Britney Spears auctions off bra

Britney_Bra.jpgBritney Spears is auctioning off several articles of clothing on eBay to raise money for the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund. Among the items is “a white stone bra worn in one of her videos.”

This would have been a really hot item several years ago, but now? Not so much. It seems to me that breasts and breast-related paraphernalia depreciate in value once a hillbilly like Kevin Federline can, and has, touched them. Honestly, why would I pay money to get into Britney Spears’ bra when I’m a do-rag and an unidentifiable stench away from getting into it for free? It’s simple economics. And everyone knows the two cardinal rules of economics are: 1. buy low, sell high; and 2. Kevin Federline is gross and bad for business. I should know, I’m a very successful businessman. Or so all the shiny ties in my closet would have you believe.