Britney Spears booted again for Paris Hilton

January 18th, 2007 // 101 Comments

First she was banned from appearing in the Super Bowl promo, and now Britney Spears has reportedly been kicked off the invite list to the super-fancy Vienna Opera Ball because Paris Hilton is attending and the two had a falling out. Paris is allegedly receiving $1 million for attending and was invited with the hopes of bringing some attention to the event. The guy who invited her says:

“She is a very good advertisement for the Opera Ball,” Richard Lugner explained. Regarding why Spears wouldn’t be there as well, Christina offered: “They unfortunately do not get along anymore.”

Christ, this is about as rock bottom as Britney Spears can get. It’s like trying out for the National Sumo Wrestling Team and having them pick Nicole Richie over you.


  1. Fugurself

    Get Britney some chimp food

  2. jrzmommy

    Sooooo…..the Opera Ball is a bukake festival? Loogie said Paris is a good advertisement for it, so I’m just assuming it’s a bukake festival. I’m so confused. Fucking Austrians!

  3. Unbelievable. Where do you come up with this stuff? This is the best fictional, soap opera blog on the net!

  4. DancingQueen

    Paris is only going because she thought they were serving Vienna sausages. And by sausage I mean penis.

  5. You know how much it has to hurt when you hear “She’s got no class, so we’re going to go with Paris Hilton.” Ouch.

  6. Italian Stallion

    Right before she gave me head, I ate a bunch of lemons, once the “juice was loose” she made that face……..

    Before you get on me for letting her blow me, I had to see if it was true that fat girls give good head, it wasn’t…………

  7. LaBellaVienna

    what is wrong with that photo lol

  8. I thought she was going to work on her image

  9. The CODE Man

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  10. The CODE Man

    Ban me Mr Superficial


  11. Binky

    She’s beginning to look a bit like Elton John

  12. miguelito

    is that you, britney?

  13. Italian Stallion

    @ 9, 10

    You’re the reason this site went to shit, fuck off dude, do us all a favor an ban yourself…..from life……

  14. tweetyeyes

    God damn, she looks like my cousing before she turned off of pot and joined the penticostal church.

  15. 86

    Is it me or is she getting uglier by the day??

  16. Pointandlaugh


    That photo is priceless.

    A haiku for Ms. Spears……

    Ha! Britney is fat.

    A 1-date-ho, has-been-skank.

    I heart Mountian Dew.

  17. Mo

    Seriously, who the f*** does she make these stupid faces at? I guess I should be glad she doesn’t have her mouth open and gum flapping all over in this pic.

  18. LL

    Yeah, she does look a little chimpy. I’m beginning to think she really is retarded. I try not to throw that word around carelessly, but it’s looking more and more like she’s less “country” than she is “brain damaged.”

    But not as brain damaged as anyone who pays Paris the heiress one thin dime to “appear” anywhere. WTF is wrong with people? I thought Europeans were a little more sohisticated than us, but apparently I was very very wrong about that. Paris Hilton at the Vienna Opera Ball is like Britney at a Mensa meeting or Lindsay Lohan at an AA meeting. Christ. Where’s a homicidal celebrity stalker when you need one? John Lennon and Elvis are dead but Paris still walks the earth. That’s just wrong.

  19. 86

    Her hair couldn’t be any fuglier if it was her actual hair.

  20. 86

    It’s almost mulletesque.

  21. diarrhea riot

    What you can’t see in this pic is Kim Kardashian laying down in the seat of the car on the recieving end of Britney’s huge Cleveland Steamer.

  22. magickal

    She’s making that face because she just realized what we all already knew…..that she’s a washed-up has-been and any chance of a “come back” is now lost, probably in that big gaping vag of hers. That’s also the look her children make everytime she says “y’all wanna har summa mommy’s new sawngs?” Even the crack addicted half a retard new baby knows shit when he hears it.

  23. jrzmommy

    Well, as if it weren’t bad enough here…….Welcome to Escape from New York.

  24. I’ll still do her……..and she’s probably desperate enough by now.

  25. PunjabPete

    Hilton needs her ears checked… They did not ask her to teh OPERA Ball… They asked if she wanted to get down with “A PAIR OF” Balls…. Jeebus…

  26. rat_whisprrrr

    “Daddy, I want a golden goose…..and I want it NOW!” :::said in best British accent:::

    God this bEotch gets uglier by the minute!!

  27. ponk

    wally (#9 & #10) you act as if that was some sort of secret hack code. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to make your screen name anything you want.
    Now put your helmet back on and ask the nice teacher to undo your harness and help you back to your desk. jeeeeeezuz.

  28. gay4girlz

    Okay, once and for all, I’m going to have to reveal Paris’s secret. Why would people pay all that money to have her “appear” if she was not one of the few people (only one I know) who are capable of actually smoking crack from a half-broken light bulb shoved in a sweaty fat man’s ass. It is incredible. Now, if you had to choose between knowing that was happening in the next room or watching Britney jiggle her man knees, which would you choose? WHICH?

  29. diarrhea riot

    She must hane dropped her kid again.

  30. diarrhea riot

    “have” goddammit— my spectacular tits got in the way again.

  31. RichPort

    #9/ 10 – Duuuuuuh. How the fuck do you think I have so many me wannabes? You’re a fucking genius I tell you. Here’s one: fake shooting yourself in the head and post the link for attention, you know, just for kicks! In fact, don’t fake it… Computer experts like you should be worth millions.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Oh my god #9/10 is an A+ hacker, the interweb is gonna crash all around us!!!!

    way to go Neo

  33. Italian Stallion

    @33 and 34 LOL………..

  34. Pickle Spears

    Are her 15 minutes up yet????

  35. 86

    Business in the front and a party in the back.

  36. Pickle Spears

    Aren’t het 15 minutes up yet???????????

  37. Pickle Spears

    Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet???????????

  38. Pickle Spears

    Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet???????????

  39. Pickle Spears

    Sorry, I’m a retard too

  40. RichPort

    #34 – Slim, I think you mistyped. You wrote Neo when you clearly meant to write:

    “stupid motherfucker who salivates and publically maturbates whenever he presses his face up against the gerbil tank at the local Petco”.

    Easy mistake dude, I got what you meant.

  41. Italian Stallion


  42. biatcho

    Stallion, cut the LOL. Guinea : )

  43. Italian Stallion


  44. LilRach

    What a fugly bitch :(

  45. biatcho

    I’ma agonna a whacka you dego!

  46. jc

    somebody please do this girl a favor and hand her a mirror and a loaded rifle…one look at herself and she’s sure to put and end to our misery!

  47. Celetina

    Holy hell. While this picture is tremendous, the one in the article linked is definitely worth seeing:

    When was this taken?!

  48. LMAO! You guys crack me up.

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