Britney Spears apparently got some new abs for her birthday

December 2nd, 2008 // 92 Comments

Britney Spears turned 27 today and celebrated the occasion with a concert on Good Morning America. Her new CD Circus also launched today, and she performed the title track under a big top tent in front of an assload of fans (above). But let’s cut to the chase; where the hell did those abs come from? Since it’s Britney’s special day, I’m going to be a kind, chivalrous blogger and simply say I would totally eat breakfast off those things. – And maybe not even wear a helmet. Happy Birthday!

“Circus” (a.k.a. Abs Bonanza)



  1. nbabomb

    getting back to milf status.

  2. havoc

    Good lighting…..


  3. Bob

    hehe.. yeah… 30 minute abs…

    She is looking much better though…

  4. raichu

    i dont think she was really singing..
    her abs may be back but she can’t dance like she used to!

  5. raichu

    i dont think she was really singing..
    her abs may be back but she can’t dance like she used to!

  6. Cuntychops

    That’s quite a comeback from insane pussy-flashing bald lady to superhot number one artist. Hats off to the crazy bitch.

  7. Jackson

    She lost her tummy from not overeating and this is something Kim Kardaskank cannot control.

  8. Denise

    Her abs are brushed with tanning lotion so create the shadows that makes us think she has abs

    It’s true, she can’t dance like she used to…

  9. wow

    get em’!

  10. pointandlaugh

    I gotta admit……I can’t believe I’m saying this……I’m impressed

  11. Sarah

    She’s actually performing her title track, though it starts as Womanizer.

  12. Joe

    she has mimed every performace she has made since the “comeback”


  13. Mr. Krinkle

    Even with abs, she still can’t dance.

  14. Mr. Krinkle

    Oh, and those ‘abs’ are sprayed on

  15. Wite Out

    no, i think she is singing with the back track. She looks pretty cute too.

  16. sheana

    if she wants to reinvent herself, she’s really got to lose the boom mic – tacky 90′s accessory imo. just the same old brit. stuck back in time.

  17. OJ's Mom

    I must admit, I have fucked uglier chicks than her.


  18. calm down

    bitter people are scared. 12 and 13 – I am willing to bet you aren’t a dancer

  19. missywissy

    Oh my god! Her lipsynching is so off the hook! I can’t believe how hot she looks after bringing two children into the world and losing rights to raising them herself! I just want to pump my fists in the air and yell “Go Britney!” everytime she mimes herself to her own self. Such will power she must have to have such a great body and even better hair extensions! I wonder if she got her ENTIRE body back into shape (nod, nod wink wink if you know what I mean) She really IS back, folks. Look how many magazine covers she is on the front of and she’s just so refreshing in a t-shirt or a man’s buttoned shirt. I believe every word she says about how “boring” she is because she’s always reading or watching tv.

    Attention to all you fuckfaces who support Britney: GET A LIFE.

    PS The end is coming. Britany is “back” and Obama is giving us the “change” from the Bush Administration to the Clinton administration. I love this country. I fucking love it.

  20. Dawn

    abs? where? yes she’s thinner, but there are no abs here. this is abs people:

  21. DC

    she dances like shit now

  22. DC

    she dances like shit now

  23. Her dancing is lame, she has lost her confidence, and that song sucks ass. If I have to hear ir one more time I swear I’m gonna hurt someone. Or I’m gonna hurt myself!!

  24. well i say

    there is obvious definition ( spray or real i don’t know ) around her belly button.
    six packs on females are disgusting.
    She looks good, she is an entertainer. Lots of people can sing. Standing still and singing in a mic isn’t her thing.

  25. Ambrose

    She is a shitty dancer. Welcome to the 90′s – stealing Janet’s and Michael’s moves. Can she even be a little bit creative here? Nice lip synching. Please, do the world a favor, kill yourself Brit Brit.

