Britney Spears changes for the camera


There’s a bidding war going on (currently around $150,000) for a security tape showing Britney Spears changing into a bikini and fishnets with two dancers at New York’s One nightclub last month. The two dancers were fired after management discovered the video of them doing some “serious partying” with Britney.

“The manager said there was a tape of them,” said our spy. “Both the girls cried about it when they got fired, but they didn’t deny it. There’s a camera above the office back there that can see that whole room.”

Who would want to see Britney Spears changing into a bikini and fishnets? Five years ago maybe, but now it’d just look like some special for National Geographic. The video could be of a beached humpback whale and all the bidders would be like, “Is that? Is that Britney? Are you sure? Did she lose some weight or something?”