Britney Spears blames her hair

September 12th, 2007 // 87 Comments

People are still looking for excuses as to why Britney Spears’ MTV Video Music Awards performance was so bad, and now they’re blaming her hair. Apparently Britney and her hair dresser Ken Paves (also Jessica Simpson’s hair dresser) had “creative differences” backstage right before Britney was scheduled to perform and Paves ended up walking out on her. Us reports:

Spears, 25, ended up doing her own hair after abruptly dismissing Pavés (Jessica Simpson’s go-to glam guy) just 30 minutes before she took the stage. “Ken was in the middle of doing her hair, and she just said, “You’re really annoying me! Get out,” says the source.

Pavés gave Us a more polite version: “I did go to Las Vegas to work with Britney. However, once there, I made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs.

But a second backstage staffer gives a different account. “There were creative differences with the hair guy and he left. That was stressful.”

Not only that, Vegas Confidential claims Britney wanted to have brown hair but her managers forced her to wear blonde extensions from Jessica Simpson’s Hair-u-Wear line. Britney even paid her own stylist $10,000 to make the trip to Vegas so she could go brown, but her handlers said “no way.” So there you have it. If it wasn’t Sarah Silverman’s jokes or Britney’s broken heel, it was her hair. God, what’s next? Tomorrow she’ll claim she performed so poorly because she saw a picture of a scary dog.


  1. stuperstar

    blame it on the rain… yeah, yeah

  2. Syrene


  3. jumpin J

    First beeotch

  4. stuperstar

    p.s. FIRST! I can die a happy person now :) my life is complete

  5. ph7

    Her blond hair is a huge improvement. She wanted BROWN hair? Shit-brown hair? To match her bloated body.

    Let’s get the skinny blond Britney back!

  6. Ugly People Safaris

    Britney Spears makes me feel pretty.

  7. Gringer76

    Whatever!!!! Her hair is to blame now?! LMAO!!! What a joke. Good one…

    Thanks superfish, I really needed a good laugh this morning.

    …her hair…

    …now that’s funny shit right there.

  8. pukey

    M O O

  9. Spanky

    So I’m guessing Chester Cheeto is next in line for blame?

  10. “Britney even paid her own stylist $10,000 to make the trip to Vegas so she could go brown”

    I’ve done that before. Vegas hookers give the best Steamers, no question. But $10k? She must have requested the corn-free treatment.

  11. jrzmommy

    Hay, Ya’ll….it wuzzent mah fault….it wuz that dang gone Kay-vin’s fault. He done got may pregnant and I done had them babies and went and got all fat.

  12. BaldAsBritneysVag

    Well that explains that then. However I’m thinking this whole thing could have been avoided had Shitney not shaved her fucking head in the first place.

    Lunatic cow.

  13. BDS

    Sources close to Britney say she also blames Ronald McDonald for making his big macs just so damn tasty.

  14. Is she talking about the hair on her head or her ghastly vagina? The way she flaunts her fuzzy nether regions, she is probably shelling out plenty of $$ to keep us entertained!

  15. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    It’s Britnay beetchiz! Yee HAH!

  16. cookievanderbilt

    Brittany Camp: quit now. Jesus, enough already.

  17. u no itz tru

    “Spears, 25, ended up doing her own hair after abruptly dismissing Pavés (Jessica Simpson’s go-to glam guy) just 30 minutes before she took the stage, because she needed privacy to do her pre-show drug cocktail.”


  18. jrzmommy

    Sshh..shhhhhhh…….you hear that? I think I just heard Christina Aguilera snickering.

  19. LadyJane

    think I’ll go flick the bean now.

  20. goosfabba

    Shhhhhhh, I think I hear LadyJane cumming.

  21. Victoria

    Is that lady behind her the lesbian from the allure shoot? Look–I think it is!

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    I blame the hair in the little space in the center of her skull.

  23. monsterometer

    She did her own hair? Well that explains why those extensions don’t even MATCH. Ugh, it’s just really badly done and I was actually wondering how she got on-stage wearing a $10 hairdo.

