Britney Spears’ baby might not be a boy

Britney Spears still hasn’t confirmed the name of her new baby and sources are revealing that it isn’t named Sutton Pierce and was never a boy at all.

“That’s not the baby’s name,” one source insists. “It’s Jayden James. J.J. for short.” Another source insists that the baby isn”t a boy at all – but a girl. The rumors gained traction when Federline appeared on a radio show and refused to answer questions about the baby’s name or gender. “Isn’t that strange when you hear that, when you have a child and people tell you the sex is a different one,” the DJ asked Federline. He replied: “Yeah it’s crazy. Well it’s even crazier when people are telling me my child’s name.” Buzz about the baby’s sex grew louder after a report that Spears was photographed buying pink baby clothes at Planet Blue in Malibu – but her bodyguard confiscated the film.

Another source is saying they’re using the child as a PR stunt like Suri Cruise, and “that they’ll release pics closer to the release date of Kevin’s new CD.” Although I don’t understand why somebody doesn’t just break into Britney’s house and take a peak under the kid’s skirt. Since when have “laws” ever stood in the way of the human spirit? That’s just loser talk.