Britney Spears Buys New Dog

December 1st, 2004 // 2 Comments

20041201_britney.jpgThe only thing more ironic than Britney Spears wearing a Harvard sweatshirt would be Alessandra Ambrosio winning the Ugly Award. You see, because Alessandra is not ugly and Britney Spears is not smart. That’s how irony works, my friends.

View Britney Spears Buys New Dog [Slave4U — thanks Suzie]


  1. Cherokee Chocolate

    I really don’t care. It is rumored that she is supposed to be making some kind of comeback in 2007. *GREAT!!!*…Just when I was getting to a world free of Britney’s nasal voice. Oh well, I rather hear her than Parasite or Hohan.

  2. If I were a celebrity, I'll try and fool the paparazzi, by organizing a murder. I had just randomly killing a certain type, jump over a car and start making Godzilla noises.

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