Britney Spears can’t take a joke

Britney Spears was reportedly pissed about Jimmy Kimmel’s sketch on the American Music Awards last night when he stuck a look-a-like Kevin Federline in a wooden crate and shipped him out to sea. He called K-Fed “the world’s first ever no-hit wonder” and less than five minutes after the sketch he introduced Britney as a surprise presenter. A rep for her says “she had no idea” about the skit and was “incredibly upset” and “inconsolable.” Jimmy Kimmel says he went forward with the sketch because: “I knew they wouldn’t mind because I know they both have great senses of humor.”

Too soon to be joking about murdering your ex-husband? A little too soon? Considering the stuff he says about her you’d think she came up with the idea for the sketch herself. Although if it was her idea it would’ve been more like: “We’ll get him. And then, and then, and then we’ll shoot him. Right in the face! With a gun! It’ll be so funny! And then we’ll keep shooting him! And then we’ll say, ‘Now who’s the bitch, bitch?!’ And we’ll keep shooting him! It’ll be so funny! And get it? It’s clever too! Shot right in the face! It’s so clever!”