Britney Spears breaks up with Paris Hilton, Paris calls her names


Britney Spears allegedly broke off her friendship with Paris Hilton by calling her up and telling Paris she didn’t want to be seen in public with her anymore. A source says:

“Britney called Paris and said she had decided not to be seen in public with her ‘for now.’ Britney told Paris that it’s not personal”

And in retaliation Paris didn’t invite Britney to her December 18 Christmas party and now refers to her as “Animal” because, according to the source, “Britney doesn’t think about things before she does them. She just acts out.” Unlike Paris, who’s the model of sensibility. Can you imagine the amount of thought she put into deciding to rub her vagina up against her sister’s? Those are the actions of a thinker. I’m tempted to call her the Socrates of our time, but I don’t think it would sufficiently capture the magnitude of her brain. Maybe Super Socrates.