Britney Spears back in rehab

February 20th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Britney Spears is giving rehab another chance and checked into an in-patient facility in Los Angeles today after being pressured by her mom and family. Last week she checked herself into a rehab facility in Antigua but checked out less than 24 hours later. A rep for Britney says:

“Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

Last time she was only in rehab for one day before freaking out and shaving her head bald so I wanna see what she does this time. Maybe she’ll stay for a week and when she finally gets out she’ll run up and down the street with her arms spread out yelling “I’m an airplane!” and making engine noises. Oh, and don’t even ask about her kids. They’ve obviously been dead for quite some time now.



  1. NipsyHustle

    first, bitches

  2. Naruelle

    Is she going to keep the children/// im afraid for their mental health

  3. AVON is still in business? Damn.

    As for Brittney. She is like a 2 year old. I want I want, I mean litterally as soon as anything comes into her head she either eats it, fucks, it, does it, shaves it, etc…

    I still can’t believe that I am actually hoping K-Fed gets the kids.

    And as for K-Fed, I used to think he was a douchebag for not being able to stay with her a bit longer to keep living the high life. Now I am AMAZED that he was with her as long as he was and managed not to kill her.

  4. woodhorse

    I truly hope she makes it. I like Britney and it really looks like to me that Justin is trying to be supportive of her. That being said, this whole circus is getting dull – I want to know the ending.

  5. wtfiswrongwithppl

    It’s about time her family steps in.

    I was beginning to wonder how long it would take before her mom was back in the picture.

    I wish her well, but I really don’t care.

    She creates all this herself. Shaving ur head is not the way to get the stalkerozzi to leave u alone.

  6. whitegold

    Why the fuck did she shave her head bald only to start wearing that horrible wig!!! What a fucking loser!!! Face the situation, you made the decision and shaved your head. It might have been stupid and you might regret it now, but you did it, so own up to it and walk around with your ugly bald head and wait for the hair to grow back. but don’t shave it and then start wearing a wig the very next day and act like nobody will remember your mental breakdown. She’s so friggin annoying!

  7. wedgeone

    #3 – enrapturelj You’re a spammer!! You’re posting an ad in a spot where you shouldn’t be. Now disappear before your site gets dropped by a DoS attack.
    BTW – my wife prefers Mary Kay to Avon!

    Nice Fish – hopefully you posted this because you saw the URL I posted in the last Paris article. Since you chopped the URL & then made your site all slow.

  8. jrzmommy

    yeah, she’ll go the rest of her life without a drink. *rolls eyes*

  9. misanthrope

    @3/enrapturelj… Uh, gross. And no thanks.

    Spindoc… Agreed.

  10. serial snarkalec

    Brit needs some Avon perfume bottles to prop up her tits & some Skin So Soft for her pubes/head same diff. Then she’d be a real lipstick lesbo.

  11. shakeitout

    rehab is so fashionable these days.

  12. woodhorse

    Please Fish! Remove #3!!!!!!! If there is anything worse than Wiseman it is some house frau stealing ad space. If she gets away with it, others will do it and really stink up the site.

  13. jrzmommy

    Avon products are the work of the devil.

  14. misanthrope

    Hey, if Lindsay can kick those drugs and quit drinking…. Huh? Oh.

  15. buzz_clik

    #3 – That’s just what we need to restore this site to its former glory, its glistening crown having slipped in recent times: fucking SPAM. Nice one, Lisa Coad. Cheers very much. I’ll take 7 of everything AVON-related item you got.


    Britters back in rehab? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl, I say.

    I can’t believe I’m in a position where I’m actually thinking K-Fed’s not that bad a bloke either. Maybe I was just swayed by that awesome ad he was in. Or maybe he’s just the lesser of two evils. Or maybe it’s just that I slept with him once and am still pining for him.

    No, wait, it’s the middle one.

  16. magickal

    #3 – Avon sucks, it’s for people who like smelling like old ladies. How dare you try to promote your skanky powders and lotions here? Fuck off!

    Wow – I can’t believe Fish actually posted a story the same day it happened! I thought I was on tmz for a minute.

  17. kellygirl57

    Is it just me or does it look like Britney has anal beads hanging from her purse in this pic??? Should make for a nice distraction while in rehab #2 since she seems not to be so big on, you know, rehabbing.

  18. danielle

    ‘Rehab’ or ‘Insane Asylum’???

  19. BarbadoSlim

    Damn, Avon? Is Tupperware still around? excellent bowls, assorted storage paraphernalia and kitchen exotica.

    An Clitney in rehab?


  20. misanthrope

    jrzmommy… You’d need moisturizer too if you were the devil.

    Any use of the word ‘moist’ is highly offensive.

  21. jrzmommy

    3. Posted by enrapturelj on February 20, 2007 1:23 PM

    Hi everybody!
    I have embarked on a new enterprise. I am now an Asshole. Take a minute to check out my website and remember to bookmark it! There are a lot of assholes in the world, but I’m the biggest one of all.

    Happy shopping and don’t forget the Astroglide for these dry winter months!
    Sincerely, Lisa

  22. misanthrope

    mmmmmmmmm Tupperware.

  23. jrzmommy

    Lisa, have you met SJTLQ???

  24. batluck

    brit’s so distraught she forgot to tuck her benwa balls into her clutch….poor girl.

