Britney Spears back in rehab again…again

February 22nd, 2007 // 102 Comments




  1. danielle


  2. irshliquor


  3. RichPort

    This chick goes up and down more than Paris Hilton’s head on any anonymous lap when someone whips out a handycam. Congrats on spelling “First” properly. Those Rosetta Stone tapes are working I see.

  4. RichPort

    Wait a second… the rehab places let you carry your own meals in???

  5. Nooken

    I bet that dog has had more contact with Britney than her kids.


    at least she wears a seatbelt

    not sooooooooo crazy huh!

  7. ponk

    does anybody know Brit’s odds for the dead pool? If it’s better than 2:1, i want in.
    “Oh i see the train a-comin’…”

  8. PatreeseD

    She can carry that rat around with her, but she can’t take care of her kids? Nice. Maybe Kevin should get the them. We know they shouldn’t go to Brit’s mother, look at what’s she’s raised.

  9. Richie Rich

    @3 Rosetta Stone….That was a good reference.

  10. icyprincess2

    Oh wow, she could atleast go buy a better looking wig,i want to pull that one off her head vomit in it and then slap it back on

  11. Nsomniac

    Wow, if I reached the point where Kevin Federline was more fit to parent my children, I’d lock them in the car with me and drive it into a river. It would be better for them, the world, and the fish.

  12. fritobandito

    Yeah, she has to have a dog on her lap because she is used to driving with a child in her lap!

  13. kidpahl

    wow, i am suprised there arn’t more comments on that bad wig. it looks like that hair that used to come on barbie, all shiney and fake.

  14. Fourteenth!!!!!!!

  15. sexybitch

    Well, she’s done the seemingly impossible before… she’s made Kevin Federline look good!

  16. fritobandito

    Boy, good thing she’s wearing Chanel glasses with that cheap ass wig! That just makes up for everything! Trailer Trash! I can’t wait to see her on cops in a few months, as they come to her double wide to break up a domestic violence!

  17. No one knows what the girl is going through. It’s aint easy being Brit. Hopefully they can teach her some better descision making skills. Lord please!

  18. She is only doing this so her lawyer can delay the custody hearing that was scheduled today.

    “I’m sorry your honor, my client is currently in a rehab program that lasts 45 days, I would ask the court to allow us to ajorn until such time as she is available to participate in this hearing”

    I wonder if Anna Nichole’s ex lapdog Howard will start sneaking pills in to Britt, he needs a new job. It’s amazing that Paris Hilton seems like she would be a GOOD influence on the Spears-Skank now.

  19. fritobandito

    look at the dogs face, he’s thinking “I hope K-fag gets me too in the custody hearing”

  20. lickmybutt

    she should have shaved her mustache when she shaved her head. and a pearl fukkin necklace? hahahah dirty whore

  21. PunjabPete

    Ah… Safely transporting her pets AND children I see….

  22. fritobandito

    You just know she puts JIF on her clit and yells “Here Pepito” to that poor little rat-dog!

  23. A.V Phibes

    I’m glad to see her dog is still alive. I was starting to think maybe she ate it.

  24. sikofdis

    WOW! A year ago, you would never have convinced me that K-Fed would have come out of this looking better than this skank. They are BOTH, still, totally worthless & talentless pieces of shit, but she just has more corn & peanuts in hers…

  25. fergernauster

    This is growing very tired.

    Wow. Even I am beyond commenting on it any further.

    I will go back to my baby-back ribs now.

  26. Jiimbo

    I am surprised she did not shave her dog, she has shaved everything else.

    And is there anything hotter than a bald chick smoking and wearing a pair of cords. I thought I was in 7th grade again.

  27. karifarrell

    I agree with whoever said in a different post that with all her millions, she has the cheapest looking wardrobe on the planet. Same goes with the wig. She’s not even TRYING anymore. But I have to admit something odd, and maybe it’s the hangover talking, but I think I like the new brit. She’s kind of a badass!!!

