Britney Spears basically commits credit card fraud

January 19th, 2010 // 35 Comments

Britney Spears apparently found a way to get around the $1500 spending limit imposed by her conservatorship, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Britney is using her bodyguard’s credit card to score purchases that don’t fit into her conservatorship budget.
Britney hit up the Steve Madden store in the Valley over the weekend and bought 2 pairs of boots. We’re told Brit paid for the new kicks with a credit card, but the card had the name of one of her bodyguards on it.
The store employees gave Britney a hard time over the card … because she signed her own name on the dotted line. We’re told Britney convinced the clerk the person named on the card is an employee of her company and she was entitled to use it.

I like to believe there’s an elite squadron of killing machines protecting us from Britney Spears, so the credit card had to belong to a new bodyguard. There’s no way one of her regulars would fall for this considering they see her smuggle buckets of chicken and a Barbie in her vagina on a daily basis.

BODYGUARD: Where would you like to eat today, Ms. Spears?
BRITNEY: *nom nom nom* Barbie wants Big Macs!

Photos: Fame

  1. qwerty

    This is the worst fitting bra I’ve ever seen

  2. sixpack

    slow celebrity news day?

  3. titsonsnack

    Her bra’s too small, she’s getting boob overlap.

  4. gotmilk?

    so she decides to wear a bra and it’s an even bigger mess than letting her boobs fly out for all to see. jesus h.

  5. Puhleeze

    She bought boots? Actually, I’m totally okay with this if they replace those stinky things she’s been wearing for the past 5 or 6 years.

  6. “person named on the card is an employee of her company and she was entitled to use it.”

    Some use similar language in regards to “their” own birth certificate….

  7. Valerie

    For all the stars fucking money, they don’t dress for shit on a normal day! Fucking losers

  8. MR

    Government Research / Funding Scandal

    CAMH / Brock University


    Medicine Gone Bad


  9. pimp

    she needs a good ass eating….

  10. anon

    She finally wears a bra and it doesn’t fit.
    I bet she watch that awrads show last night and must be contenplating suicide after seeing how hot Christina now is.



    Does anyone think this idiot is not going to go absolutely wild the second her daddy takes the leash off? I bet she’s back with the dynamic arab duo faster than you can order at Taco Bell.

  12. Courtyardpigeon

    So, she can go on a world tour and earn tens of millions of dollars, but can’t spend it? Interesting.

  13. Analeigh

    Well the credit card limit for someone who makes so much seems kinda low, but don’t think its an excuse to use your employees to get around it – if she can just pay him back then why not just get cash?- She most likely created a whole bunch of admin problems for everyone with this purchase

  14. anon

    How will she pay him back? No jokes about sexual favours. Poor bloke doesn’t need that just for trying to help her out.
    Doesn’t she only get $1500 and this is so she can go over that limit so she must have reached it already?

  15. Schadenfreudelicious

    Three words…”professional bra fitting”….

  16. j m

    I’m sure that Britney rear end is more attractive than the faces
    of the losers who complain about her.

  17. Just sayin


    Aside from the story…
    has anyone else noticed she’s looking pretty healthy?
    Minus the bad choice of bra she’s got a decent body
    especially for a mother of two.

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  19. pimp

    @18- sarah, you need a good ass eating…

  20. the glasses cover her half face

  21. Good for her, she’s helping our economy. I hope she buys more and more stuff. Fifteen hundred a week should just be for her to buy her kids stuff, she needs to help feed the economy, get it people, if we don’t spend anything, people will not buy our stuff and so on and so forth – it’s a viscous cycle….

  22. Just wait… in about 6 months, you’ll be hearing of Britney’s former bodyguard suing her to pay for the purchases she made on his card.

  23. Jamie Lynn Skank

    Zip up your jeans ya fat fuck and give your grandmother her bra back, stupid crazy bitch.

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  25. Shannon

    WTF is wrong with her hair?!

  26. rfdfdgrfg

    I’m all better now cause I’m thinner YAY

  27. jose

    Brit baby.. whats with this goofy, structured bra shit. Man do I miss those days of those great tits beyond nothing but sheer fabric. I will always remember them Brit. For you have to be a mom now. The establishment is forcing you to conform and its a tragic day for America. For the record I think ALL that court stuff you had to go through was complete BULLSHIT. Like I said before, you dont see half the young moms in the south being dragged into court. Its TOTAL… HORSESHIT. Fuck the American judicial system. Its supposed to be a pillar of whats right and wrong, now its just another example of whats wrong. Corrupt, conservative thieves. Not just of money, but also of individuality. A sincere Fuck You from me to you courts. Yall are pieces of shit.

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  29. peepeehead

    I like her boobies pancaked like that. I’m not kidding. I want to make love with her.

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    i love britney spears

  31. Tire Swing

    I guess she had no money left for a bra so she had to shop at Justice.

  32. christobyl

    She is on meth or coke again. I am going to go for coke… supplied by her bodyguard. She is too thin and pale. And she only smiles like that when she is high.

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  35. she can go on a world tour and earn tens of millions of dollars, but can’t spend it? Interesting.

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