Britney Spears’ boobs are out of control

November 29th, 2006 // 90 Comments





  1. Anonymous

    Dude, where’s my bra?

  2. Good god, that outfit, let alone the breast displacement! She is looks like she just was attacked by Sally Jesse Raphael.

  3. PontiacFlanagan

    No, guys. This is just a screenshot from her new movie Attack of the Mongoloid Hippies.

  4. Is it the light? Is it a photoshop job? Is it the angle – she has TWO boobs, right? I mean, I know she got rid of K-fed and all but there is such a thing as too many boobs.

  5. Haroof

    I’d love to shove my face in those melons.

    Gotta love the various stains on the bottom of the shirt too.

  6. Folu362

    She looks high as heeeelll.

  7. Ruby

    She has gobs of gravy all over her tee. See what happens when you try to be a white Rasta and get the munchies?

  8. RichPort

    Holy Floppin’ Funbags, Batman!!!


    I think this is why she’s been flashing her vagina everyday. To draw attention away from her lopsided boobs.

  10. ponk

    xrist, if i was that lop-sided, i’d need help walking too. I do love the rasta skull-cap, apparently they dont make dreadlock extensions.

  11. BarbadoSlim

    damn right #7 she’s been doing that moonjuana, she looks soooooooo tore’d up.

  12. magickal

    Those wet marks all over the bottom of her shirt are, more than likely, either:

    a) backsplash from the toilet she just puked in,


    b) Lactation. She has no bra on, and her tit is hanging to her knees, so it could certainly have dripped that far. “Ah just heard muh youngin’ crahyin’ on that thar phone….sounds hungray! Wunder if ah should get goin’ home? Naaahh”

  13. biondabelle

    she is one sloppy b*tch

  14. calicojack

    “omg you guys im sooooooooooo stoned right now”
    “yeah…we know”
    “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…wait, whats child services?”
    ::audible sigh::

  15. BigMember

    Oh boy i think i know what happened here. Brit and Paris smoked some dope… Paris got the muchies …Brit was lactating… you get the picture.. thus the saggy tit and stains on her shirt.

    Wow i must say Paris must have some sucking power.

  16. polypam

    At least she looks skinny in that angle in the first shot. Maybe that’s why she likes it from behind.

  17. Italian Stallion

    I thought she was doing “the running man” in the first picture, but then I just realized she was fucked up………

  18. NipsyHustle

    she’s totally doing drugs. look at how chewed up her lip looks. she’s probably doing ecstasy since EARL was really big on it and we know when she was with EARL she did anything he wanted to do.

    this stupid whore is going to lose her kids. when paris drops her she’s going to wonder what it was all for.

  19. UsedHotelSoap

    Britney: you’re retarted

  20. Christie

    Did anyone else notice that in the 4th pic Brit seems to be wearing her wedding ring?

    Is this an old pic or did Britney have another quicky wedding again that we are not aware of? Perhaps Paris is her spouce seeing as they seem to be attached at the hip lately.

    Anyway, her boobs are super lop-sided but that is what happens when you do not have a bra to hold you in nice and tight. Britney had no problem wearing a nursing bra with Sean last year what is wrong now? Maybe she isn’t even breast feeding this time!?!

    Oh well.

  21. EJ

    I just have this pit in my stomach when I think about her kids. Fish has it right on when he says that they should be given to raccoons to raise.

  22. jesseeca

    i doubt, more like HOPE, she’s not breastfeeding the way she’s been smoking cigarettes and chugging booze the past two weeks!

  23. Jenster

    She looks like she smells of marlboros
    and twinkies *shudders*

  24. Bugman4045

    #4 Priceless!
    I truly believe that Paris is banging her. Paris has all the power she wants, the sex drive of a teenage boy, and no one in her life that will say no to her.
    She probably took a look at Brit and thought “I could hit that” and that is just what she is doing.

    What little redneck on the rebound would turn down Paris?

  25. carrotjuice

    Motorboat sound please @!!!!

  26. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I strongly doubt she breast feeds. You can tell she’s definitely the product of a bottle-fed baby.

  27. JungleRed

    I like that hand coming out of the darkness to prevent her from toppling over. Or maybe it belongs to the grim spectre of death.

  28. NipsyHustle


    she hasn’t been photographed once without her wedding bang since the break up with EARL. i’m still convinced EARL has a chance for a comeback. but paris is playing really hard. i don’t think she’s eating brit’s nasty gash but i’m sure she’s got brit gobbleling on hers.

  29. tinyTy

    She turned into my saggy titted grandma overnight.

  30. Tracy

    Britney’s just going through her “self-destructive, experimenting with lesbianism, drunk a lot” phase. It’ll make a fine chapter in her tell-all biography a few years from now, when nobody remembers her name and the money’s all gone.

  31. bigponie

    what a sloppy girl, she’s got cum droppings on her shirt.

  32. Nothin’ like lactation stains to say HOT.

  33. she looks zonked out of her mind.

  34. fluffbottom

    The glasses make her look smarter.



  35. BarbadoSlim

    I guess Paris’ sex drive only kicks in when she’s layin’ rug. I saw her sex video and she was hardly ahem…”enthusiastic” with pipe.

  36. bigponie

    no she actually looks like big bird…

  37. LindsaysLeftLabia

    I would still bang the whitetrash out of her. I love that chunky ass and those lopsided boobs!
    I’d stick a Marlboro inbetween her ass crack while I banged her against my beer fridge.

  38. NipseyRussell

    I like the glasses. They just class up the whole affair.

  39. HollyJ

    I’m with 29 – that huge open hand out of the darkness is the best part.

  40. serial snarkalec

    Her minder in front looks like he’s trying to snap her nail-bitten hand off at the wrist. The one in back protecting Brit’s wee brain from leaking out should she knock against a giant dick springing for the bare half-shaved vagina of yesterday looks ready to gouge out her eye. The joys of celebritydom!

  41. This holiday season, give to the Underwear for Airheads Campaign.

    There are so many celebrities out there who, while they manage to keep their crotch hair-free, do not know how to put on a bra or panties.

    We can make the world a much more attractive and less std-infested place. Not only do we provide nicely supportive and clean underwear, our counselors will work with each celebrity until they are ready to put it on themselves, thereby raising their intelligence to that of your average five-year-old.

    Won’t you give?

  42. happy_bunny

    I hope for Christmas Britney gets a thousand dollars worth of bras and underpants.

  43. kacsing

    OH my heck!!!Too funny #2! That is exactly what I thought!

  44. LoneWolf

    C’mon Sweetie, flop one out. You know you want to. You’re so fucked now that you’ve got nothing to lose. Tara did it and look how well her career’s going.

    Ooops, strike that last comment.

  45. Someone stole all her underwearz!

  46. PunjabPete


    PS. Why is it that the least classy have the most fame?

  47. Mumbles

    This is what happens when you let Paris suck on stuff.

  48. EazyE

    Paris sucked her silly. They could do a got milk ad together, and even throw in the line “that’s hot.”
    paris loves those boobs cause she don’t got them. maybe that’s why nicole starved hers away, she got sick of being devoured into oblivion by ravenous paris–”she knows what she did…”

  49. The glasses give her that intellectual look – I keep looking for her copy of the New York Review of Books.

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