Britney Spears’ camp denies sex tape reports

After word broke yesterday that Adnan Ghalib is looking to sell a sex tape of Britney Spears to the highest bidder, her people are denying its existence, E! News reports:

“The story is completely false,” the source tells E! News.
Spears’ rep at Jive Records has not responded to calls seeking comment.

Of course, no one’s asking Britney about the tape – until now!

THE SUPERFICIAL: Britney, did you make a sex tape with Adnan Ghalib?
BRITNEY: Stop talking to me giant Frappucino in pants!
THE SUPERFICIAL: Again, is there a tape of you having sex in Mexico?
BRITNEY: I’m gonna stick a straw in your head.
THE SUPERFICIAL: Just say “yes” or “n- *KERCHUNK*
BRITNEY: Can someone get the whipped cream can out of my purse? Yeah. Under the chocolate sauce.

Photos: Splash News