammer before offing himself with a .45.

  37. Phil McGraw PhD

    You know, punkin, you can’t make sausage from a shithouse rat unlessin of course you can shine mud. Commitment is tough but beats the hell out of being hit upside the head with a ballpeen hammer in a shitstorm.

    I will be dropping in when the lighting is better and if my ratings are in the shitter but till then reach for the stars and your own bootstraps at the same time and don’t whine when that makes you fall over. Course it does, dummy. Now you get it, don’t you?

    –Dr Phil

  38. brian

    Im with you samantha. who really cares? This stupid whitetrash hillbilly needs to just die like anna nicole smith.

  39. This sucks. Where’s Rich, I need me a good ol’ fashioned fistin’ to get my Thursday groove ON!!!!

  40. digdug

    as usual you think the worst…

    maybe, just mayve she lost her Starbucks Frequent buyer card…

    or she needed her nails done.

  41. One Angie Jolie for every man = World Peace

    has been

  42. Doomhammer

    32- What kind of a name is Poon anyway?

    (excellent Fletch reference! )

  43. shweaty balls

    Obviously nothing is meant literally on superfish. Britney is not the craziest person on earth, very sad but, very true. I’m well aware of the sick fucking parents out there but I just like to terash Brit’s parents because for some reason I kind of despise them. Anyway this shit is pretty typical.
    In fact we’re just getting a birds eye view of what it’s like to be around a fucking biopolar spoit bitch. This crap goes on all the time without the TMZ camera’s. What pisses us off so much is we feel someone without so much wealth and opportunity shouldn’t be in such a fucking mess in the first place. (which is actually logical but it’s a natural reaction).
    Anyway honesstly I don’t know who is better for Brit right now her parents or her friends.(*scratches head and stares off into space)
    OK I have thunk about it and I vote for NEITHER. I say surround her with OBJECTIVE PROFESSSIONALS. Even if in their hillbilly hearts her parents mean well they are part of her misery, she DOES blame her parents and has A LOT anger towards them( I would bet Donald Trumps money on that, I have none myself). I think her parents need to support her but, also give her space (they have NOT been showing poroper support in the past) they can be there but no telling her what to do leave that to professionals. They should supply that homemade dysfunctional hillbilly love and that’s ALL, Lufti should be asked to kindly piss the fuck off and… get a job (taco bell is hiring), Adnan should go stalk another celebrity and get an I’m a douch tatoo on his foreheadand the profesionals should fucking get this gurl some HELP with or without her cooperation.

    I say once she’s out just have an undercover case worker pose as starbucks employee and put the meds in her fucking latte.

    Sorry for my spelling and grammar but, Shitney is not worth spell check or editing.

  44. Ript1&0

    It’s 7:37a on Thursday and I still fucking hate Dr. Phil.

    Gotta go….

  45. Janey, where’s you put my bucket o’ lube? You’re tight as a tick…

  46. Sauron

    This ambulance is old school cubisme.Sponsored by coca cola,what makes it old school cobisme.

  47. shweaty balls

    #37. LOL, LOL, LOL! Thanks for that.

  48. aeuwave

    i honestly hope she gets the help she needs. i hope she realises that she needs help or this intervention will never work.

  49. Rich, go find Ted from LA, I hear he’s got lotsa lube!!!!

  50. Anonymous

    And don’t forget people………her profile is on…….I heard she met a psychiatrist there……is it true???

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