Britney Spears causes mayhem

May 21st, 2007 // 105 Comments

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  1. Were the passengers really FURIOUS, that would seem like an extreme reaction for everyone to have…. there are so many tragedies in life to get FURIOUS about :LOL

  2. Clea

    Maybe she figured cowboy boots with this top would be a little *too* much.

  3. BloggerFormerlyKnownAsP0nk

    “Hell, anything a person with an IQ under 6 would do sounds like something Britney Spears would do.”
    Like write unintelligible sentences?

  4. I wanna know if that girl in the Bon Jovi tshirt is with her or is she a stalker trying to get close to our Britney?

    View Britney in all of her HQ glory with the cleavage cam.

  5. Man she needs it in the ass hard to straighten this diva out. then maybe a facial.


  7. OMG, someone kill her already..what a bitch.

  8. bungoone

    hey, i have that bon jovi shirt! wtf. i’ll have to burn it now that it’s been this close to britney spears. i can’t have people making that association.

    3, that sentence makes perfect sense.

    lastly, i love the fat trying to escape from under that really nice corset top in pic #1. sexy!

  9. eruditemess

    the place she’s stepping out of is overrun by 14-year old wannabe goth/punk kids that troll south beach paying bums to buy them electric blue md 2020. think she’s got a new demographic there. wait… then the ripped fishnets she’s been wearing for the past few months would actually make sense.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    I looked into finding a spare ticket for the show, but it was not to be. Too bad, because I heard some guys on the radio talking about it, and they said it only lasted 15 minutes, and the CD she was synching to apparently skipped twice during the performance. I would have heckled the fuck out of her.

  11. bungoone

    sad thing is that the top is probably part of her wedding night lingerie. vomitous!

  12. bungoone

    damn Chauncey, we were all counting on you! or maybe it was just me…

  13. The Superfish guy is on coke

    A nifty little site called has Britney as their patron saint. What will they think of next.

  14. WowJustWow

    She has no lips.

    skin like cottage cheese.

  15. The Superfish guy is on coke

    #8 *hey, i have that bon jovi shirt!*

    Sorry about your bad taste.

  16. wedge1

    I’d skeet all over her stretch-marked cellulite.

  17. johnnycake

    This bitch is looking more and more like Brooke Hogan everyday…

  18. megan

    She looks like Ratchet Face from Cry Baby.

  19. .
    #1 BEATLES * BEATLES You said

    “Were the passengers really FURIOUS, that would seem like an extreme reaction for everyone to have…. there are so many tragedies in life to get FURIOUS about :LOL”

    Are you joking? Hell yes they’d be furious. If you are on a tight connection and some crazy skank delays your flight so you missed your connecting flight because she can’t sit on a certain type of upolstry? Hell yes I’d be pissed. Additionally, since she had to have been on the plane for a while anyway, why wouldn’t she have left earlier when she first saw the seat covers…

    Remember, this is a girl that walks barefoot into gas station bathrooms, her standards are NOT high, she was probably just having a bad reaction to whatever street grade coke her assistants had scored for her that day.

  20. .
    #17 Johnycake YES!!!!!! I didn’t think about it til you said that, she is looking EXACTLY like Brooke Hogan! (But without the Penis)

  21. Lowlands

    Ahem,so because of the mayday of BS this caused a mayhem.Very acceptable story…

  22. techclerk

    After Britney has exhausted all last ditch efforts to revive her career that died in the 90′s, watch her suddenly remember that she’s a mother with children that need to be raised back home and watch her use those poor kids to get attention.

  23. bungoone

    15 aka Giant Douche, it was from highschool, many a years ago. it’s not like i paid $70 for a “vintage” shirt like she probably did.

    and how is that bad taste? can a t-shirt be bad taste?

  24. lipsyncie

    Americans don’t say “it hasn’t got…” they say “it doesn’t have”
    And Brit isn’t a wanna-be Euro type – I’d go so far as to say she couldn’t if she tried.
    Story sounds false to me.
    I’m not a fan of her, in any case.