  25. LilRach

    This bitch can go in to rehab a thousand times and will still come out fucked up in the head. What’s the bet she will do her time in rehab and come out looking “healthy” and everyone will be like “oh look at Britney, she looks great!” then another three months down the track she does another crazy stunt and ends up in rehab again! I’ll put money on it.
    Fucken celebrities – they think rehab solves everything.
    Britney’s antics are a serious cry for help. Wow her mum is such a heroe – NOT! Where was her mum a year ago????? And where the fuck are her children???????????
    K-Fed looks like an angle next to her now.

  26. Apparently for Avon representatives, spelling is optional.

    Voluntarily, my butt. Serious intervention. Lock the damned door this time or she’ll pull a Girl, Interrupted.

  27. BarbadoSlim





    Le moist

    el moisto

    Heil Moistengrubber

  28. I am so sick of these flacks asking we “respect the privacy” of a woman who goes around and flashes her coochie 4 separate times. Come on now….Britney Spears dies without attention. She loves it and she courts it. Flacks, go away. Nobody takes you seriously.

  29. summerbaby73

    aww hell noooo avon ?? WTF — lol, go away!!! britney is such an idiot, i give it 72 hours and she break free again.

  30. jrzmommy

    AVON–A Very Obnoxious Newbie.

  31. sexybitch

    #20 Thanks, misanthrope, my keyboard’s now moist from the coffee I sprayed on it. And you got Slim off, too, good work.

  32. LL

    What somebody said up above – it’s pretty bad when K-Fed looks like the better parent. If they were po’ white trash, they’d have appeared on COPS already. But they’re rich white trash (much worse), so they’re on the Internets.

    I guess this is what happens to a kid when his/her parents turn him/her into a performing monkey. Next, she’ll be pooing in the street and then flinging it at bystanders. It’s gonna happen…

  33. PrettyBaby

    That wig she’s wearing makes my pussy moist.

  34. misanthrope

    :) Blech… moist. It’s like ‘slacks’ or ‘soiled’.

  35. lustpockets

    She shaved her head/arms/snatch/legs to avoid hair follicle drug analysis that would tell everything she had been using for the last six months.

    Use your head people…..this aint rocket science. Druggies been pulling these stunts for years and years.

    Strung out chicks make my uncut cock head moist. Yum.

  36. Why oh why does she still have her kids? Fuck. K’Fed, sad to say, is WAY more qualified to be a parent. Jaaaysus.

  37. PrettyBaby

    #35 You are soooo correct…

  38. Mr. Goat


    Use your head!

    Maybe it is rocket science to you! JK you spaz! Her hair would’ve been a virutal drug diary for the past year.

    But the follicles would still continue to show drug use from a few months… right?

  39. Mearl

    Remember when her twat was stuck to the car seat because she forgot to wear undies? I heard she sold her kids to Thomas Russell. He kicks ass.

  40. Just so everybody knows, I was origionally #4. So when you see all these people bitching about #3, they are talking about a spam post that is now gone…

    You like me, you really like me!!!!!

  41. outrageous.opinion

    was found shaving her leggs at the pool of a hotel that would not give her a room because she had no credit card or ID.

    OMG this girl has lost it.

    No amount of rehab is going to help. She needs some serious psychological help, including moving away from CA and retiring the career, (or lack there of) for good. You think mom would let that happen? Brit is her meal ticket. Mom is living high on the hog with all the money, cars, and houses. Look what she did to her kid for the sake of greed.

  42. Stink

    Anything less than a straight jacket and a Hannibal Lecter mask won’t work on this nutter.

  43. wedgeone

    #23 – SJTLQ, jrz? Huh?
    #33 – Not as much as my tongue would!! ;^)
    #40 – Yes, you are the resident resident on this blog! And since you’re not a troll & use good grammar, you’re OK!!

    #35 – Hair sample analysis won’t be necessary. This blog is evidence enough of her misguided life adventures, so that her kids get yanked away from her.

  44. lactatormojo

    how sad this all is…it seems like since her whole involvement with k-fed she has been going down the drain…she pretty much just sucks ass right now…i feel for her kids…at least she’ll have the money to put them through the years of therapy they are going to need

  45. woodhorse

    Do the Math. K-Fed wants the kids for the same reason that Howard K.Stern wants the baby: if K-Fed were so wild to be a stay-at-home Dad, why doesn’t he have the first two with him?? Because they don’t have an allowance.

  46. wedgeone

    #40 – except I’m not sure what “origionally” means.

  47. pixi6869


  48. ErkaDerka

    #17 – exactly what i was thinking : )

    dont u realize she is doing this to see how much attention she can get? and we are playing right into her hands! personally, i dont know which is more pathetic – her (for doing it) or us (for being interested in her doing it)… seriously: what have we become-lesbians shave their heads everyday to look more masculine, now its making headlines?!

  49. Lambency

    Can I adopt her kids?

    I mean, she’s probably going to drive off a cliff when she gets out of rehab this time so can I just take them?

    I don’t trust her mother with them. Any woman who can breed that creature is satan.

  50. misanthrope

    @47… Um, ‘You can only go up from here!’… That’s not exactly encouraging.

    Oh and please tell me you’re kidding? You have kids? That’s. Really. Scary.

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