  24. Chauncey Gardner


    Can I watch? I like to watch.

  25. @ 10 Hey Troll how are you this morning? Who was it that gave you a steamer last night. I know it was not your brother. Maybe you dad? Or maybe it was your uncle Bob. I know how much you like to keep it in the family.

    How is your brother? Oh yeah SFU

  26. LadyJane

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  27. BunnyButt

    She must’ve made the outfit, too.

  28. p0nk

    The scary thing is that #19 went back to the page with the Natasha Lyonne pictures…

  29. BunnyButt

    She stole the outfit from a homeless tranny, down by the river.

  30. p0nk


    Those pics are just nasty.


    Stop Hatin. Britney’s the shit.

  32. Her hair looks way better blonde.

  33. I feel so damn stupid for actually thinking in the beginning that Britney would comeback. I apologize for all those past remarks defending this hussy. Please forgive me, world.

  34. bored games

    I get it – Britney’s camp is playing Clue. It was the gay in the dressing room with the hairbrush.

  35. Nikki


  36. jrzmommy

    31–yeah, she’s the shit alright……….the shit a bum wipes off his ass.

  37. There is just nothing more to say about the girl. I’ve never seen anyone fall so far so fast. This beats Michael Jackson by a landslide.

    God, is it lunchtime yet? I’m fucking starving…..

  38. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Frist…..nnnnn……she hasn’t fucked kids wtih cancer yet…. I think Wacko Jacko still wins.

  39. M. Jackson

    Kids with melanoma are the best. You can play connect-the-dots with your skeet.

  40. @14 Hey Victoria. How are you doing today?

  41. pancho

    Britney is the biggest fucking twat ever to set foot on earth.
    i love the way sarah silverman portrayed her cunt. EWWWW!!!
    i think that BiBi should go back to the swamps and trailers she came out of

  42. yo

    I would love to hear what Britney has to say for herself. Everybody does the
    talking for her. Let her tell her side of the story of why she sucks!!

  43. Avril

    Actually. I know the reason for Brit’s debacle. I flashed my penis at her from the audience, and the second she turned around to sing, she was so mesmerized by it’s sheer grandeur that she could not perform. True story. Girlfriend.

  44. jersey

    dear britney fans,
    the blame game is so pathetic. its time for your idol to start taking responsibiltie for her actions. you can blame sarah silverman, the pressure of being a “star”, her nasty greasy hair, her manager,her imaginary friend, her heel,the war,small fry and tater tot, keven federline, and mtv. i reallyt just think she is a spoiled classless brat who doesnt want to do her job. for those of you who dont know her job is to perform. That performance was anything but. although i do enjoy watching britney fall flat on her face. i had a weak moment where i thought come on brit you can do it prove them wrong girl!! (what was i thinking?) she looked a hot mess! she flounderd around stage like a bad burlesque show staring a greasy disgusting ashed up hooker, her outfit looked like it came straight out of g&g or wallmart. This all because she didnt listen…she didnt listen to her manager,mtv,her hair guy,no one. you could lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. the same rules apply to brit. fans and supporters of brit its time to throw in the towel,give it up,let a dead dog lay. than as if her joke of a performance wasnt enough she almost imeadiatley flashed her baby maker all over town. So this i propose…ready, its genius….charm school with britney spears!!! That would be awesome!!1 vh1 listen up this is a genius idea!!! WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!

  45. Hey FRIST am I getting some pizza today?

  46. Ted from LA

    I believe the hair at fault story. My hair once got me fired. Actually it was my pubic hair, and it came in contact with my bosses wife’s nose. Hair can cause all kinds of problems. Brit should think about shaving her head.

  47. Frist's Pizza

    I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. Loser.

  48. Nipples

    So close. If Britney had combined the last 2 excuses and said she was profoundly upset by Sarah Silverman’s body hair, I think everybody would have accepted that without question.

  49. jersey

    #13 BDS

  50. Sick! “Getting some pizza” – I’m not naive, you know. I know that’s code for sitting on a guy’s face when you have a yeast infection during your period.

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