Britney Spears borrows bikinis

February 28th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Us Weekly has an account of Britney Spears hanging out with two strangers and borrowing their bikini before she checked into rehab for the second time. She allegedly showed up at the Mondrian hotel with a newly bald head but was denied a room due to lack of credit cards or cash. By 11am she had stripped down to her bra and panties and was shaving her legs in the pool bathroom.

“It was sad,” says a source. “It looked like she really needed a friend.” She got two – at least for a few hours. Around noon, Spears (then in a blonde wig) began chatting up a woman in the bathroom, who offered to loan the pop star a bathing suit. Spears followed her new friend to her hotel room where — after changing into a borrowed bikini — she raided the minibar. “She grabbed four or five bottles and just started mixing everything and drinking them.

I’m not sure if lending a bikini to Britney Spears is the best idea. You might as well fill a bunch of syringes with random diseases and start juggling them with your mouth.



  1. mztry


  2. mztry

    HA HA NO


  3. mztry

    GO ME!

  4. mztry

    Nothing but losers to come now!

  5. mztry

    Go ahead losers!


  6. karifarrell

    FRIST!!! Oh, duh, I have dial up. Ummmm….23rd?

  7. starsandrocks

    she just wants some friends…poor britney

  8. ChicagoEric

    Adding insult to injury for Brittney, when random chicks are hotter than she is. The one in the camo hat is easy on the eyes, almost like Brittney when she did Slave for You.

    What a fall from Grace.

  9. brujeriadiosa

    LOL I’m not FRIST???


  10. terry

    Maybe Britney would like to be friends with mztry. They could form a losers club.

    But what I really wanted to say was that I like the artful way she cups her hand over that spreading upper thigh of hers.

  11. biatcho


  12. brujeriadiosa

    ok seriously….

    this looks like an episode from


  13. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    mztry, you’re a dork. What is this, grade school? Were you fRist in line for the lavatory back then? Did that make you a winner? lol Get a fucking existence.

    Britney looks pretty good for someone who’s been a baby machine for the last two years, but it’s still pretty sad that she has no real friends.

  14. karifarrell

    Awww, see? Dial up isn’t that bad. I made #6.
    Anywho…Britney Spears ROCKS YOUR ASS OFF!!!!! She’s so cool. She can come to my house any day and mix all my liquors together. Hell I’ll even join her, then we’ll grab our umbrellas and head to a KMart parking lot and go hog-wild.
    What a blast that would be!!!

  15. biatcho

    That story skipped the part where Britney used her bald head to rub Kama Sutra Oil of Love all over her new friend’s naked body.

  16. mztry

    HA HA HA… InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Being a DORK is better than being an ASSHOLE!


  17. N@ughty

    u know what? that may have been a good thing.i mean speaking of the fact that when (if) you get it back it may have beer stains on it and it might smell of cigarettes. there’s a 70% chance that it could have blonde (brunette) hair all over it, but since britney spears is so giving, you will most likely get it back within the next two hours. just let her keep the panties part, never know who’s semen dripped in there.

  18. brujeriadiosa

    #16 <— LOL

    Britney has internet in rehab!

    Are you orange yet? How many hours a day do you spend rubbing your nubby head?

    Will you be at the Kentwood Cow Shit Fest this year? They still have your “Britney Spears the Pride of Louisiana” posters up there…LOL

  19. danielle


    She could’ve posed with some better looking people.

    God, so so so unattractive.

    But…that US Weekly logo is kinda sexy. Hott damn.

  20. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    It’s pretty sad when you have as much money as her and you can’t afford a bathing suit or real friends. I got my friends at Target. They’re not real, but they’re spectacular.

  21. xXrebeccaXx

    I don’t think Britney looks bad…I mean she had 2 kids back to back. And I’m glad that she covered that horrendous wig with a hat. She looks decent compared to how she’s been looking lately.

  22. Zoey

    I gotta go to rehab

    sounds like party central!

  23. biatcho

    The one in the white is a definite lesbo, you can just tell. I guarantee she was smelling those fingers for hours after Britney left.

  24. karifarrell

    No no no!!! She needs to take the freaking hat and wig OFF, get a bunch of tattoos, and start up a hard-core punk band. That would be the best come-back EVER. Hey, that’s what Vanilla Ice did after the press made a mockery out of him, and look at him now!!! He’s on VH-1….Surreal Life Fame Games!!!!

