Britney Spears basically commits credit card fraud

Britney Spears apparently found a way to get around the $1500 spending limit imposed by her conservatorship, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Britney is using her bodyguard’s credit card to score purchases that don’t fit into her conservatorship budget.
Britney hit up the Steve Madden store in the Valley over the weekend and bought 2 pairs of boots. We’re told Brit paid for the new kicks with a credit card, but the card had the name of one of her bodyguards on it.
The store employees gave Britney a hard time over the card … because she signed her own name on the dotted line. We’re told Britney convinced the clerk the person named on the card is an employee of her company and she was entitled to use it.

I like to believe there’s an elite squadron of killing machines protecting us from Britney Spears, so the credit card had to belong to a new bodyguard. There’s no way one of her regulars would fall for this considering they see her smuggle buckets of chicken and a Barbie in her vagina on a daily basis.

BODYGUARD: Where would you like to eat today, Ms. Spears?
BRITNEY: *nom nom nom* Barbie wants Big Macs!

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