Britney Spears’ brother marries Jamie Lynn’s manager

January 2nd, 2009 // 14 Comments

Britney Spears’ brother Bryan married Jamie Lynn Spears’ manager on New Year’s Eve in an event that family members described as “Not quite incest. But close enough.” People reports:

“It was beautiful,” a source tells PEOPLE about the elder Spears’s wedding to Graciella Sanchez, 36, longtime manager of little sister Jamie Lynn. “It was only close family, very small and intimate.”
While the couple’s engagement may have caught many by surprise – they only recently started dating seriously – the two have been acquaintances for years.
“The family was totally excited,” a friend of the family tells PEOPLE. “Graciella’s wonderful. Everybody was happy about it.”

Wait. Jamie Lynn Spears has a manager? Then where the hell was this Graciella woman when Casey Aldridge was putting his virile redneck seed in her client’s underage hoo-ha? Obviously, she had her hands full banging her way into the Spears’ family fortune which, now that I think about it, was kind of a smart move. Those MBAs really do pay for themselves.

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  1. boogermiester

    first first for the year – HNY 2009

  2. mini

    Who Cares this must be a slow day for you we need bikini’s and nsfw to get throught the day!!! oh by the way FIRST!!!!

  3. gypsybrother

    did she get that mba through osmosis or does close contact with that family immediately make you mentally subpar?! britney is the only one with money and f’ed that up to the point daddy now has control of it and pocketing a good chunk i might add!

    i’ your name really Graciella Sanchez?

  4. Bubba Spears

    MANAGER? For what…underage leg spreading? She doesn’t sing, dance, play sports…yet she has a manager? Man, I’m way out of the loop. I masturbate alot, but you don’t see me with a manager for it. All those Spears’ broads needs to be sterilized.

  5. Hotze

    She WAS on a Nickelodeon show for a long ass time. They even thought about doing a teen pregnancy special, but I’m sure that went down the tube. I’m sure that she needs a manager now to tell her when she’s supposed to hit rock bottom, because that’s what managers are good for.

  6. Hotze

    Oh, and for #4, I’ll give you my masturbation manager’s number. There isn’t that much money in it, but damn, she’s good with PR.

  7. the Commish

    FAIL! This post fails on so many levels. This retarded skank has a manager who actually gets paid real cash to tell her what to do? Awesome job there!

    This is just like in that one movie where some lady ran for Vice President of the United States and her unmarried daughter was found to be carrying a child. Oh, wait, maybe that wasn’t a movie…

  8. joe m

    It;s not just Britney.
    Losers are jealous of the entire Spears family.

  9. Dozer

    Wait, how did the manager marry into the family if she’s not underage or relaetd to them?

  10. Jaiq

    I would do it too. Too bad she doesn’t have anymore brothers. Hmm, unless she’s lesbian… cha-ching!

  11. dave

    Did he ever get smacked across the head with the “ugly stick” or what!? LMAO!

  12. This so called, MANAGER, forgot a few years to do “HOMEWORK”, folks?

  13. friendlyfires

    Maybe I better buddy up with Daddy and have him vet my prospects for the hand of The Golden Shaved Retarded Clam . There’s enough for everybody as long as I don’t have to sign a pre-nup.

  14. Mrs. Golddigger

    She gets in on the crazy payoff somehow…,

    INSIDE fragile egg-shell mind de Graciella Sanchez, 36, longtime manager of little seester Jamie Lynn

    …Daddy Spears keeper of pink wig and control Britney meal ticket, Jamie Lynne no have keeper…she pop out little rednecks, soon Daddy take control Jamie meal ticket…where that leave me?…work stupid fingers to bone keeping Zoe slut’s thighs closed with no baby….now look at her thighs…I open Bryan thighs…marry Bryan meal ticket…I don’t go hungry…he never ever miss meal…,

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