  25. fritobandito

    I can just see Shitney in the bathroom of the hotel pool now, holding the straight blade saying “slit ma wrists, or shave ma legs?” Oh what the hell, maybe a stranger will come in, feel sorry for me in my Fruit Of the Looms and loan me a swimmin suit so I can goes in the cement pond! Brilliant! I hope that chick did not ask for her suit back!! It is only suitable now for burning. Although some butt munch on e-bay would probably pay big bucks to sniff the crotch!!

  26. mika85

    um…is she homeless now?

  27. RichPort

    I’d fuck all three of them. As my wife (and stepdaughter) can tell you, I luvs me the white girls…

  28. fergernauster

    RichPort, you is VILE.

  29. woodhorse

    She needed to stay at the pool and shave a little longer – she missed some hairs above the bikini line. Otherwise, Love you Britney.

  30. The sad thing is:

    A lot of these celebs etc… think that they don’t have as many friends because of the fame thing. In reality they don’t have a lot of friends because they are weird/unpleasent people to be around.

    That said, is it just me or did somebody Graft Vin Diesel’s arms onto Britt’s body?

  31. woodhorse

    OK Wally – how much do I have to pay to get those removed?? I’m sure you have a hysterical price in mind and I want to hear all about it.

  32. whitegold

    #8 – I was thinking the same thing, how sad it is that both these random girls are actually hotter than BS!!!

  33. Tits_McGhee

    Who is taking care of her children through all of this?

    Hey Britney, if you wanted to play with your kids only 10 minutes a day, you should have bought a fucking Cabbage Patch!

  34. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Tits–From what I read, they’d spent a week with Kevin. She treats her kids like Paris treats her pets. Like toys. Play with them for 10 minutes, then hand them off to someone else to feed and nurture. She was busy nurturing her alcohol habit instead. She’s not used to having to take care of anyone, not even herself. That’s what the entourage is for, right? Only since she hasn’t worked in awhile, the entourage is sort of, well, missing, I guess.

    Hope rehab works.

    Mztry, try again, are you still here? Bet you are. ;-) If you don’t want people to say you’re a dork, don’t come on here inviting provocation. Then assholes like me won’t tease you. Eat camel toe, loser.

  35. TashaVin`


  36. pirhan

    She looks okay, at least.

  37. twzzlrgirl

    If this is as sad and I know it is, why am I laughing so hard that the tears are streaming down my face.

    Britney needs a friend? No….Britney needs enablers at every turn.

  38. lambman

    I hope she paid for the booze mini-bars are freakin expensive

  39. PrettyBaby

    I’d hop right into the middle of that pile! The poonsurf is up, baby!

  40. selbytiger

    Post more pictures of Britney’s hot friends!

  41. ph7

    Britney’s thunder thighs ruin that picture of some otherwise fine looking, lean and long legs.

    Two average chicks at a hotel pool, prettier, taller and classier than her?

    Welcome to your new life, Britney. Or, more accurately, back to your white trash upbringing, where every chick is classier and hotter than you.

  42. cinnarose

    I bet that bikini ends up on eBay, if she didn’t steal it from those girls.

  43. 2for2true

    Sorry, no longer interested. Her 15 minutes expired some time ago.

    Christ, this site ought to be renamed

    Enough, already.

  44. 86

    Who the hell wears a tweed newsboy cap to the pool?

  45. 86


  46. jrzmommy

    So the girl who loaned the bikini to Britney gets it back, looks at it, and then says to her “Ummm…have you been eating those chips made with Olestra???”

  47. i get it know.regular fit looking girls are anorexic. Someone who is “regular” like you guys ( under 40 divorced overweight i.e dove) is fat too. A case of pot calling the kettle black

  48. CheapShot

    Y’know… Britney actually doesn’t look that bad… she looks about average (not for a celebrity though). Maybe she lost a few pounds. its just when she tries to cram her drunk-ass into some clothes from the jr’s department in wal-mart and stays up all night partying she looks like a trainwreck.

  49. Stink

    I bet a pathologist could earn their PhD with that borrowed bikini.

  50. Where's Waldo

    of all the girls, ms. spears would actually be the last one of the group i’d hit. or actually, maybe the second, cuz i wouldn’t wanna end a hot threesome on a sour note. i’d take the one in the blue first, she’s the hottest, then pass it off to spears to get the sloppy seconds, and then end with a bang with the girl in white. that’d be fun, probably. the only problem is that britney spears is supposed to be the $$$ celebrity and these two are nothing, so shouldn’t britney by default look many times better than these girls? my how far britney’s star has fallen!

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