  26. Rob

    God….I fucking HATE pop culture. Brittney sucks, madonna sucks, soon to be Americas top performer, Milley Cyrus sucks. Do you fucking idiots have something against people who actually sing their own songs?

  27. Ted from LA

    What Rob said.

  28. gotmilk?

    what’s with the mic? she’s not even singing.

    big deal, she’s starved herself for the past week or so & did a zillion crunches. not impressed.

  29. Bigheadmike

    She has come a long way!

  30. mink

    ooh girl looks good. she still can’t perform, but maybe she’s taking one step at a time.

  31. jlylec

    i always knew she’d be back…god i’d fuck her.

  32. Jackson's throbbing hole

    Jackson, please kill yourself.

  33. Trainwreck

    It’s great that she’s back and all but WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? Does anyone realize that it doesn’t matter if she can sing and dance or not, but that there are 2 kids that really just have no mom?

    Why be impressed and support someone who is putting herself before her children. They are the ones who are suffering, I refuse to support her or her shitty album until she takes some responsibility for her life.

  34. trustmeimadoctor

    what #28 said.

    i look better than her, and it’s not my f-ing job to.
    She looks Average. With all the help she gets, I’d expect her to look extraordinary.

  35. Fernanado Narcos

    She’s still got a trannie face,she can’t sing,she can’t dance,and she has trouble lipsynching.

    America is the land of tasteless sheeple.

  36. Rob

    Lip Synching is not performing just as Professional Wrestling isn’t really wrestling.

    Fans of this type of “music” are pathetic.

  37. mimi


    Stop sucking up to BRITNEY FISH-ASS… you are SCUM!

  38. SATAN

    paint-on abs no diggity

  39. combustion8

    that’s actually her pooch.

  40. combustion8

    that’s actually her pooch.

  41. Run n Gun

    Ive got my fork and knife! Where’s her toilet bowl???

  42. combustion8

    was she ever a “good” dancer.. I think not.

  43. friendlystoner

    couldnt care less if she`s not singing or that her dancing isnt all that.

    SHE FUCKING HOT!!!! nuff said.

  44. K

    she was a phenomenal dancer and indeed has never sang a song live. not even her hbo special which i did not order (maybe one slow song that was awful). that being said she looks like a tired, washed up artist. although she is back in shape she doesn’t have the va voom, so to speak, that she used to have. there is no confidence left in her. the fact that she gets paid to perform is beyond me, i could whoop her ass in dancing and singing. give it up britney.

  45. Rick

    “PS The end is coming. Britany is “back” and Obama is giving us the “change” from the Bush Administration to the Clinton administration.”

    Hey, I’m fine with going from total disaster of Bush to the peace and prosperity of Clinton. What, you don’t like that? Or is this just something about you hating blacks?

  46. tis the season

    44- she did on Saturday night life.

    What is worse than her fans are people who desperatley seek posst about her, to whine about how they hate her… and do it repeatedly…
    they are the most pathetic, ugly, losers of all, that will never amount to anything

  47. gotmilk?

    ok i actually watched about 2 minutes of the first video – HORRIBLE. she looks really awkward dancing, if that’s what you even want to call it. and what is even “Live” about this, other than her seizure-like dancing?

  48. Ted from LA
  49. K

    46. so are you calling me a pathetic, ugly loser and that i wont amount to anything? i feel bad and i am embarassed for her because at least she could perform back in the day, even if she wasn’t singing live which lets face it, was 99% of the time. and i strongly suggest not browsing these posts if it makes you that angry unless you aren’t going to bitch about it. and your theory about the people who desperately seek posts about her, i highly doubt it. if fish didn’t throw it in our faces i doubt we’d waste time looking for websites to bash her. and hey, maybe those people are out there but it’s better than rubbing one out in the privacy of my neighbors living room because i don’t have a dvd player. kthxbai.

  50. Rob

    #46 You are a douche, kill yourself.

    You are the pathetic one, grow up and listen to real music that people actually sing.

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