Britney Spears’ aunt offers her opinion – again

December 20th, 2007 // 44 Comments

Britney Spears’ aunt Chanda McGovern is the Spears-relative-in-a-box the media turns to when they want to hear some down-home dismay about Britney. This time around The Sun caught up with Chanda for her views on Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy:

“I do believe Jamie Lynn may be feeling the disruption of the family with everything that’s going on.

“It may be one of the reasons she went out and did what she did, and whether she got pregnant on purpose or by accident, that’s the reason she went out and rebelled.

“She wants a little bit of ‘me’ attention, with everything that’s going on with Britney like it is.”

Hey, Britney Spears earned all her attention by neglecting her children and going batshit insane. That’s called hard work. Jamie Lynn has to learn to pay her dues. You can’t just get pregnant at 16 and suddenly become more famous. I mean, not counting this time where it worked like gangbusters. Jamie Lynn’s publicist probably wants to give Casey Aldridge’s wiener a high-five right about now. You can’t buy this kind of press. At least with money. But with a young girl’s virginity? Hell yeah you can!

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  1. c

    Frist, sinners

  2. Racer X

    Not news.


  3. Conscience Found


  4. TS

    I wish the whole family would kill themselves.

  5. havoc

    High-fiving weiners is geigh…….


  6. Ript1&0

    Damn it, Chanda, you’re only supposed to state your opinion when you’re RIGHT.

    If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, just keep your mouth shut. That’s good manners.

  7. juls

    so looked sooooo good in that vid

  8. OhBritBrit

    You can take the girls out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girls.

    Jamie Lynne and Britney are just cute, low-IQ victims of bad parenting. It’s a shame that someone as dim as Britney has so much disposable income that she gets away with being a negligent mother, but it’s the media and the people who obsess over it that got her there and subsequently made her a trailer trash momma.

    Jamie Lynne’s just on the same track. Younger face, less zits, not nearly as much drug use (yet). Lynne and Jamie Spears should be so proud of the trash they’ve turned out.

  9. When are we going to get the post from the Spears family maid. I have not heard what she ahs to say yet. Will this shit ever go AWAY!!

  10. When are we going to get the post from the Spears family maid. I have not heard what she ahs to say yet. Will this shit ever go AWAY!!

  11. Jeezy

    Can someone translate what the hell she was trying to say?

  12. @11 She was saying Jamie Lynn is a tramp.

  13. uglypeoplesafaris


    Do you even have a job? Why are you on here so much?

  14. And auntie Chanda WASN’T looking for a bit of attention by seeking out the press to relay this nugget of useless information?

  15. @13 What the fuck do you care? But to answer your question. More than half of the post on here are from my troll. I have hardly been on here today..

  16. #13 how would you know how much Jimbo’s on unless you do the same!!! We all have jobs (i hope), sitting in front of a computer all day..

    And YES we like to waste time!

  17. Thank you FRIST.. How much time have you wasted today? I had to work some today..

  18. comment to author

    really quick, to whoever is writing about the pregnancy-

    she is already 12 weeks along – so she conceived in september.

    so she was already pregnant by the time she did the interview about hanging out with her male friends.

  19. cookie monsta

    I still think it’s VERY funny that Jamie out-whored Britney, she must be LIVID. We had all the old bags doing their stuff this year, Brit rehab, Lilo rehab, Princess Herpes in jail. Now we gonna get the new wave of young sluts, Jamie has just started the ball rolling here…..

  20. So, crackheads breed crackheads? Iiiinteresting!

  21. Planned Parenthood

    Mother at 16; then she’ll be a grandmother at 30; then a great-grandmother at 45; then a great-great-grandmother at 60, and then a great-great-great-grandmother at 75, etc…..

    When is this shit ever going to stop, a generation is not supposed to be every 15 years. We don’t need anymore neglected Spears’ kids around to reproduce more useless humans every 13-15 years. It they didn’t have their celebrity money, they would be scamming the Welfare System.

    What a bunch of white trash, dog shits!

  22. BunnyButt


    Don’t worry. I’ll save a nice seat for you.

  23. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Bunny can I get seat by a window? I’m not riding bitch seat.

  24. D. Richards

    You know what would do the entire Spears (k)lan a little good? Napalm! Napalm would just fucking fix every little problem those goddamn Spears’ have. Drop the bombs and burn the flesh! Then pray to the United States Government. That’s what I say.

  25. PunkA

    The state of Louisiana must be very proud to produce the type of girls that love to sleep with LSU football players to keep them happy. Or to sleep with any old 16 year old loser. On their backs or sucking some jizz girls! Do it for the team!

  26. GTBurns

    This Casey dude looks like another wigga douchebag like Federline. I knew this was bound to happen once it was reported she was living with her boyfriend in Malibu.

    Here are other tabloid front pages I expect to see.

    Lindsay Lohan Dead for Overdose.

    Lindsay Lohan, “I have AIDS”

    Paris Speaks out, I have AIDS.

    Amy Whinehouse, dies in drunk driving crash.

    Amy Whinehouse dead from overdose.

    Amy Whinehouse overdoses while driving, killed in high speed head on crash with AIDS.

  27. Old news. I saw the entire video on HTTP://WWW.FEMMATE.COM. Brit Loser mom still put her little girl Lynn in trouble me. Damn it.

  28. fa-la-freakin'-dah

    My favourite part (so far) of this white-trash-trailer-park saga is how Jamie Lynn was “shocked” & “surprised” over the pregnancy. Who woulda thunk that unprotected sex can result in babies, y’all?

    Oh, & props to momma Spears for (presumably) pushing that “christian moral values parenting” agenda of anti-condom/abstinence on her young daughters.

    I’m not so surprised that her book on “christian parenting” has been scrapped as I’m amazed that some fucking idiot actually green-lighted the deal to begin with. How any stage-mother, no matter how “christian” (& you just know it’s the white-trash-baptist version of “christian”) could credibly offer parenting advice is beyond me.

  29. duna

    She is so charming. Do you know so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at

  30. juno juno juno

    blame fken juno

  31. What’s next?… “You are not the father”.

  32. Tess


    while that was funny and it’s both ironic and sad to hear about Jamie Lynn, it’s not right to claim that Britney became a mother at a very young age. What was she, 23, 24 years old? That’s not so unusual, actually just a normal age to be starting a family. Not commenting on what happened after the pregnancies though…

  33. shanipie

    Does everyone with Spears DNA end up talking like an absolute dip shit? Or is that just anyone who lives in Louisiana?

  34. ash

    “batshit insane” – ha hahhahahahahahahah

  35. jason


  36. jason


  37. jason


  38. jason


  39. weerdHarold

    . Id suggest to every dude out there with common sense to jakoff at porn.

  40. geri

    does anyone care about brittany? i mean anyone?

  41. geri

    does anyone care about brittany? i mean anyone?

  42. kyle

    Are there any other aunts or cousin that would like to come out and sell their story to the dirt editions. Let’s all get rich off this poor girls misfortune. How do you people think you would feel if you were ill and your family kept selling your story ( plus what they add to make it more sensational) to the media? Would that make you feel better? Your own family captalizing on your illness would make any one go deeper in depression. Do Chanda and Lynne care. Heck no, that trailor park trash just wants the money. what do they care what it does to Britney and Jamie

  43. Britney again? why are people interested in talking about her even though these are fake things? you should know the fake news about her pregnancy and her joining the famous bbw and plus size singles dating club I can not believe any piece of her news.

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