Britney Spears hits the studio – and the gym?!

Britney Spears is apparently serious this time about getting her shit together. Not only has she been hitting the gym, but she popped into the studio yesterday with manager Larry Rudolph to get her creative juices flowing, which, fun fact, smell like gravy. Us Magazine reports:

“She just wanted to go in and tinker around,” the source says. “She sat at a piano and got some ideas. She played the piano and sang a bit. She enjoyed herself.”
Spears played old and new tunes, the source says, adding, “she wanted to go in as a way to get her creativity going. It was a really positive experience for her.”

While I’m surprised that Britney is actually exercising without someone dangling a Whopper on a string in front of her (You’ve come a long way, baby!), I’m even more surprised she can play the piano. Can you imagine Britney chilling in an old school Vegas lounge belting out her classic tunes on the piano? I’d check that out. And not just because I’d have a belly full of free scotch and poker chips. What? I got hungry.

Photos: Flynet