Britney Spears buys the love of men

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  1. Rachel


  2. Rachel

    Woohoo! Go me!


    Why the hell is she lifting her skirt to her son? Didn’t enough people see her gross twat on the internet? I don’t really think one more person, especially her child, really needs to see that.

  3. jrzmommy

    Where’s the other kid?
    Why does she look like that?
    Who fucking dresses like that to go to a playground?

    Is the bar open yet?

  4. jrzmommy

    she looks like Garth in the second picture, too.

  5. Lowlands

    In pic 10 she almost want to flash her shaggy tittie,instinct?

  6. So she’ll spend 40K a night on a hotel room, but she won’t spring for a decent haircut and a manicure….go figure.

  7. icyprincess2

    Is she switching to country music, i mean she has the white trash redneck thing going and now the hair that is getting bigger. I feel sp bad for her kids….

  8. elizabeththewellread

    As if the world needed further proof of Britney’s mothering skills.

  9. mztry

    Nice to see her having fun with her son!


    God Bless!

  10. downshine

    where is her other kid? i still have yet to see a picture of him

  11. jrzmommy

    It took her an hour to figure out to sit the kid upright in the swing. She stopped that nice man and said, “His little haid kapes fallin out them holes at the bottum.”

  12. NipsyHustle

    sean p is soooooooo cute.

    there is no excuse for that hair and the hooker wear on the playground. she probably just left that $40,000 a night hotel after hours of vodka, vicodin, and riding that “struggling” jew model/actor. she probably smells like cigarettes and bubble yum.

    why is this whore still wearing a wedding band on her ring finger when she’s obviously giving it away like a fruit cake?

  13. Binky

    For 40K – I hope that Hef Suite includes breakfast. They should at least throw in a muffin or something.
    Come to think of it – they should also throw in Playmates March to,say, June as well.

  14. PublicScene

    I am not a Britney fan or hater but what happened to this girl? She is making the other slobs that are always on here look good. Ugh.

  15. Lowlands

    In pic 9 is that the homeless guy again?

  16. nicholelibra

    Superfish, please get on the ball. You’re my favorite blogger site so being on top of everything is a must.

    What about the pictures of Britney tossing peanut butter cookies on the new guy?

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Ha how wonderful! you’re living your forty-thousand dollar a night fantasy ’til you realize fat stinkpig Britney Spears is in the room.

    Talk about a letdown.

  18. suzy

    aww sean is walking now!

    so cute lol

  19. 86

    You know that guy that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn? Even he couldn’t miss hitting Britney’s forehead.

  20. BoognishRising

    Every time I see a picture of B posing with an open mouth I want to stick a shotgun in and pull the trigger.

  21. whitegold

    I may be wrong, but I thought when pushing a kid on a swing you were supposed to stand behind them to push them?!

    It just seems much more cruel this way, especially for this kid. BS pushes away, kid thinks “hurray, I’m finally escaping from the monster” only to suddenly find the momentum ceasing and the poor kid has to come hurdling back towards the horrid looking monster. i bet the kid has nightmares about this.

    And who is that guy holding the kid anyways?

  22. schadenfreudelicious

    Every time I see this skank…I just keep hearing “attention K-mart shoppers…clean up required in aisle 9″…

  23. twzzlrgirl

    Ewww — Sean P. is so not cute. He looks scary in most pics, unless the shot is from really far away. Yuck.
    And I’m glad Brit gets to jet around spending 40K on a hotel room while leaving her kids, where??? Oh, that’s right, she does have some time to push the little tyke on a swing for as long as it takes to get a publicity shot.

  24. ph7

    She looks more and more like Porky Pig every day. #26 agrees with me, unless she’s one of the fatties that post on this board who get furious every time you point out the fat celebrities.

  25. biatcho

    I hear she spends a lot of money having various mens’ semen scientifically squirted into Jewels chewing gum. She chews 6 pieces at a time for enhanced flavor, hence the reason she always has a piece the size of Texas in her gaping mouth.

  26. biatcho

    And her kid looks just like her – fat & ugly.

  27. Haroof

    How often does J.T. thank Baby Jesus that he got rid of this trash when the time was right?

