Britney Spears carrying Adnan Jr.?

February 27th, 2008 // 72 Comments

Britney Spears, much like Katie Holmes, could really, seriously, for real this time possibly be pregnant again. Adnan Ghalib is reportedly telling friends he slipped one past the goalie, according to Star:

And what do you know! The fallen pop princess’ belly is starting to show a little bulge, in spite of hours of classes at the Millennium Dance Complex.
“Britney is Adnan’s dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Brit, he’ll be made for life,” one friend of Adnan’s tells Star.

These are some closer shots of Britney shopping in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately her blouse is see-through but now we’ve got a closer look at her gut. I can’t believe I just passed that off as a good thing. Anyway, I’m not a gynecologist in the States, but in Mexico? You bet your ass I am. Now, Britney doesn’t seem to have the protruding stomach that denotes pregnancy. But she does seem to have the jiggly side fat of a chick who will eat a baby if left in a car too long. Eh, how’s that for a diagnosis? Juan’s Backyard Medical School, you’re worth your weight in pesos.

Photos: Flynet

  1. FIRST!!! you buncha micropenes

  2. Oh My God am i really really first please God?? Please

    I have waited my whole life to be first if I am not I will be so embarassed. I will have nothing left to live for…

  3. @2 Good, now will you please die!!!

  4. I thought it was illegal to knock up retards. Didn’t stop my dad though

  5. Frost must die

    Why for the first time in my life this could have been a major thing for me…a milestone. Something that could have been a defining moment. Buyt alas, I will slip into the obscurity that has been my entire existence. Had Frost have known how much this meant to me I only wonder if he would have waited just one little minute more?

    God has failed my once more

  6. mimi


    Fish-head SUKS!

  7. zane

    Maybe that’s what the laxative abuse was about. She’s not very smart.

  8. julia bella

    another fuckin bastard on earth…gee Brit…close you legs girl!

  9. Mal Gusto

    Please God, Let her be pregnant. Keep Adnan in the picture forever.

  10. Jesse

    Nah. It aint Adnan’s. Gotta be the new black bodyguard. Nigs love fatass white chicks and dumb porky trailer trash like Britney is what they always score. Good riddance. But for sure, get out the hanger and the vacuum.

  11. julia bella

    I AGREE 10000000000000000000%. Get the vacuum out…do the baby a favor!

  12. RatRat

    What an ignorant WHORE!!!!

  13. Greaaatttt, now my alias has a troll??

  14. twzzlrgirl

    Look at the faces of the two people behind her. Something between shock and horror. That “Do I need to have an AIDS test if she just walked near me” look.

  15. Italian Stallion

    Great, that’s all we need, another terrorist in this country……..

  16. grobpilot

    Little fucker will probably be born with a landing strip and a turban

  17. Mr. Frost Sir

    Sir, my husband was so distraught after you beat him to the punch that he just attacked. He beat me, sodomized me, smeared excrement in my hair and then left. He said to thank you and showed me this site.
    Now that he is out of my life and since you are obviouly more virile, are you available? I am serious.

  18. I LOVE the blouse!!!!

    I’m not kidding, I actually do..

  19. julia bella

    lol…what a joke!

  20. mike

    Toldja Frist is a chubby skank like Britney.

  21. Dabpulse

    I saw her profile on millionaire dating site last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for there.

  22. @20 Unlike you that can’t get a chubby..

  23. D. Richards (Scumbag.)

    jesus Christ I hope she’s pregnant:

    Britney’s father is correcting her life. She’s taking her mdeicine and everybody’s noticing the change. All is well. But (!), underneath the success, there’s a little schizophrenic group of cells brooding about inside of Britney’s uterus. The cycle begins, yet again!

  24. norton

    Just think, not that long ago this chick was actually cute. Now? Not at all.

  25. Steven L Braun

    Maybe she’ll get an abortion and rip Adnan’s gonads from the goalpost.

  26. willem k

    Whats with the douche pirate over her left shoulder.
    Looks like the guy “Benny” from the LA LAW show

  27. mike

    #22 – Jimbo you’re so gallant! Or, as you would say, galunt.

  28. EuroNeckPain

    WAAAAHHH ! She has got matching lipstick + bag + bra ! Maybe the panties match the bra too, who knows ! She is recovering !

  29. michelle

    I don’t know if I quite believe this. Why does no one remember that all the exercise in the world won’t work, if all she does is scarf down fast food and starbucks.

  30. BunnyButt

    Frist, the blouse is cute, just 3 sizes too small for Brit. It would look great on a petite 15 year old.

  31. D. Richards (BBW hunter.)

    #20! You stay away from Frist — she’s mine. Big, or small (big), she’s mine!

  32. @27 No, I have never said “galunt” . But I would call you a pussy..

  33. adeliza


    That dude looks like a 1960′s office clerk.

  34. mike

    “It would look great on a petite 15 year old.”

    Sorry Frist. Many years and oodles of stretch marks ago, huh?

  35. aeuwave

    she still has time for an abortion… i’m surprised daddy spears hasn’t scheduled her one yet.

  36. Mike, go fuck yourself in the eyeball

    Also I’m not big. I’m like a 5-7 in jeans or skirts. That makes me about normal for my height. But fine, if you guys think that’s fat I will learn to binge and purge just for you.


  37. @36 FRIST, Mike can’t fuck himslef. He can’t get it up. He has to use a strap-on to satisfy his wife..

  38. da-dah

    She’s eating better and no drugs, but mostly she was inactive and buys the wrong size, wears the wrong style of clothes for her stubby body..

  39. Matthew

    oh great another kid britney will ingore

  40. julia bella

    5-7???? and I guess you consider yourself gorgeous??? to shout it on a blog, I don’t believe that is your actual size but more your dream size!!! Brit must be hotter than you!

  41. mike

    Jimbo, I told you already, I don’t have problems getting it up. You just need to improve your cocksucking technique. And a shower once in awhile wouldn’t hurt.

  42. just curious

    I wonder how much of her natural hair has grown back? Been about a year now, and I understand most people’s hair grows about 1 inch every two months. Whatever she is wearing attached to her head has been looking a little better lately, rather than the skanky dead-animals she was wearing for a while, or the crazy pink wigs.

    Totally wrong color lipstick though.

  43. Dr. Fill

    Size 5-7 (means 9+”relaxed”)…likes Britney’s gut-showcase top…hmmmm…

    Diagnosis: Muffintop.

  44. Grunion

    She needs to get a little puffier.

  45. Hemlock Queen

    Please God, why would you let the world suffer more breeding from Britney?

    I seriously hope this is not true. I seriously hope it’s the normal bloat of fast food and cheetos.

  46. FCS

    Dude should have just stuck to fucking her gunt.

  47. Niles

    Muffin tops are fine. It’s the stumps yoo have to worry about!!!!

  48. bananan

    Slipped one past the goalie was brilliant

  49. Guy

    Home abortion time for Britney!

    Seriously I would be like, BAM! One unborn fetus down to the loo, not gonna get my money Adnan!

  50. D. Richards (Ears.)

    #36 — Frist, I’m kidding you. I know you’re probably a knock-out. Nice ass? Eyes?

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