Britney Spears back in rehab

February 20th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Britney Spears is giving rehab another chance and checked into an in-patient facility in Los Angeles today after being pressured by her mom and family. Last week she checked herself into a rehab facility in Antigua but checked out less than 24 hours later. A rep for Britney says:

“Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

Last time she was only in rehab for one day before freaking out and shaving her head bald so I wanna see what she does this time. Maybe she’ll stay for a week and when she finally gets out she’ll run up and down the street with her arms spread out yelling “I’m an airplane!” and making engine noises. Oh, and don’t even ask about her kids. They’ve obviously been dead for quite some time now.



  1. woodhorse

    #69 look at #25 and read it – follow directions or you make as much sense as ANS.

  2. wink

    whatever Brits rep is getting it ain’t even close to being enough

  3. NicotineEyePatch

    *casts stones at #92

  4. Lowlands

    Where’re these kind of wigs and sunglasses for sale?

  5. jrzmommy

    92, So her marriage ended up not what she expected……lots and lots of people go through “emotional devestation” every day but they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue on….especially if they have kids they’re responsible for. It’s called being a G-R-O-W-N U-P.

  6. Whammer Jammer

    #90: Celebs get special treatment because they have a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$. O.J. Simpson was a perfect example of that, Michael Jackson was another. I think both are guilty as hell of what they were accused of, but money talks. If that were you or me? MAJOR jail time or worse.

  7. jrzmommy

    For example, just about every day brings emotional disappointment and frustration for my husband, but he trudges along for the sake of our kids.

  8. RichPort

    damnYELL, you know me better than that. Please disregard my troll. He’s just really sick of losing each and every time… sorry, didn’t mean to bring up old memories.

  9. RichPort

    And there it goes at again at #107…. lame.

  10. jrzmommy

    Take Jrztroll–107–……imagine the emotional devestation someone had to endure to end up as positively void of intelligence and as lonely as that asshole? Maybe the devestation is from when his funny bone was removed. I dunno.

  11. RichPort

    You can tell it’s the real RichPort because I’m FUNNY!!!

  12. 84 & 87 were probably the most amusing RichPort posts in weeks. You should have taken credit for them, Tea Bag.

    Instead, you apologized to “damnYELL” and credited me with yet another post that I didn’t write. Though I admit, 107 did make me laugh ;^)

    I am flattered, yet you give me too much credit, Tea Bag. I will put a reference to your favorite Prison Break character in the URL of each of my posts, so at least you can tell which posts are not mine, and rant appropriately, …

  13. 111. *GAY!!!*, fuck

  14. RichPort

    #113 – As usual, you’re fucking lame, and you lose again. In fact, you have yet to ever win. Your pathetic attempts at analysis are sophomoric and the psycho stalker shit is old. If you ever actually made me (or anyone) laugh with any of your idiocy, I’d have to take my hand off your mom’s nose out of respect and give her bloodshot eyes and chafed throat a wee bit of relief. That of course won’t happen because you love to hide, bitch. You lose again… just sad.

  15. RichPort

    You can tell it’s the real RichPort because I’m FUNNY!!!

  16. WileyJay

    Hey Lowlands (#67) solved the mystery! Can’t carry beads in your arse when it is full of coke!

  17. wedgeone

    Sigh … as I said in the last LiLo thread:
    To the Real Richport:
    you know that I’ve always had your back against Wally because you are a riot. Unfortunately, his persistence at shadowing you is diluting your personality. I for one am weary, and I wish that TypeKey would get their shit together & fix their shit so that they could actually offer what they claim.

    This is a prime example of how the Tea Bag just won’t go away!

  18. wetpanties

    are those anal beads hanging out of her purse?

  19. RichPort

    #117 – it will get tired, curl up and die… they always do.

  20. chopnbritt

    I just wanna ask 1 question. Why is it that when Britney and Kevin 1st got together and all thru their marriage, Kevin was the biggest piece of sh** . But the day she filed for a divorce he is the best and she is the sh**? Yeah I agree the Britney needs some help but I believe its because she had 2 children back to back. She was trying to be a good mother and do the right things but “America” wouldn’t let her they were on her case about everything thing she did. Then she filed for divore went out with the girls and got a taste of “freedom” (which she hasnt felt in a while) and she liked it and just went wild with it! a lot of mothers do that its just they dont have cameras sholved in their face, so noone knows. But she does have cameras in her face so everyone knows about her:( And I don’t believe she shaved her head because she was on drugs I believe she did it to show “America” she doesn’t care what they think of her. And I believe she proved her point:) i luv u Britney! get better!! we miss ya:)

  21. she needs to keep herself in there for a long stay

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