Britney Spears’ aunt offers her opinion – again

Britney Spears’ aunt Chanda McGovern is the Spears-relative-in-a-box the media turns to when they want to hear some down-home dismay about Britney. This time around The Sun caught up with Chanda for her views on Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy:

“I do believe Jamie Lynn may be feeling the disruption of the family with everything that’s going on.

“It may be one of the reasons she went out and did what she did, and whether she got pregnant on purpose or by accident, that’s the reason she went out and rebelled.

“She wants a little bit of ‘me’ attention, with everything that’s going on with Britney like it is.”

Hey, Britney Spears earned all her attention by neglecting her children and going batshit insane. That’s called hard work. Jamie Lynn has to learn to pay her dues. You can’t just get pregnant at 16 and suddenly become more famous. I mean, not counting this time where it worked like gangbusters. Jamie Lynn’s publicist probably wants to give Casey Aldridge’s wiener a high-five right about now. You can’t buy this kind of press. At least with money. But with a young girl’s virginity? Hell yeah you can!

Photos: Splash News