Britney Spears & Benji Madden: Sure, why not?

December 19th, 2008 // 36 Comments

There’s about to be a gunfight at the Herp-K Corral. Britney Spears and Benji Madden have been “secretly dating,” according to In Touch. The two were supposedly hooked up by Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph who’s hoping to use their relationship to promote her upcoming tour. Via PopCrunch:

“They’ve been on a few dates,” a snitch close to Madden revealed in the December 29 edition of the tab. “They met once at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills for dinner in a hotel suite.”
So far, things are blossoming smoothly for the rumored lovers.
“She appears to like Benji a lot, and he seems to really like her.”
According to the In Touch spy, Britney’s manager worked with Papa Jamie Spears to create a list of potential boyfriends for the pop icon. In addition to Benji, the list also included Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, actor Jesse Metcalf, and Olympian Michael Phelps.
“Larry made some phone calls and Benji ended up being the most interested in being fixed up.”

Of course, Benji Madden was the most interested. He just got dumped by Paris Hilton. If somebody asked him “Hey, Benji, want to date a ham sandwich?”, he’d probably throw on a tux and buy flowers. I mean, God, he just wants someone to hold him close and say “Everything’s gonna be alright – unless you’re having an outbreak then, Jesus Christ, get off my bed.” Is that too much to ask? *sigh*

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  1. Slim

    What do you expect when you deal with pigs?

  2. hisfavbrunette

    i dont believe this garbage one bit. i mean, her and paris are friends! i really dont think this is true….LAME.

  3. dork

    Hey, how come I didn’t get a phone call? I feel betrayed. Can someone hold me and comfort me? I promise I won’t spread the sore…

  4. If Larry would have called me, I would’ve taken that CHICKDOWNTOWN!

  5. Paris Hilton will of course be comforting herself by visiting her regular glory hole.

  6. Lisa

    I thought Paris and Benji were talking again. You can’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see. Time will tell.

  7. Rich

    NO NO NO

  8. Gmoney

    Benji Madden and Michael Stipe , seperated at birth.

  9. Gmoney

    Benji Madden and Michael Stipe , seperated at birth.

  10. lol thats why i love the 3 bimbos they constantly have to have it….

    now why cant she just relax for a year and let things get tight…a little!!!

  11. Camel

    A ham sandwich… LOLS! I love you, Fish.

  12. havoc

    They did tell him that she’s still nuttier than a shithouse rat….right?


  13. Megabyte

    I think Paris may have given him more than herpes…
    He looks like he’s wasting away!

  14. MsNomer

    Love her jacket.

  15. I guess after being with Paris, Britney couldnt be that bad…

    And how fast did the other guys drop the phone and run when asked?

  16. Venom

    Why would anyone talk to far less date the Madden trolls.
    They are not even successful.

  17. mike

    she’s a has been! but I can fully understand she still wants to hold back some youth! Like all the hot cougars on ” Ageless Mate.c o m “, guess the numbers don’t really matter that much!@ it’s your hear deep down that matters!!!

  18. does anyone else think that Hollywood relationships are no more than an eternal game of Yankee Swap?

  19. mimi

    All lies. Here is something that IS true!

    FISH-GUTZ is an idiot!

  20. Sport

    Funny – like there is a chance with any of the other names.

    Let me guess…Benji showed up in ALL BLACK?
    See, I have super powers too, Fish.

  21. Randal

    Bad move my dear. You’re a star all other stars reach for Britney and having a dead weight like Benji Madden riding your star dust trails is not the way of doing things right.

    As for your jacket, well, I had a rocking chair with that pattern on it in the 70′s. Don’t rock yourself too hard while wearing it, babe.


  22. karen

    he really does look like Uncle Fester

  23. mimi

    Benji is a closet lesbian.

    Pray for Amy!

  24. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  25. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Next thing that whore will do is have an open call for men lined up in front of her to chose for an orgy…….kind of like Madeline Kahn’s character in History of the World: Part 1.

  26. Is there even a possibillity of getting “LOWER”, folks?

  27. Beebo

    Ow! That jacket just punched me in the eyes. I hope there’s at least an optical illusion if I stare long enough…

  28. Britney does not play nice.

  29. Janie

    This guy must have a big willy as I personally can’t see the attraction…….oh and Brit is hotter than Paris!

  30. Looks like Randal @21 is talking good sense today.

    “Larry made some phone calls and Benji ended up being the most interested in being fixed up.”—NO F**KING SHIT DUDE! I can’t imagine why Mike Phelps would get mixed up in this train wreck while he’s on top of the world!

    How could this be good for Britney? Pairing her with one of the most notoriously over-hyped, undertalented phenomenons in the music industry during a comeback procedure? Riki Rachtman doesn’t even approve of Good Charlotte! (Rachtman used to speak in tongues over anything that involved a guitar)

    They should just get her some obscure model boyfriend like Miley and make it up as they go…or get Rick Solomon…or just get Adnan back. Shit.

    Think I’m going to need an upgrade because of these CPU eating “” ads.

  31. Boston_Freek

    #19 Mimi I suppose Britney called you the other night to let you in on her personal life. Are you really that much of a fucking idiot? Why can’t you just fuck off and die already? We don’t like you, Britney doesn’t like you, you are a douchebag and you keep commenting about how bad this site sucks yet YOU KEEP COMING BACK like a bad case of vaginal warts. GO THE FUCK AWAY

  32. Boston_Freek

    Of course I’ve never known someone to have a GOOD case of vaginal warts.

  33. Britney is Pathetic


  34. it's Britney, b!tch

    alla y’all…ahm onta y’all, alla y’all…ahs got me more money than y’all’ll eva see…alls ah gotta do is shake ma ass around and sing about wanting to git laid and masturbatin’…ma daddy he got ma money but ahma git some so as long as ah ain’t gotta thank ’bout nothing but gittin’ some lovin’, ahm so happy…mahare’s growin’ back…just can’t git nobody to fuck me!!… even that song I made up ’bout evabody dyin’ to if you seek Amy….maybe Benji wants to if you seek Amy…anyone who would shtupp Paris would shtupp me, right??? Say something!!! I want my pink wig back…Daddy!!! Damnit!!! Where’s my boots? Adnan!!!!

  35. Britney mm I called you the night to let you on her private life. You really have that much of a Damned Fool? Why do not you can fuck off and die already? We do not like you do not like Britney, you’re a douchebag and you about how bad this site sucks you still like a bad case of vaginal warts keep coming back to comments. Go Fuck

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