Britney Spears back in rehab

February 20th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Britney Spears is giving rehab another chance and checked into an in-patient facility in Los Angeles today after being pressured by her mom and family. Last week she checked herself into a rehab facility in Antigua but checked out less than 24 hours later. A rep for Britney says:

“Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

Last time she was only in rehab for one day before freaking out and shaving her head bald so I wanna see what she does this time. Maybe she’ll stay for a week and when she finally gets out she’ll run up and down the street with her arms spread out yelling “I’m an airplane!” and making engine noises. Oh, and don’t even ask about her kids. They’ve obviously been dead for quite some time now.



  1. Josh_Lavarn

    Her white trash genetics are creeping up on her. Friggin trailer trash girls can manage to be hot in a Wal-Mart way until 21, then they get bulgy alcoholic noses & bad skin. She looks like Large Marge in a wig.

  2. EveryoneBugsMe

    Too bad. I was looking forward to laughing at whatever she was going to do tomorrow.


  3. woodhorse

    #25: Exactly! K-Fed looks like an angle.

  4. Tanque

    I’m glad I wasn’t alone in spotting those anal beads. Or that ridiculous half jacket. Even her wig is a mess. You don’t go insane, shave your head completely bald, then wear wigs about town only to leave your hideous wig in a disheveled state, BRUSH THAT SHIT.

  5. #47,

    By “Haters” I’m assuming that you mean all those people who think that her children should be supervised by a mother that isn’t a dangerously unbalanced drug addict with no bounderies or self control. Hmm, Guess i’m a “Hater”

    Oh, by the way, Brittney wouldn’t like you if she met you, you do know that right?

  6. karifarrell

    I think she just wants to go clubbing

  7. karifarrell

    Ooopsie, WiseMan is back under a different name.
    And yeah…. why does Britney wear that wig?!? If you’re going to do something dramatic, fucking OWN IT!!! I didn’t think it even looked that bad. It’s just hair, who cares?

  8. wedgeone

    Is it just me, or does every photo that a paparazzi member ends up in demonstrate that their clothes look like they were attacked by a pitbull?
    Put down the camera, and do some laundry. Your own that is.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    “YOU GO BABY GIRL!!!” if you used this type of “urban” idiom, you should have used the term “Hataz’” instead of haters. You, young people and your crazy MTVs and TRL’s hehehehehe…

    you bring tears to my eyes as I think of the future.

  10. supafreak

    Brit, I’m behind you 100% in case you fall. And I have my pants down to prove it.

  11. sexybitch

    #58 Wedge, if they had clean good-looking clothes Britney wouldn’t feel comfortable next to them.

  12. Miss Skyline

    She looks like an old woman with no fashion sense.

  13. wedgeone

    #61 – Touch

  14. wtfiswrongwithppl

    #60 lmfao… thx for the laugh

  15. GluttonySpears

    Can somebody please ‘pimp hand’ Britney back to the stone age?

  16. sexybitch

    #63 wedge, when did Sears start making Toughskins in “Husky” size for women?

  17. Lowlands

    Had this photo been taken exactly before she entered the rehab?If that’s this way then it seems she didn’t take much luggage with her along.On the other hand i think this photo is fooling us because i’ve the feeling she’s carrying a lot of baggage with her,although it’s not visible.I suspect her also from smuggling drugs,probably hidden in her arse.I don’t know if this rehab has a security checkpoint but i advice the security people anyway to ask her to bend over.

  18. Jenster

    omg, you mean staggering around drunk and high crying with half a credit # written down
    looking to rent a car then lying to your mom about going to Duane Reade isn’t healthy?
    well i’ll be damned.

  19. The-Guslet

    #53 an angEL, perhaps?

    If she takes rehab seriously this time, then all the best to her.

  20. Lowlands

    I like her sunglasses and wig…

  21. @manda

    #49 Lambency–

    You might want to rethink the adopting Britney’s kids thing. I mean, they are the spawn of kfed and shitney. Good luck with that shit.

  22. justsmartenough

    @ #3 – a 2 year old who “fucks, it, does it, shaves it, etc…”

    How’s NAMBLA going for ya??? Sick fuck

  23. VtFarmboy

    Ok so heres my take on Britneys problems…. She is going into rehab… she comes out a changed girl, she is then promoted as an adult. Its all a P.R. Scam to make her over into somone else. The problem is its not going to work because we know it!! Sorry Brittney your O.V.E.R.!!!!


    britney “but i’m cuntry” wah wah wah….suck it up douchebag, you’re rich, you have no real problems…..go get hogtied and spanked

  25. LilRach

    For those that care… her she is in rehab (aparently this was taken only a few hours ago)

  26. LilRach

    Why don’t the links work anymore?

  27. eastboundanddown

    Word on the street (from a few gay makeup artist friends of mine) is that Britney went into rehab and her mother called them to find out what kinds of drugs she’d been using. She refused testing so they told her they would just do an analysis of her hair. At that point, she “escaped” and an hour later was shaving her head. After this made the news, Child Services started calling Britney and she was told they were opening a case file on her. Supposedly Britney’s mother is going to be staying in California with the kids while Britney completes “rehab.” When she gets out of “rehab” then she has to sit down with Child Services. I put rehab in quotes because I don’t think these celbs are truly drug-addled. They are addicted to seeing their coochies in the paper every day and when a few days go by without the world knowing how many times they’ve wiped their asses, they go into fame withdrawal. (Not that I don’t watch myself. Ha.)