  28. Everyone should use thier kid for a photo op and hire someone to push the swing. Poontangs a great mother.

  29. jrzmommy

    Biatcho! Why….why….I thought you were shunned? Or shamed? Or under the Bann? Or Libra had proven you to be a FemBot!!

  30. biatcho

    Jrz – yeah, I was banned from the Superficial and also from The White House and all of NYC. I have been shipped off to Idaho. The Superficial Guy felt bad for me and let me back on : )

  31. frenchquebecgirl

    Did Brit signed a contract with a gum cie lately ? She always got that big chewing gum in her mouth…. Didn’t anyone told her that chewing in public is for cows only ? Too much gum, too much mouth… just too much.

  32. RussianMafia

    Reminds me of when Mariah walked her dogs in heels and a mini.. Like, that wasn’t planned

  33. danielle

    Isn’t Halloween held on October 31st? Why Fish? If I wanted to be scared shitless….I’d go rent Chucky.

    This bitch has money out the butt, yet her “hair” looks as if it belongs to some old woman in a trailer park that lives with her 31 cats.

    Somone should just slap her in the head with a wet brick already. This whore belongs in the basement of K-Fed’s dump chained to the washing machine where she belongs.

  34. HughJorganthethird

    She terrifies me. She looks unhinged. Just imagine what it must be like looking up from your crib at that monsterous mug. Poor fucking kid.

  35. Genevieve

    To be honest I think that kid’s absolutely adorable, but he looks somewhat… off. He’s gonna be a prime candidate for participating in the Special Olympics in 20 years’ time.

  36. Lindzee Lohan

    She is a mere 4 snips away from rocking an uber mullet.

  37. BarbadoSlim

    Seriously, this raggedy looking ho looks extremely awkward in her “interactions” with the kid. The whole things looks very uncomfortable for all involved.

  38. Sheva

    Her matronly look along with the mullet are coming along nicely. Few more pounds and the double chin will be locked in for a decade.

    Give that jew guy credit, he knows where the money is and it ain’t his acting career.

  39. NicotineEyePatch

    She looks like she’s on a day pass. Especially when she smiles, but especially when she pulls on the hem of her dress. She really looks totally insane. And yes, detached from the child somewhat, if not from reality in general.
    SP will be thanking that guy someday.

  40. rick mcginnis

    What kind of shaggy slattern needs to hitch up an above-the-knee skirt like that, unless she’s in need of ventilation (think burning rash), or finds herself constantly anticipating a train in the offing?

    As for Britney going “country” – no country singer, old school or new, lets themselves go to seed like this. Not even George Jones in his worst days managed this sort of extended train wreck.

  41. Pointandlaugh

    first: she has god-awful FAT legs and her knees look like lumpy mashed potatoes.

    second: WTF is with those HUGE elton john sunglasses?? Those are NOT attractive.

  42. RichPort

    I think I’m gonna cut off her legs and use them as earmuffs… MMMMMMM… the rest of her can be a cow all by itself. In a wheelchair of course.

  43. cruzin333

    Funny, when she decided to take her kids out to get some GOOD publicity, she forgot she had 2 and left one kid at home. Also funny that she can

  44. For the love of god, why is she always making the faces in pictures 1 and 3? I wish they were taking with the same framing and without the words so i could animate them together.

    I guess it’s too much to ask her to maybe leave her purse in the car, and actually use both hands to play with him. Funny, as a father, I seem to remember having to carry a diaper bag, which that is obviously not. I also remember having to carry my own child, not have the Penguin from Batman carrying her. But that’s just me, as a responsible parent, what do I know?

  45. Mo

    I think she actually ate the other kid. He’s never been seen.

  46. fame is funny

    ‘taken with the same framing’ I meant. Sheesh.

  47. diarrhea riot

    I am so sick of seeing that ubiquitous piece of fucking gum in her cow mouth….. her breath must stink like the bottom of a Lousiana chicken coop, Y’all.

  48. NipsyHustle

    at least she’s wearing shoes and not walking around in public barefoot like an appalachian.

  49. MrSemprini

    She’s just showing the kid who’s the alpha dog. “Behave yourself, kid, or I’ll eat ya just like I ate the other baby’s daddy! Rah! RAH!!”

    But, I could be wrong…

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