  28. ZaZ

    Pardon the empathy, sympathy or whatever you want to call it, but she’s probably gone over the top insane because she can’t get a minute of privacy.

    There’s obviously something amiss here and sure, I would agree that some of this is attention whoring.

    But really, imagine your dumb ass. You’re getting out of your beat up Ford Probe at the 7-11. Your underwear is in your crack. As you go to release the tension, there are seventy dipshits with cameras taking your picture.

    You’re doomed.

    You’ll never pick your nose again and I know you fools flick your bogeys out your driver’s side window. I’ve seen ya.

    The best thing this human can have is a 28 day stay, to at least get away from the camera eye. Then she and perhaps you can get on with your pathetic lives.

  29. A.V Phibes

    You know what’s weird here? When Brit and KFed were married, all her faults were blamed on Kevin. Like the only reason she was falling apart was because she was married to a pathetic loser. Now it looks suspiciously like maybe Kevin was the one holding her together and keeping her shit from totally unravelling all along. Thinking about KFed as the “sane one” in a relationship could make my head explode.

  30. Luv717

    She is flippin NUTS!! Her antics are exhauting me. If you can’t look past all the crap said about you in the media then get out of the biz honey. “oh, the media and everyone who says anything about me is what makes me so low…blah blah blah” Bullshit she is just having a “Drew Barrymore” but later in life. She will loose everything though.

  31. rockdust

    Has she been shaving her face too?! It looks like she’s got 5 o’clock shadow!

  32. Luv717

    …and whats up with that ugly pearl neclace? Either she trying the “goodie two shoes” look or she is implying she has been giving numerous blow jobs to get out of rehab.

  33. fritobandito

    So, the dogs going with her to rehab? Are they both on the pipe?

  34. ch474

    You check your drunk ass in
    You check your drunk ass out
    You check your drunk ass in
    And then you give the press a shout
    The rehab hokie pokie is all the rage without a doubt
    When your career spins out!

  35. kr8ie

    Ok… seriously… the two where she is out of the car – doesn’t anyone else think she looks like a tranny??? wtf!

  36. ZaZ

    Why can’t any of your morons spell the word lose correctly?

  37. fritobandito

    37 Way to make a typo when your trying to insult everyone!

  38. fritobandito

    Excuse me “you’re” wouldn’t want you to out me too!

  39. ZaZ

    Some people just can’t enjoy irony.

  40. ZaZ

    Furthermore, “your” isn’t necessarily a typo, assuming you, by defending, can now take claim to the morons. i.e. they’re yours.

  41. fritobandito

    i.e. bite me!

  42. ZaZ

    Your visceral wit is crippling.

  43. GooniesNeverSayDie

    A Britney Haiku:

    Shaved head, wigs, rehab
    Kids better off with K Fed
    The World is ending

  44. fritobandito

    so is your face

  45. Bugman4045

    #30, My sentiments exactly.
    Anyone want to make a wager as to what Britney’s rep will claim she is rehab for?
    Alcohol? Heroin? Barbituates?
    Or will the media allow her to skate by with the excuse of exhaustion?

  46. whitegold

    So tired of hearing about BS. Who cares anymore! And for that matter, are BS, Paris, LL, and ANS like the only celebrities that exist anymore?! How come it seems like every other story on here has to be the same old thing about the stupid crap that they’ve done. They’re shtick is getting old and stale. Can’t we start picking on new celebrities, different celebrities, for a while and completely ignore this annoying group?!

  47. didey23

    I don’t know what is more annoying…the overdose on the Anna Nicole death or Brittany. Is there no happy medium?

  48. misanthrope

    If Britney wasn’t Britney, those kids would have been with K-Fed a looooong time ago. I still can’t believe he’s the better of the two.

  49. karifarrell

    What are you talking about? ZaZ is right. Lose, not loose…that irritates me too.

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