  25. DingDong

    That fat bitch needs to go away. She looks like the biggest fattest whale strolling down the sidewalk. She has that stupid grin like she thinks she is sweet. She is irrelevant and always will be. What a loser and a terrible parent. I cannot believe that she can even breathe she is sooo dumb. Her face looks like it got slammed by a 2000 ton wrecking ball smeared with her moms dirty tampon discharge. DUMB CUNT!

  26. veggi

    The real giveaway is when she’s quoted saying “I say, fancy a fag at the pub, what what?”

  27. ToiletDuck

    May she wasn’t wearing panties, and she likes the feel of genuine American Airlines leather on her cooch…she smeared up Paris Hilton’s car seat, remember?

  28. Ilove you ,but Ilove sexy for you and my

  29. where are her eyebrows?

  30. every guy here

    If I knew I would get $10 mil after we broke up, I’d eagerly lick, fuck, and otherwise service a woman 3 times as fat, ugly, crazy, and stupid as Britney. So would all of you. You’re guys at a celeb site, stop pretending you’re not complete man-whores.

  31. YouRang

    Get it all out #25. It’s OK, you’re amongst friends here.

  32. Superevil

    #5, I’m willing to step up and take one for the team.

  33. I’m alomst sick of hearing about every idiotic thing she does…but then I get to laugh at what she’s wearing so that makes up for it. Never fails either, never!

  34. Her boobs look good, but she still has that post lobotomy smile on her face.

  35. Michael

    #24 Maybe the person giving the quote is European and is either paraphrasing what Britney said or just remembers the words wrong.

    Given all of her public behavior in the past year, it seems believable to me.

  36. BloggerFormerlyKnownAsP0nk

    bungo, really? IQ under 6? How about IQ under 60, or intelligence of a 6 year old? Granted, the syntax is grammatically correct unlike “Which is lame, better there’s so many better things to be booing.” from the Pam Anderson post. When the posters are less intelligent than the people they make fun of, it kills the humor.

  37. What happened to this place? Who are all these new (and sucktastic) people leaving comments? Check out all the comments in the “Britney without makeup” thread – it’s a damn snoozefest (and people are defending Britney over there … what?!).

    Where are all the old regulars? Bleh!

  38. somebody=#37

    somebody needs an enema…

  39. uberslacker

    They could’ve let her off once they were airborne, at least. Way to blow it, LA.

  40. BloggerFormerlyKnownAsP0nk

    37, depends on who you mean by “old regulars”. I know where a bunch of them hang out, but it’s kind of a secret so that it can remain a walrus-free environment.

  41. hey you kids get off my lawn!!! damn juvenile delinquents…kids today…not like back in my day…(*mutters & dribbles a little pee*)…

  42. That is nothing… Check this out…

    One step closer to her TrimSpa future… The reaper cometh!!!!!!!

  43. p0nk's bottom-loving gay dad

    well now it’s not really a secret anymore, is it?

  44. veggi

    Hey, 15. That’s just unamerican! Jon Bon rocks biatch.

  45. BloggerFormerlyKnownAsP0nk

    #43 lmao. Hey, he wasn’t always bottom-loving – let me tell you, when I was growing up he spent plenty of time in the middle of the night as a top, and I’ve got the skeet residue to prove it! That’s why my friends call me “Blinky”…

  46. Jimbo ?

    @41 We have been waiting for you get back. There is only so much we can do by oursleves

  47. lambman

    What a spoiled brat!

    Also, after the initial shock of her “transformation” I think I’ve decided she’s still not close to hot. She looks better than she did a while ago, but she still is pretty fug.

  48. G'ul I'bul

    I believe every word of this story. Especially the part where Brit starts talking like a Briton.

  49. What is everyone complaining about, leather seats are much easier to clean off; it’s much easier to wipe away her crotch rot.

  50. lettuce

    hmm i bet the other passengers were just pretending to be angry. they probably let out a big sigh of relief when she yelled about getting off.

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