  28. danielle


    Nice try, troll. I didn’t realize I had gotten so popular.

    Back on topic – give Britney a break, Christ. It’s not like rehab is easy… sheesh…

  29. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Over/under on her death? Anyone? Anyone?

  30. BarbadoSlim

    See, the thing is, if it were a middle class or poor family, those kids would be in a foster home before Child Protective Services had gone all the way up the parents’ asses.

    Why should this alcoholic drug addicted wacko be treated any different? she is not supposed to have more rights than you and me. This is a justice and child endangerment issue, fuck her.

  31. grape

    She looks like a bag of bums.

  32. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    “Diamondszzzhhhh are a girlszzzhh beshhhtt friennnnnd!!!”

  33. 38. Yeah, Britney was a freakin’ genius to chop off her hair so Fed-Ex couldn’t have it tested for drugs. I’m sure the facts that her hair is allegedly available for sale on E-bay, and that she checked into rehab are irrelevant, …

    43. You may have just offered to give a sloppy vaginal tongue bath to a 300 pound, 55 year old man.

    10 : 1 you get smaegma on fat-guy schlong ;^)

    63. I think the word you are looking for is “douche”.

    79. Will you marry me?

  34. bunnyhugger

    dearest barbado @ 27
    you totally rule, dude.
    and wedgeone, at 46… doesn’t that have something to do with making interesting shapes with paper??

    bunny kisses, y’all!

  35. danielle


    I dunno, Rich. Is it possible for you to be nice for more than, say, 5 minutes?


  36. I don’t know about nice for 5 minutes, but I can be frantic, desperate and sweaty for about 45 seconds, … good enough?

  37. here

    Nice sweater meats, milady. Hang those sand bags over my face when you clear rehab. In the meantime, one day at a time.

  38. sid

    Celebrity marriage

    Celebrity baby

    Celebrity breakup







    America, dumbed-down and spoon-fed.

    The worst of it are the people who work as “representatives,” for these overpaid losers. “We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

    “At this time.”

    “At this time,” some soldier is taking a round in the side of the head, exiting through the face.

    “At this time,” family and friends are grieving a real tragedy, and going through real pain.

  39. EJ

    God, that wig. It’s like Carol Channing, only worse. The woman is still worth SOME money, right? And THIS is the best she can afford? It looks like she got it at a trift shop.

    Why, why, WHY do celebs get special treatment? I saw on the news today that a black middle class mother-of-two wife-of-a-soldier-in-Iraq is getting two fucking years in prison for throwing a soda cup at someone who cut her off in traffic. Meanwhile, Nicole Ritchie gets 10 days for her second DUI and you just KNOW that Brandi will get nothin’ but community service for vehicular manslaughter. God, the world is fucked up.

    I really hope that Britney just does the right thing and sells her babies for coke money. They’d be better off on the streets.

  40. nychag

    imagine having that for a mother.. ukh

  41. It needs to be said

    I say to all of the rancid,
    hate-spewing unhappy souls on here trashing Britney; “Let he who is
    without sin cast the first stone.” None of us is perfect. It’s easy
    to kick someone who is broken and down than to look into their own
    behavior and see their imperfections. It makes them feel so much
    better about their own empty lives.I am so sad at the cruel, even vicious comments made to and about
    Britney’s condition. I wonder where our compassion is? Have we all
    become so jaded and cynical that we are no longer able to give this
    unhappy, grieving young woman an ounce of charity or a bit of
    encouragement?Look at what has happened to this poor woman in the
    past year. She gave birth to two babies and found out her marriage
    was a sham. Has anyone ever heard of post-partum depression? Has
    anyone ever heard of heartbreak? You are all so self-righteous and
    smug…but any one of you has or will face some sort of emotional
    devestation in your lives…the difference is you won’t be facing it
    with the world watching and you will have the luxury of handling it
    in privacy.I agree that alcohol is the absolute worst thing to turn
    to and can only serve to make everything worse. So she readmitted
    herself into rehab. Let’s hope this time works.I say give her a
    break. I say pray for her. I say leave her alone so she can process
    everything and sort it out WITHOUT alcohol.God go with you Britney.

  42. #89 . . . Right on!

  43. k naz

    hey, “it needs to be said” i don’t think you need to push the force of god onto britney, because i’m sure he will decide for himself. you can’t say you don’t find some kind of humor in this cause i think it’s pretty fucking AWESOME

  44. let’s leave her alone….she doesn’t want the attention, and i stopped caring before kid #2 was born

  45. fame is funny

    #92 Please take a deep breath, shake the sand out of your vagina, and realize that posting your celebrity-supporting thoughts doesn’t go over too well on a site that is strictly for making fun of them. Have a Coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up already.

  46. grape

    goooooooooooooood call #96

  47. TurdFerguson

    35 – Unless she yanks out her fingernails, too, the authorities still have some to work with. (Drugs are stored in fingernails, too).
    To “It needs to be said”: She made her life the way it was. She was happy when she was *ahem* normal and they were after her.
    And, who cares. She made her life. She didn’t have to get knocked up. Or act completely out of control. Shaving your head and going in public to get tattoos that were a design from a Cracker Jack box are not what I would call a plead for privacy.

  48. TheLegend68


  49. TheLegend68


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