Britney Spears’ Candies Ad: Now With More Side Boob

April 1st, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here are promotional shots for Britney Spears’ upcoming Candies campaign for Kohl’s. And, yes, you read that right: there are teasers for ads now. Whee! That aside, I love the realism here. Because these shots clear resemble everything I’ve seen of Britney in the past four weeks. Seriously, they’re so life-like, I called child services. (Reflex action, Britney. My bad.)


  1. Courtyardpigeon

    Photoshop is the best thing to have happened to her career. There is no way on earth she looks like that.


    she looks sad. thats all i see. bored. lonely. tired.

  3. mark


  4. Smarg

    Agree with everybody else…..the photoshop job is immense.

  5. testing

    I thought Candies sold shoes????

    these ads seem specifically designed to prevent you from looking at the ugly ass shoes she is wearing

  6. KFC

    Put a fork in her , she is done.

  7. Shawn

    Well, would you look at that? They kept the one of her picking my pubic hair our of her mouth.

  8. silencio

    It’s funny how she’s only 27 and she already looks so bad she needs airbrushing. Reminds me of somebody else with a big ass and a sex tape… When are you gonna take pictures of girls who really look good, newspapers!?!? Like really means REAL. Britney Spears? Pfff, what a joke….

  9. Nobody can make those shoes look good. They are god awful.

  10. question

    #45: you’re just about the stupidest commenter on this page. I guess it was a matter of time ’till one like you showed up.

    Oh yeah, so what’s this, new photoshop add? Just guessing…

  11. footluvr

    they need to show more of her feet. they are hot

  12. Hulagurl23

    Hoe effin stupid does she think we are? as if we haven’t seen all those pics of her on tour looking like a stuffed sausage and she expects us to think she actually looks like this in real life!

  13. Hulagurl23

    How fucking stupid does she think we are? as if we haven’t seen all those pics of her on tour looking like a stuffed sausage, and she expects us to think she actually looks like this in real life!!!!!!

  14. Hulagurl23

    opps my bad double post!

  15. Pat C.

    The best part about these ads is that you can’t hear her.

  16. silencio

    They even photoshopped her camel toe….

  17. mtnbiker

    I never thought I would see the day that I would actually consider…. tapping that…

  18. mikeock

    I don’t know – ever since I saw Chubby Britney getting out of that car, cooter first, flashing her “C” section scar like an Arkansas pole dancer, I just can’t get into thinking she’s hot. Tell you what – have her shave her head again and writhe around in a tub of Jello-O, then we’ll talk.

  19. Amy

    c’mon guys, she’s not so bad.

  20. timmy the dying boy

    Shopped or not, I’d be all over that like a $20 suit.

  21. mafme

    They didn’t photoshop her body, they slapped her face on someone else’s. And her face from 8 or 9 years ago from the looks of it.

  22. Marketta

    LOL! Mafme @ 71.
    I came here to say the same thing. They definitely used another bod for this.

  23. Kay

    I have to admit she looks good now but the fact is these pictures are photoshop. Her thighs.. seriously? are not that small and neither is she anymore. Granted she’s not fat but she is definitely not as thin as she used to be and she did gain back some weight.

  24. TALK TALK: such a shame!!

  25. tess

    umm, guys. there’s actual video footage of her filming this ad, where her body is quite banging. not like this of course, but ermmm no, they didn’t use a body double. check out e! online for the video.

    she was really in shape back in december-january (remember gma?) but she gained some weight and got thicker during feb-march.

  26. Davin

    How about watching the photoshoot live on ET before calling her fake?

    She actually looked good, close to these photos. Who knows, perhaps she was 5lbs or so heavier 4 weeks ago: you know, before all of that touring and dancing every single day.

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  28. Cute figure. Who’s is it? (Is that the right form of “who”?)

  29. ishi-san

    In the black and white pic she looks a bit like jessica Simpson!

  30. Jasnn

    It seems that her boobs are too tired of feeding

  31. She doesn’t look bad but it’s pretty obvious she was a little photoshopped.

  32. Eva

    Little photoshoped? That’s an understatement. Looks more like a cartoon character compared to her real state.

  33. Human God

    Even in her unaltered photos I think Brits attractive.
    She should have had my kids instead of that skill-less dancing Federline’s.
    Although it was a pimp move by him, I would have stayed with her and not tried to siphon money from her.

  34. taylor

    the ONLY photoshopping they did was her hair (roots) and made her more tan.

    god she is gorgeous :)

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