Britney Spears auctions off her writing


On December 4, Christie’s is going to auction off a page from Britney Spears’ junior high school notebook featuring a “handwritten review of Rex Warner’s translation of Sophocles’ story Antigone, written in black ballpoint pen on either side of the page, Britney’s review annotated by her teacher with corrections to her spelling and comments including …Nice cover Organized Watch your spelling… and Write more neatly and her grade: 88; and a corresponding piece of yellow card decorated with the book’s title Antigone in black felt pen.”

I tried reading this but gave up after my brain started to melt. If you give it a try you’ll understand. Or you won’t, because your brain will have melted. I’m surprised there weren’t more typos, but I was also expecting it to be written on unicorn stationary. Go figure.